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[General] VY-VZ Steering Wheel Button Control Retro-fitment Information


Jan 12, 2008
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Bannockburn, VIC
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2003 VY Acclaim Wagon
Just a quick information post about the steering wheel buttons for these cars which I thought might come in handy for those that are confident with a soldering iron.

As most of you are already aware, the plug for these buttons are different between VY and VZ, fortunately though as I have just found by having a play with these buttons, this isn't an issue!

Whilst the internal button circuitry inside a VZ button versus a VY button is a bit different, the plug on the end can be either cut off and soldered on to the set to suit either car model, or you can pull the button apart and desolder the wire connections, having a desoldering tool like this one from jaycar does help. https://www.jaycar.com.au/metal-desolder-tool/p/TH1862

Desoldering the wire connection from a VY onto a VZ is very straight forward, match the blue side of the wires coming in from the other side of buttons to side that comes out if that makes sense, 1 side will be both blue, the other side will be both black.

Going the other way might be a bit more difficult as the wires coming out are pink and grey rather than blue and black, i'm not sure which wire does what so perhaps reading up in your workshop manual will come handy, otherwise before desoldering the wires off the board take a photo prior so you know which side is left and right and all will be maaaaaad.

I forgot to take any pics whilst I was experimenting so I'd probably be going down the path of desoldering off the board as I don't know which wire needs to go to what if you decide to cut the plug off instead.

Perhaps someone on here that already has a set of buttons pulled apart can take some photos?

I'm happy to do a quick guide for anyone if there is enough interest.

Hope this helps, not sure about the availability of VZ buttons but VY buttons are now obsolete.