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2004 VZ Commodore Battery Draining (recently installed aftermarket head-unit)

Discussion in 'Electrical Wiring / Questions' started by NoTimeForBreakfast, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. NoTimeForBreakfast

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    Apr 21, 2019
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    VZ SV6
    Hey guys, cheers for any help, and sorry if I've posted this in the wrong thread, I'm not new to just commodores, but I'm a first-time poster! :)

    Here's the go - my VZ SV6 has recently been having battery troubles, the car seemed to run completely fine until I installed the aftermarket head unit. Now I'm not gonna lie, I'm new to cars, auto-electrical, and aftermarket modifications but I wanted to start somewhere, so feel free to talk in "slower" terminology

    Car - 2004 VZ SV6 Commodore
    Head unit - Kenwood ddx4018bt
    Wiring kit - EZY FIT VY-VZ Commodore

    Was thinking I may have incorrectly grounded it as I connected the black wire from the EZY FIT kit, to the black wire from the head-unit instead of wiring it to the cars chassis.

    I attached a poor quality image because that's the highest quality the site would let me upload!

    Thankyou for any help you guys can offer! :)

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