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Park brake problems

Discussion in 'VF Holden Commodore (2013 - 2017)' started by Banjo79, May 1, 2018.

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    Apr 11, 2014
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    Thanks for the advice. Yes, I kept the module when they reneged on the agreement to send it away for testing. No fault code, no send, even though it was arranged to be! Unless the new one is causing the problem, it wouldn't have proven much, as I suspect it isn't the module. None the less, from memory, it does have half a dozen torx screws and looks like it could be opened up if need be.
    Re DBA rotors. Had the first set on the car for a couple of years before EPB problem presented itself. First new module got done and problem disappeard (on barely legal rotors) New DBA rotors were put on 4 months later and still no problems for another year and a half. Rotors now have a lip and might need replacing in 10k or so. In summary though, EPB has worked fine with old and new DBA rotors for large stretches of time and km's.
    My next change was going to be 4 pot brakes, but even before reading dot point 1 above, I have been considering putting back on rear Oem just to appease Holden and on the off chance it does have something to do with it. Logic says it doesn't, but what would I know.

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