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Mavericks Choice

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Aug 29, 2007
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VF2 SSV M6, VF2 LS3 Calais V, VZ 6L M6 Crewie
Four jockeys are on their way home from the Melbourne Cup when the Ford Focus they are travelling in is hit by a truck. The car bursts in flames and they all die.
One of the jockey's trainers is informed that his jockey has been killed and he needs to go down to the morgue to try and identify him - he is warned that all four jockeys are very badly burnt and hardly rocognisable.
Inside the morgue, they pull back the sheet on the first body.
"No, thats not him," said the trainer.
They pull back the sheet on the second.
"Nope, thats not him."
The third.
"No, that ain't him either."
After pulling back the sheet on the fourth and final body, the trainer says "Yep, that's him."
The mortician said, "that's amazing: these bodys are burnt to a crisp, and yet you have identified your jockey just like that, how?"
And the trainer said, "He has been my jockey for 3 years.....and he's never in the first three."