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vz maloo performance advice


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May 16, 2012
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z series my06 maloo r8
Hey guys,

I'm about to dive into the performance side of things but im an electrician and don't know much in the way of performance. I live in Darwin and the choice of workshops isn't huge so I'm trying to get more advice, the more the better right?

My car is a vz maloo ls2 manual, I believe the gearbox is the m12 box. everything is pretty much stock. It does have the optional upgraded ap racing brakes. Can't remember exact details of the brakes. The standard diff is 3.45 but it has a whine after the cv joint gave way and smashed the diff so will probably change that out at the same time.

The intention of the car is a tough street car, reliability is my biggest concern not numbers on the dyno. Torque and bottem end power is what im chasing. The occasional track day and might have a crack at the 1/4 mile. only gets driven once a weekend if that so not a daily driver, however I don't want a pig of a car to drive. Acceleration!!!

Here's a quick list of the performance stuff I've ordered and about to order (pending on advice):

Harrop 1900 supercharger kit (intercooled) - ordered - ordered
Pacemaker full exhaust system (1 7/8" headers 3 inch exhaust)
Ripshift (race or street?)
Diff gears (3.7 or 3.9?)

So here's my questions which hopefully some of you guys might be able to answer some:

Whats the difference between street and race of the ripshifter? feel or quality?

Has anyone had these diff gears with the m12 gearbox? Because the m12 has shorter ratio gears than the m6 having 3.7/3.9/4.11 may make the car a pain to drive, also want to have the supercharger wind out a bit before hitting the redline so I need to find a diff with a good balance between take off/driveability.

I've been told this setup should see me around 320-340 rwkw. At what power would I need to upgrade the clutch and engine internals? Like I said earlier reliability is a huge concern.

Would anyone recommend a cam suited for a blower? I'm thinking of staying clear of the cam for now or I will be making around 380-400+ rwkw and would need to start thinking of inline fuel pumps etc and I think I might start digging myself a hole if I get into that stuff

Have also been told to change out the heads for a set of l98 heads, thoughts?

Any advice would be appreciated and if you can think of a reliability/performance issue I should be aware of please share!

If you have had experience with any of these bits of gear good or bad also let me know.


Tonner Matt

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May 12, 2014
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VZ 1 Tonner LS1 M6
I have the ripshifter and love it. The street version uses your original rubber mounted shifter handle and the race version is a solid one piece replacement. Both of these will reuse your original gear knob. Check out the GM Motorsports website for pics and prices.
Diff gears..a lotta guys seem to use 3.9s and a truetrac centre.
Upgrade your clutch when you kill your stock/current one. Extreme clutch and exedy are popular. Lotta guys on the forum also mention the Textralia Z grip.
Pacemaker make good quality extractors.
Sorry but can't offer any advice on a blower cam.
As for mechanical work.. Call Danny at Darwin Auto Mobile Care, for dyno tuning I would talk to Mark or Keelan at Peckys Performance in Winnellie. That's where my Tonner will be going for a tune after I do my cam.
Good luck with mods...should be a weapon.