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[VZ] VZ and VE - How to change the oil and filter on your Alloytec. (Detailed pictures)

Jan 23, 2021
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South Australia
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Just reading about cheap oil for flushing would the remaining residue not cause damage from coating components in top of engine and then burn or sludge up after new oil of correct spec is added preventing that to do it's proper job???
As the 5W-30W so will not reach the metal coated with the cheap assumed 20W-50W. im no mechanic but seems a bit contradictory.
I always used the 20-50W in my vt with 2k-3k kl's on it no problem but when i went to buy this 5-30W correct spec at $45 a bottle i almost fell over.

Also i feel that a seemingly simple job as an oil change even easier than the vs/vt's having filter at top and sump plug at front should be cheap for a workshop with all tooling and lifts etc and qualified mechanics why do they charge so heavy for a five -ten minute job, it is no wonder people neglect their cars.