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vt commodore

  1. S

    My Vt Commodore 2000. Ve kit.

    Heyy guys this is me vt comm with a ve bodykit. what do you's think, its not 100% finshed but coming along nicely :)
  2. CuRt007

    My VT HBD - First Car

    My first car at 16 :) Name: Curtis Model:HBD VT Executive Series 2 Engine Type: 3.8L V6 with 128,000 KMS Gearbox: 5 speed Body: Factory HBD Kit Exhaust: 2.5" Cat back with rear resi Diff: Stock Brakes: red stuff pads Suspension: Lowered on pedders superlows Wheels: 19" SSW Cost:$10k Mods...
  3. T

    Series II VT Commodore Traction control

    Hey guys, im new to the forum. I just bought a series 2 VT commodore berlina and i was looking through the manual and it said that the traction control switch should be beside the gear stick (Auto) but its not there as described in the picture. Just wondering what is going on here. Cheers for...
  4. M

    can someone help me?! (sub/stock stereo)

    hey guys! i was just wondering if there is a way to connect a sub to the stock head unit in a vt commodore? i have pulled out the sub and amp from my old car and i wish to install it into my vt. i have a 10 stack cd player so i'm not too keen on buying a new head deck just to connect a sub...
  5. H

    first car

    hey guys, new to this site. first car i'm getting is a 99 VTS series II its currently stock except for the rims which are some monaro rip off one's which i will proably keep cause they really do look good on the car. and gives me an extra 4k to spend somewhere else. the modifications im...
  6. JoeFish

    having probs with my 97 VT Executive commo.

    G'day guys and gals. i got a 97 VT v6 executive commodore. And it has been great so far for me but i have just came across a few small issues, as listed below. 1: Shaking alot When im idling the car, as if im waiting at the lights etc, it shakes a lot, always the front passenger will...