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VY Adventra LS1 - RWD manual conversion


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Dec 12, 2005
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Croydon, VIC
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VY Adventra LS1
Hey guys,

I'm wanting to convert my AWD Adventra LS1 to rear wheel drive only. I would like to do a manual RWD conversion using a T56 box and run a conventional RWD commodore setup (getting rid of all the AWD stuff).


I am considering keeping the 4L60E auto box, and converting the current transmission setup to RWD only. Does anyone know if it is possible to remove the AWD extension housing from the 4L60E (which accepts the transfer case), and simply bolt on a normal RWD extension housing? Is the output shaft the same?

I've searched everywhere and am struggling to come up with any definitive answers. Any help would be appreciated.


PS: For anyone wondering WHY i would want to do this....
A) because my LS1 has much more power than stock which caused my front diff to get a horrible clunk
B) I don't want just another broken diff or transfer case (expensive repairs)
C) because a normal commodore wagon doesn't have enough ground clearance for my needs, so no i'm not going to sell it and just buy an SS wagon or something
D) its not a propper 4WD anyway, so while the AWD is good, its not essential for my needs. RWD would be sufficient to get most places
E) better fuel consumption


May 16, 2012
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Victoria - South East
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VX II Berlina
Okay, we completed one of these conversions at my old workplace.
Before I start, let me add that it would have been so much easier to buy another wagon and transplant the engine but here goes:
Bear in mind that this was done on a vz adventra v6.
1. Yes it is possible to remove the awd extension housing and fit a rwd housing, no problem.
2. The front diff and ifs was removed completely (to save weight) and a regular vz k-frame was bolted in. It was easier to swap over the entire k-frame then to modify the existing.
3. The output shaft is the same, and the tailshaft coupling I think was also the same as a RWD.

If you were to do a T56 conversion as well then it would make sense to buy a wreck vy Ute or wagon, and swap out the parts you need.
I cant remember much more off the top of my head, if you have any other questions please PM me.

This is a very unique conversion. And I'm going to be honest when I say that it is far from practical. It was very expensive. With labour and parts I recAll the bill being over $10,000. Are you sure you want to embark on such a conversion? You could buy a vy berlina ls1 wagon, swap the engines, raise the berlina to adventra height, and probably have a better car at the end of it, not to mention the cost saving.

Cheers, Joseph