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vy l67

  1. DeathSammich

    Engine Build

    Hey, just wondering if doing a rebuild when is a cylinder bore necessary? And if a bore has to be done say 20 or 30 thou over, If using OEM oversized pistons is a tune required? Or is the oversizing negligible? The engine has 256xxxks in it and am not sure whether to hone it myself and re ring...
  2. Nikita Henry

    Vy L67 Idling at 2500rpm and thermo fans aren't working!

    So I recently had to rebuild my cammed Vy L67 due to blowing a head gaskit. Now this is the fun bit. It's a top swapped L67 and the loom is still ecotec (I repinned the loom to suit a L67 ecu) it is getting a tune to get it running right but the problem I'm having is it's currently idling at...