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  1. K

    Potential starter motor? Unsure need help

    Hey guys, unsure if my starter motor is shagged or not, car won't start, and makes a clicking noise when turning key First thought battery was stuffed, tried to jump it, no go still clicking sound after it. Then read tapping on starter might help it start, and if it did, then it's the starter...
  2. J

    Starting fault-Fuel related URGENT HELP PLEASE

    Hey lads, My vt v6 commodore is having some problems On saturday, drove it 10 kms then a POP *Backfire* and the car shut off, it was low on fuel so off i went to get a jerry can worth of fuel. Got the car started, drove it to the petrol station with it being odd/lumpy driving up one hill, then...
  3. B

    Vt v6 Overheating Problem... HELP!

    Hey guys, I have a overheating problem with my vt v6. Ive replaced the heater tap, thermostat, waterpump, radiator cap, overflow bottle and given it a flush. Made sure i bled it properly afterwards. Was running ok, drove today from Bowen to Mackay (bout 200kms) and all was good for 150ks then...
  4. owens

    [VIC] VT V6 - 50th Anniversary

    ITEM: 50th Anniversary V6 Commodore PRICE: $5500neg LOCATION: Victoria, Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula YEAR: 1998 SERIES: VT BADGE: 50th Anniversary ENGINE: V6 Ecotec TRANSMISSION: Auto 4sp COLOUR: White EXTERIOR CONDITION: EXCELLENT INTERIOR CONDITION: EXCELLENT...

    Series 2 VT Berlina on VE SS wheels

    here is my car
  6. SUSS8

    [Ecotec] Injector Upgrade?

    I own a VT V6 and was just having a look around on the net, and I came across something; Injector Upgrades. Upgrading your injector to say Bosch Fuel injectors, will this make any sort of difference? and will it make a difference if I did it to my VT? :unsure:
  7. SUSS8

    Diagnostics tool

    Just wondering if there was anyone in the western suburbs of melbourne that wouldnt mind helping me out, I got some problems with my car and thinking it might be electrical I just wanted to see what error codes it would come up with so I can fix it ASAP. Or if anyone is selling Diagnostic...
  8. SUSS8

    Haunted VT? VT Berlina Problems

    Hey guys, I own a 98 VT Berlina, In less then 4 months Ive changed 2 fuel pumps the latest one being a Bosch one and I also changed the Crank Angle Sensor. I tried shocking the fuel pump and no response. My mate came past and we changed one of the relays and we got it started but once we...