best way to install speakers in vk door


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an upgrading my stereo system and am wondering how hard is it to install some speakers in the door. currently there are 2 speakers on the rear parcel shelf.



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Depending on what look you want... Rip off the door card, and see if there's enough room mount it flush to the door. If there's not, either space it out with MDF ring(s) or get/make a pod.

For it to look relatively original, your best bet would be making some sort of pod... Colour and material matching, and try to match the lines of the original trim. Fiberglass maybe?

If you just want speakers, and are happy to do it on the dodge, just space it out with MDF rings and use the cover that comes with the speakers :thumbsup:


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or you could get yourself some vs commodore speaker pod map pocket assemblys and use them i recon they look good and space them out too


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The old 15cm by 15 cm trick. Looking at the bottom left of your say drivers door with a black marker go up 15cm from the left and across 15cm. mark with a dot. Centre point for your 6.5 inch. Clears the double metal at the botttom left of your door skin and allows clearence for the window winder.


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yup...what luke said! Works a treat!