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/// The Stig's 2005 E60 M5


resident misanthrope
Jan 19, 2008
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Melbourne's South East
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E34 535i M - E70 X5 M - E60 M5 - No Fear
thestig submitted a new Showcase Item:

/// The Stig's 2005 E60 M5 'Magnum Opus'

Full Service History.

2005 BMW E60 M5 (NB92)
- 0-100kph: 4.4sec
- Standing 1/4 mile: 12.5sec
- Top Speed 326Kph (204Mph)
- 50:50 Weight distribution

Motorsport Division 5.0L V10 S85B50 Engine
- 378 kW (507 hp) @ 7750rpm
- 520 Nm (384 lbft) @ 6100rpm
- Redline @ 8250rpm
- 12.0:1 Compression Ratio
- 90 degree bank angle
- Cast aluminum block with bed plate design split at the crankshaft axis
- Cast aluminum heads with four valves per cylinder
- CNC machined ports and combustion chambers
- Quasi-dry sump lubricating system
- 10 individual electronically controlled throttle butterflies
- Double VANOS system which varies both intake and exhaust cam phasing
- Valves actuated through non-rotating inverted bucket cam followers
- Oil-cooled, forged aluminum pistons from Mahle Motorsport
- Forged steel crankshaft with counterweights, shared crankpins
- Uneven firing interval of 90 or 54 degrees.
- Firing Order: 1-6-5-10-2-7-3-8-4-9.
- "Ionic current" knock control

Getrag SMG III single-clutch 7 speed semi-automatic transmission
- Shifts gear in 65 milliseconds
- Downshift assist
- Hill holder
- Pseudo Automatic mode
3.985 (1st), 2.652 (2nd), 1.806 (3rd), 1.392 (4th), 1.159 (5th), 1.000 (6th) and 0.833 (7th); final drive ratio 3.620:1.

Variable M Differential
- using shear pump, viscous silicon fluid, and multi-disc clutch.

M-Tech Performance Exhaust (Soon to be replaced with Miesterschaft GTC System)
- Hi Flow Headers with integrated CAT
- Twin 2.5" System
- 4 x M-Tech Mufflers
- 4 x 2.75" Tips

M-Tech Performance Brakes
Four-wheel vented and cross-drilled brake discs with two-piece rotors, 2 pot calipers
Front: 374 x 36 mm
Rear: 370 x 24 mm
Automatic Brake Drying

Electronic Damper Control
- Featuring BMW's Magnetic Damper control technology
- Lowered Suspension (not sure what's there need a closer look, about 1" lower than stock)
- 26.5 mm front and 18 mm rear anti-roll bars.

Dynamic Stability Control / Traction Control
Launch Control
Real time Tyre Pressure monitoring
Multimode Heads Up Display (Tacho, Nav, Cruise Control & Check Control Messages)
Electric M-Sports Seats with Active bolster support (also heated)
M-Sports Leather Steering Wheel
Electric Windows
Electric Sunroof
Electric Anti-glare side mirrors (auto dipping during reverse)
Electric Rear Sunblind
Electrochromatic auto dimming rearview mirror
Parking Sensors w/ Parking Distance Control
Cruise Control w/ Braking Function
Multizone HVAC
Keyless Entry/Central Locking...
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resident misanthrope
Jan 19, 2008
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Melbourne's South East
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E34 535i M - E70 X5 M - E60 M5 - No Fear
Quote by Monstar, "Good detail, though without knowing much about it is difficult to tell which engine bits are stock / and that which is extra / modified." <---- deleted because he's embarrassed?? Post: 2911184, member: 136456

It's all stock! o_O

Except for the cat back and the air filters, which combined, probably up the output at the fly by 15 to 25 hp. The figures listed are the factory listed output.
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Don't G-Tech in reverse
Jun 11, 2008
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SE Suburbs of Melbourne
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Black VX S II - Supercharged
I'll post my extended review here:

Having the opportunity, not only to photograph this masterful piece of German engineering from every angle, but also seeing and feeling the machine first hand, really drives home its split personality. The definition of "sleeper" does not even come close to describing the polar opposites this car displays. Nor does it accurately portray the sense of elegance and sophistication when in "sane" mode.

In normal use, the car ticks off many boxes of practicality. Such as; filling up the boot with groceries, fitting 5 full-sized adults, or even taking your grandmother out for scones on Mother's Day morning.

But the moment that you hit that "M" button, this car enters an altered state; a 520Nm, 507HP, snarling wilder beast wailing through your worst nightmare, a captive pod that accelerates at the speed of thought. If you live too long in any moment, you will suddenly realise, only too late, that the physics of your situation are dangerous, and reality suddenly becomes crashing and apparent. It's hard not to get hooked on such sensations.

The power delivery from the M5 is not at one end of the rpm range, it doesn't have dips, in fact, it is that which represents the true meaning of linear. If you were to graph the power output of this car it would be a 60° angle right to 7500rpm! Something that you can truly feel as it accelerates effortlessly past the 200km/h mark. It is truly relentless in its power delivery, enough to keep you on your toes as you skip through the gears and watch that you don't set yourself into a loss of traction hitting 4th gear.

This particular example also ups the insanity level with a further altered state, that is brought to stage through the press of a remote button that opens the bi-modal exhaust system; a Miesterschaft GTC Stainless Steel Cat Back exhaust system that bypasses the "standard" 4 mufflers in favor of two straight pipes. Holding the remote in hand is akin to holding a grenade with the pin removed. Press the button, wait for the solenoid to fully open the valve, and you have unleashed a decibel level you could compare to the infamous Krakatoa volcanic eruption of 1883. Everyone (and I mean everyone!) is put on verbal notice. This is clearly visible in the local traffic patterns when you open the throttle. Every car in front, and especially behind, panics, engages their breaks or moves into another lane. I have never seen any car demand, or be granted, such dominance on the road.

I have labeled this car; "The Time Machine"
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Dec 15, 2013
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Wagga Wagga
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Nice summary. Very poetic. I can hear the bimmer screaming and feel myself being pushed into the seat. Well done.

Oh, epic car too!