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Mavericks Choice

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Aug 29, 2007
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VF2 SSV M6, VF2 LS3 Calais V, VZ 6L M6 Crewie
A teacher in class was doing a lecture on morals. She asked the class do anyone know a tale with a moral. It went very quite until little Jonny at the back of the class shot his arm up Miss, I do. She was very apprehensive, please tell.us about your tale with a moral.
In WW1 my Grandad was in the trenches waiting for the order to go over the top for a massive offensive. My Grandma had sent him a bottle of whisky prior, but he didn't know what to do, drink half and save half for his return, or drink the bottle in case he didn't return, After much thought he drank the lot. He went over the top, single handed he knocked out three machine gun nests, killed twenty Germans and captured fifty prisoners. Well said the teacher a fantastic tale, but where is the moral? Don't fuk with Grandad when he is pissed.