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vt commodore

  1. W

    Magna injectors in a VT

    I have a vt commodore with an exhaust, extractors cold air intake and high ratio rockers and was wondering whether anyone has had any experience with using magna injectors in vt's and weather it makes a difference to performance or economy, I have 2 sets currently out of Magna's some CDH 210's...
  2. C

    [Ecotec] best mods

    hey i have a stock vt s manual and im wondering whats the best and easiest mods i could do to increase peformance
  3. T

    flaking paint

    the paint on my vt bumper is starting to flake off in 2 spots i went to autobarn to ask about it and i just wanted to know if what they told me was write so what can i do to fix it up? v
  4. T

    lowering my vt

    how much would lowering my vt commodore cost would i need new shocks as well im hoping to go pretty low
  5. T

    exhaust ideas?

    im driving a stock vt commodore and looking for a good sound out of it wondering whats a good set up and what will it cost me im not looking at spending too much
  6. T

    vt air conditioner

    my vt commodore's air con has slowly become worse and worse its still cold but not as cold as it used to someone said it could need re gassing but idk is it this or just because its getting old its done 200,000k and always on even in winter
  7. B

    vt ecotec performance..

    hey guys just wanna know whats some mods i should do to get some more power out of my vt v6 ecotec that aren't too expensive? even little things that just make the car run better and ect.. :)
  8. T

    vy ss rims

    where can i get vy ss rims and how much will they set me back im after them for my vt
  9. T

    150w rms sub

    im after a 150w rms sub i know thats not much but with the current set up and amp its about all im going be able to get which doesn't bother me but I cant find any does anyone know some subs that have the power outage and know how they sound?
  10. T

    how to colour code black plastic on a vt????

    ive recently got a white 99 vt commodore and I wanted to colour code the black plastic skirts and what not and I really have no idea how to do it whats the best way to do it or a good place to get it done?
  11. B

    Redback or Lukey? (exhausts)

    i'm keen to get a exhaust system for my vt but not to sure on what would sound better and be more reliable.. what would be best??
  12. T

    Hey guys desperately need lowering advice for my vt??? :)

    Hey everyone i have a vt series 1 s pack 5 speed manual and it currently is standard height but sitting on 18 inch rims with 245 tread i just want to lower it as much as possible without having to go into rolling the guards or camber kits or anything i just want it to sit nice and level. So yea...
  13. taylooor

    VT and VX White Paint Code.

    Hey guys, I bought a rear garnish from a VX a couple of weeks back in white, which I thought was perfect cause it was the first white one I could find in ages (my VT is white and didn't want to go to the hassle of painting it etc). But now that im getting around to installing it, I didn't...
  14. J

    VT subwoofer boot mouldings???

    hi everyone, im after a boot moulding for my vt preferably to hold two 12' subs + amps and the rest. i was wondering is there anyone in australia that makes the fibreglass shells? or if someone has one for sale please let me know, thanks.
  15. taylooor

    Stupid question involving VT stockies.

    Hey guys, As the title says, im a bit embarrassed to ask. BUT I've read on here and heard that Commodore VT Interceptors are always 15". However, I just went to double check just then because I was looking at some chrome trims and my ruler says its 16"? I don't know if this is because the...
  16. taylooor

    List of mods, but where do I go?

    Hey guys, here are some things im doing to my VT in the coming month or two; - VT SS body kit - VX Rear Garnish - Monaro Tail Lights - Adding another sub to my boot Who could I go to in order for them to get it all done for the cheapest price, preferably all at the same time? I could...
  17. taylooor

    Flappers on stockies

    Hey guys Im pretty keen on getting some flappers for my VT interceptors. Opinions? Was looking at Instant White Walling but thought these flappers would be easier and cheaper with pretty much the same desired result. How do you install them though if I was to buy them? And would I...
  18. taylooor

    I want to lower my VT but not to the point of it being illegal, HELP

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone can give me a hand. Im looking to lower my VT commodore, but only as low as I can go without making it illegal if I get pulled up. Is there any type of springs that are designed for this? i.e. ultra, low kings etc or what? Any help would be...
  19. A

    My VT Commodore

    What Do You Think? Any Ideas On What I Should Do To It? Its Already Been Lowered. I Brought It For $3000.
  20. J

    vt start then stop / immobiliser issue? dead key? PLEASE HELP

    hi all ive read alot about this on as many forums as i can and ive tried it all so please i need some real help. this is what happened drove to the pub, locked the car. came out and key remote (3 button) does not open doors, so opened manually. turn ignition, car turns over and fires...
  21. JoeFish

    [QLD] 99 Berlina Commodore Series II - Auto - 153k - owned by old lady - brilliant car

    ITEM: 1999 VT Berlina Commodore Series II PRICE: $7000 ono LOCATION: Sunshine Coast, Queensland YEAR: 1999, June SERIES: Example: VT, Series II BADGE: Example: Series II ENGINE: Standard v6 TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: White EXTERIOR CONDITION: The Exterior is in great...
  22. N

    Manual VT gear box trouble

    Hey there, At the moment im having abit of trouble with my gear box in my V6 VT. When it is in gear, the gear stick is still wobbly as if it was in neutral. This happens in all gears. The car still drives fine without any problems, its just getting really annoying when driving, anyone know...
  23. T

    VT Berlina 250K service

    Hi, I have a 2000 VT II Berlina that's approaching 250 thousand kms. Is this going to be a major service? Also, any faults I should start looking out for? cheers, Tim
  24. TXB-409

    VT Berlina boot and footwell, need help.

    Hey guys, Just wanting to change the light inside the boot to make my subs look better rather than the stock shitty yellow globe, but I can't seem to find a clip or anything to take it off to change the globe. Can anyone tell me if there is a clip or if not, how to get to the LED inside it...
  25. BadJesse

    VT issues

    Hey guys, i got a few questions about my VT and if i could get anyone's help it would be much appreciated. 1. How do i remove the tow bar? Their is two massive nuts, im thinking they might have to be undone but there huge and so hard to undo! 2. Should a stock v6 go hard? I put my foot to the...
  26. BadJesse

    VT - Wheres the power?!

    Hey guys, I just bought a second hand VT commodore, After buying i took her straight to the car wash for a shine. After finishing my wash and the vt looking amazing i was driving out to leave the car wash. After waiting for a gap which wasnt coming i tried to shoot out, thinking i had a...
  27. BadJesse

    Hi Fellas!

    G'Day! My names Jesse and im new to the forum. Born and raised country boy but been in sydney for about 6-7 years. Mums boyfriend of 6 years who raised me was a holden dealer down in a small town called holbrook! Since i first sat in a Vt commodore i had fallen in love. Now im 21...
  28. 2DIE

    VT offset/backspace, center bore, stud bore, stud bore angle.. ect

    I have a VT Acclaim and I am buying 8x15 rims from the USA and as they are not familiar with Commodores I have to send the guy all the information about the rims to ensure exact fitment. I have done tons of searches all over JC and the rest of the net and can not find the information I need...
  29. T

    [Ecotec] vt commodore manual conversion

    hey just wondering what i would need to convert an automatic vt to a manual, ive got a gearbox out of a 3.8 litre VN been told it was a supra gearbox, will it bolt onto an ecotec,will i have to change the ecu or any modifications i will have to do like tailshaft? cheers pretty new on here so...
  30. JoeFish

    Do NOT get a solid flywheel put in a manual VT

    That's it, never get one! Especially if you are after a car that sounds nice and does not sound like something is grinding and rattling inside your engine. The solid flywheel makes a terrible sound and ruins the tone of the exhaust. Yes you pay less for the solid, so if you're not after...
  31. S

    Black/Green VT w/ Gold trim on kit... custom or factory?

    This is for my fiance's VT Exec. S2.. He's just bought it, and would like it restored to its former glory - it's gonna need new bumpers (old owner reversed into a garbage truck, front bumper clips are mostly broken) and a boot respray.. but I'm not sure on the colour... and that's something we...
  32. V

    What colour number plate for a silver vt commodore???

    Hey guys, I was thinking of changing my plates but didn't really know what colour would look best. I saw a silver vt with white plates and Blake writing but didn't really like it but I don't think that black ones will match???
  33. D

    vt commodore transmision wont select first gear

    hi there guys, firstly just want to say that i have been using this site for quite a while now and must say very usefull so thanks to everyone who posts in here. Ok so my mate has a vt v6 auto about 190ks on it now, has just recently decided to not want to select first gear anymore, at around...
  34. V

    My vt commodore :)

    hey guys this is my 1998 vt commodore. It is all pretty much stock apart from a few things. i am getting 18" put on it on thursday which should make it look abit better. i plan on doing a whole heap of stuff to it like putting a kit on it , changing the interioretc but that wont be till...
  35. G

    VT with a VE body kit

    i have been thinking about a VE body kit to fit my VT commodore and i just want to get a few people's opinions on how they think it looks cheers, Grady.
  36. M

    VT Twin Piston Brake Upgrade

    Hi all, Thinking of upgrading the front brakes on my VK to VT twin piston calipers and rotors as I have heard they have the best stopping power. What I'm wondering is will the calipers bolt straight on to where my existing ones do, or do they need modifying? I'm aware that i need to get hub...
  37. JAKE-26

    vs ute or vt exec WANT OPINIONS

    Hey guys. Im looking to buy my first car and have pretty much had my heart set on a vs ute. The other day the old man told me he was probably selling his vt and asked if i wanted it. I said no at first coz i think i want a manual, but have a seen a few done up vt's and they look pretty nice...
  38. tlorimer

    Need to buy some vt ext. Body parts!!

    Hi, i've recently ran up the back of someone in my VT, and i need a front bumper, bonnet, and right hand side headlight, if anyone has any of these parts lying around i'd pay you for them, also if anyone was interested in swapping some of those parts for 2 good condition chaser rims with...
  39. P

    Temp. issues

    Ok so. I have a 99 VT commodore 3.8L V6. Since the start of last year I have had problem after problem with its engine temp. Last time I was driving from Rockhampton back to Townsville & the temp gauge kept creeping up to H (yes the whole way up), since this was only happening when I was in...
  40. M

    sorry, i closed it :p

    can't post in the classifieds because i haven't had over 20 posts or something =\ so don't close!