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Build thread so far my '07 SSV (pic heavy)

Discussion in 'VE Holden Commodore (2006 - 2013)' started by vs3.8ute, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. vs3.8ute

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    Feb 27, 2012
    mt tamborine
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    Cammed VE SSV
    I first got my SSV a little over 3 years ago. when i purchased it, it had a small amount of work done (exhaust, walkinshaw growler style intake, 20 in rims and lowered springs and shocks). It made 270 rwhp. The below photo was a couple of months after buying her.
    Early BAU555.jpg

    I drove her around with the same set up as mentioned above for about 3 months before i decided to do a couple of mods of my own.

    First on the agenda was to get rid of the growler style air intake and replace it with an over the radiator CAI, Install an aftermarket cam package that included the camshaft, valve springs and lifters (by memory the cam size was around 224-230 .6ish) and upgraded the exhaust from mild steel to full stainless . With the parts installed i took her to Hi-torque Performance on the Gold Coast (who i can not recommend highly enough) and they tuned her up. The end result of that was a solid 298 rwhp. A nice healthy gain and very noticeable with how much throttle response and torque was gained.

    Next on the mod list was installing an aftermarket sunroof in the same style as the HSV. I still think this was one of the best mods i did. Looks great and functions well! The next change was i brought my personalised plates and fitted them.......... and they look BAU555 :D

    This is the stage that the car stayed in for about 12 months.


    i was still young and dumb at this stage and after 12 months of thrashing the poor darling something finally gave. I put a piston through the block and wrote the engine off completely.
    Safe to say it was time for a replacement engine!

    She sat for about 4 months with the blown engine while i decided what road to go down. it turns out the road i chose had quite a few modifications and upgrades on the journey.


    To keep a long story short i upgraded the engine, the gearbox, the diff, the clutch, and the suspension. Below is the list of components that were fitted/upgrades done and again shout out to Kent, Chris and the team at Hi-Torque Performance. Did a cracking job!

    Engine modifications:

    - Removed L98 6ltr and replaced with rebuilt ls3 6.2 ltr.
    -Removed the ls3 heads and installed a fully rebuilt set of LS7 heads that were hand port and polished.
    - installed cam (233-233) with custom grind to suit top mount supercharger (future plans) and all the running gear to go with it.

    Exhaust and intake

    - OTR Cold air induction
    - pacemaker 4 into 1 headers, into 200 cpi high flow cats, into dual walkinsaw stainless 3 exhaust and finishing with quad tips

    Drive line
    - removed the t56 gearbox and installed a rebuilt tr6060.
    - twin plate heavy duty ceramic clutch
    - new tru track 345 LSD diff centre

    Other Mods
    - installed sunroof (same style as HSV)
    - currently installing Kayhan Audio integrated multimedia/nav station and climate control.
    - dark tint
    -HID headlights and fog lights
    -personalised plates reading "BAU555"

    Current suspension and wheels
    - currently on sssl king springs all around with munroe shocks
    - rolling on 20 inch Advanti tourers with 245s all around. (Please don't hold that against me i hate them!)

    All of these mods leaving us with 355rwkw / 480rwhp and I can't remember the torque off the top of my head but it was fairly substantial.

    Next on the agenda short term is adjustable coil overs and a set of koya sf06 rims i think. long term goal is adding a squash fuel system and a harrop 2650 top mount blower with all the fruit to run it. what do you guys think?? i hope you like my build thread so far!!

    51818568_2344609942239684_9102100405436809216_o.jpg 52436979_2344609992239679_4952660203586715648_o.jpg
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  2. VS 5.0

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    Jul 17, 2006
    Perth WA
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    VE SSV Z Series M6
    Prioritise that rim change !!!
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  3. Deuce

    Deuce Super Stock

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    Feb 5, 2012
    Meremere Dragway (as often as possible)
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    '94 VR SS V8
    Looking pretty shinny thee mate.
    And good power too.
    What was the reason for piston making a window in the block? Oil/bearing issue?
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