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vu 5.7 gen 3

  1. D

    VU SS V8 Ute oxygen sensors

    Ute has one oxygen sensor that just sits on the same voltage (.44) so I assume it’s stuffed?? Can someone tell me where they’re located on a 2002 VU SS V8 ute? Reason I ask is the exhaust system may have been altered before I bought it and want to compare. Are Bosch ones good?
  2. Toni16

    Short Shifter problems

    Okay so I really need some guidance I brought my VU Ute 6 speed over a year ago with a short shifter already in it. Months ago I took it in to get the rear main seal done and ever since I’ve had problems with the short shifter. Picked up Ute the 1st time after rear main seal being fixed...
  3. stovepipe

    VX SS - Dumped coolant - is this a head gasket gone?

    Hi all, After some opinions as I'm unsure and worried about doing more damage. Gut feel is I already F'd it. My 2 questions are: 1. Is this probably a blown head gasket? 2. Can I (cautiously) drive at all? 22km to get it to the mechanic. I recently had a looong overdue service and among the...
  4. V

    VU maloo auto to manual

    G'day guys, I have a worked 02 vu maloo thats auto that I just got a full 02 vu ss to do the conversion. I know this has been posted a few times but I can't get a straight answer. Do I actually have to change the ecu/pcm to go to manual? And if so why would i not be able to just keep my stock...
  5. V

    VX HSV dash cluster into VU SS

    Hey guys, I am thinking of putting a VX clubsport dash into my VU SS and I can't seem to find any information on whether the 3 window VX dash will fit my SS any information would be appreciated. Cheers
  6. S

    [QLD] Wanting to buy VU 5.7 engine cover

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: LS1 gen3 5.7L VU Ute engine cover LOCATION: Qld Gatton /Brisbane CONDITION: New or Used either or is fine, cheap is good DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will pay postage if reasonable, officeworks has a $10 snail mail 10kg postage option that I’m ok with...
  7. B

    Vu ss thermo fans

    So I just bought a new radiator and thermo fans, the fans only have a 2 pin setup where the original is a 4 pin setup. Does anyone know which wires are which 2 x Orange and blue 1x Orange and black 1 x Blue and yellow And if anyone has done this change before just need these fans to work as...
  8. B

    Vu ss headlight issues

    I am pretty sure it's a ground but no idea where to look after I have looked at the most obvisious places. So when i turn my head lights on my low and high beam come on the left hand side when i go to high beam they both go out. I have replaced all bulbs Plug the headlight in the RH side and it...
  9. H

    VU Gen3 Heater problem, Throttle body vac line missing?

    hi guys the vacume valve control thing on the heater tap of my 5.7lt ute has a problem, its eitehr fully open or fully closed. is this normal or should it be fully vairable depending on how far i turn the dial inside the car, also i think teh heater tap it self may be stuck open coz even...