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vt commodore

  1. G

    vt/vy engine conversion

    Hi, i have just been given a 2004 v8 ss ute i own a 99 vt v6 s i wanted to know if it is possible to put the v8 into my car due to the v8 being a writeoff if it is possible what complications will i hit. thanks :)
  2. O

    VY dash conversion in VT commodore

    Hey guys new to the form. Needing help with finishing off a vy conversion in to a VT commodore mainly wiring diagrams and all that thank you in advance :) :)
  3. L

    Annoying idling noise... NEED HELP PLEASE!!!! It is driving my head in!

    Hi, I put up a YouTube video to show what the problem is below. Please check it out and let me know. I have got a 13yo V6 VX Commodore with 103000kms. Recently a strange and annoying noise started from the front of the engine while it is idling. I am extremely sensitive to abnormal...
  4. A

    VT - Speedo, Revs, Temp, Fuel, Kilometres not working.

    Started my car this morning and noticed speedo revs temp fuel and the kilometres wasn't showing up or working the needles don't move.... When i try too use the mode thing nothing happens. I have pulled the dash out too check connections and all is pushed in well and i have check the fuses under...
  5. A

    VT Commodore won't kick over

    Hey guys, well technically last night tried installing new LED'S into the footwell of my VT commodore and in the process i blew a few fuses easy that i replaced them sooo now here is the problem my VT won't start i have spoken to a lot of people and the most common answers was *Fried my ECU...
  6. M

    weird dash problem

    his guys, hoping some of you might be able to help me track down the source of my problems with my VT's dash. first some back ground; replaced whole engine 2 months ago, total recon. every thing else is origional, aside from the stereo :D v6 automatic, 350km on car 15km on new block and...
  7. S

    upgrading boost fot S/C VT

    Im new to this But i would like to get more boost out of my stock 2000 S/C VT, but i dont want to damage the engine buy increasing the boost beyond what the engine can safetly handle. what would you reccomend, and what else would have to be done once the pulley is changed. The only thing i...
  8. B

    VT S2 commodore under powered

    Hi. I have a VT series 2 that feels under powered FULL STORE The car was passed down to me in 2011 from my dad who made a mistake and bought a ford. The car's engine blew in 2010 and my parents really wanted me to have the car so they got keven dennis holden to install a totally new...
  9. JACKO4590

    VT V6 6 Speed?

    Ok it was either this area of the forum or the V6 mod area - sorry if in wrong place Ok so I have a 1998 VT V6 Commodore with a 4 speed auto and want to put a manual in it The reason I'm not just buying a car with manual it cause its a C2R Build No. 36 and don't want to give it up cause its...
  10. M

    Vt engine removal

    Hia guys, first post so sorry if its in the wrong section or any thing like that, i use these forums CONSTANTLY when working on my car, and iv finally gotten stuck with some thing that i cant work out Im part way through replacing the engine in my old VT i have the engine mounts off the...
  11. K

    VT Commodore Problems!!!

    Hi all I have a 1997 vt acclaim auto i have had a few problems with it over the past month or so and cant figure out what they all are its killing me. i have replaced the motor in it and it was all working fine, then lost my licence so it sat for 6 months. Then found the heater core was...
  12. P

    Vy dash and cluster conversion to vt commodore, please help!!

    Ok, i have spent hours searching posts regarding the conversion of a complete vy dash, cluster, console, steering wheel to my vt commodore executive sedan but am getting different answers on basically all of them. I just want to know if i have everything needed to complete the task, i have...
  13. J

    Convert manual windows to power windows VT Commodore HELP?!

    Okay guys/girls, im intending to start a little project converting my manual windows to electrical windows, ive recently bought 4 new leather door trims but dont fit manual windows its to fit electric windows, so i though why not convert it? i think i will need a motor and regulator for every...
  14. L

    Vt v6 turning over but not firing

    Heya guys.. a friend replaced the fuel pump in my vt commodore yesterday and it is now fixed and working the way it should be however, after trying to start the car over and over for a few days (before I knew the problem was the fuel pump) it has drained the battery completely. I have charged it...
  15. T

    VT new struts and bearings problem

    Hi all Just bought some suzuki super super low struts and top mount bearings and bushes for both sides of the front. 2 Front Struts Holden Commodore VR VS VT VX VY Super LOW Shock Absorbers | eBay I have already got king springs in the car so i just reused them with the new struts. After i...
  16. C

    Engine problems

    Hi, have a 99 v6 Berlina. Having engine problems and no mechanic has a clue. Replaced the big end bearings and the lifters came loose so got them replaced after a little while. Before the lifters were done we were having power issues (no grunt) and shuddering at idle or low speeds. Was told it...
  17. B

    Hearing high pitched sound (with video)

    I don't know whats wrong I have checked everything but may be i haven't wired something right? Can some one please help me. http://youtu.be/keKd_UQliEo
  18. S

    VX 3.8 auto transmission problem

    hi all i just did a engine swap on a vx 3.8 but now i have no power and the car moves in all gears i had a mate do half the work for me and i think he stuffed it up but i cant troubleshoot,, i had to pull the tranny back out coz he didnt put the stall converter in right
  19. C

    VT Fuel Leak

    Just bought a VT and when I drive further than 15kms fuel leaks from the pressure vent hose. I've tried replacing the filter and the charcoal canister then flushed the fuel lines but it still leaks. I have connected the vent hose into the petrol tank to stop wasting as much fuel though it keeps...
  20. Z

    removing spoiler?

    hey wondering how i would go about removing my rear spoiler? and how will i plug up the holes left from it? cheers!
  21. J

    Anoooottthhheeeerrr LOWERING question.

    Can you guys please post a pic of the back end of the car with SL springs? As I have some pedders and mine sit a bit low, not sure if they are SL, or SSSL What is the most common and safe (legal-ish) way to have a car sitting on back, over the tyre by a bit? Thanks guys! :)
  22. V

    Removing exhaust system from VT, to VZ

    Hey guys I have a VT commodore and I got a 2.5 inch system put on it a while ago, circumstances have changed and now I'm getting a VZ sv6. I was JUST WONDERING if it would be possible to remove the system from the VT and put it on the VZ. I might or might not do it yet, but it would be good to...
  23. nabed4t

    Intake Manifold Gasket Replacement

    G'day all, Just wondering if someone could please post a walk-through of how to replace the Intake Manifold Gasket on a '98 VT Commodore and what bits and pieces are needed (Brands too if you think one is better then the other) Also is flushing the rad required? I have youtubed a few vids...
  24. C

    just bought a VT olympic! looking to buy an exaust! NEED HELP!!

    hey guys. i always dreamed of having a commodore from late 90's early 20's i just like the look of them. i just go my p's last week and already bought a vt. i really want a to put and exaust on it. ive heard stories about REdbacks not working properly and this and that! i want your opinion on...
  25. S

    VT Redback Exhaust problem!

    Hey guys, i only just bought a 2.5" redback VT/VX/VU exhaust system with single muffler and rear resonator, i have seen plenty of videos with guys having the same system as me but mine is completely quiet with a deep drone, basically the stock exhaust sound but a tad deeper. Does anyone have any...
  26. Commo_Carl

    [NSW] VT V6 Performance Stage 4 Memcal (manual)

  27. V

    vt_commodore clubsport kit/neons

    Hey guys just wondering I've got a stock vt Commodore at the moment I'm looking to put clubsport kit on and neons got a few questions. First woulbe how much does a new clubsport kit cost for a vt? Cause ill need to save up for it and 2nd are neons hard to attach to a clubsport kit? (Rear, front...
  28. V

    vt_commodore system

    Hey guys Ive started on my vt commodores sound system already got Calais speakers through all the doors I'm just putting 2 cadence XS693 xenith's in very soon I've got a Kenwood DPX-U1520 wondering if a kicker 350 would be a good choice of sub???
  29. D

    VT Commodore underload problems

    Im having trouble with my commodore whenever the car is under load or on a slight incline while driving the car starts to jerk. I have tested the car by putting it under load as in holding down the break and flat foot accelerating to see what the car does and if it misses which it didnt at all...
  30. S

    VT commodore tool box

    so ive decided i really need a tool box for all my tools, but i want it mounted in the boot of the car. anyone know a good one to use and a good way to mount/secure it? cheers
  31. M

    Automatic Transmission Faults - Advice Appreciated

    G'day, Wondering if anyone has had similar faults to me and asking for a bit of advice before I get quotes for a rebuilt box. The car has 195K's on it, and as far as the history goes I'm not sure if it has ever had the tranny replaced - It's just the stock 4spd Auto. Symptoms are: When cold...
  32. taylooor

    Cash job!! - Switching VT to VX garnish and wiring monaro tailights

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone would be interested in switching my stock VT garnish over to a VX garnish for a little cash or slab of beer? I also have the monaro tailights, and im fine with the installing part, but would need someone to wire them up so the reverse lights work on both...
  33. M

    vt v6 lifter noise

    hi there, my vt v6 exec just recently sezied a motor, changed motor for a less milage secon hand motor, however there is a ticking noise as soon as i start it when its cold, it lasts about 5 mins till it starts to warm up, i believe it is a lifter because thats a common problem with the...
  34. P

    Custom boot audio install: Worth it?

    So after months of contemplation, this morning I was ready to make the decision to get a custom layout built in my boot. Now I'm questioning myself AGAIN, so I thought maybe the experts on here that have done and been through it all might have some insight. My 2x12" Kicker subs in a single...
  35. taylooor

    Headlights randomly go high beam in my VT

    Hey guys, Lately my headlights have been randomly switching on to high beams by themselves. It's so frustrating cause im always beaming other drivers and I know how annoying it is. Im 99% sure that it's cause my Indicator stick (stork/lever?) doesn't sit in place properly. And after the...
  36. G

    Next steps.

    Hi everyone, this is my first post on this forum. I own a series one VT Commodore V6 Manual S Pack with a stock standard motor apart from extractors, high flow cat and 2.5" pipe to the rear. My question is a simple one, what is my next step? I would love a bit of extra power (staying...
  37. dmac1968

    VT Central locking wiring colours and alarm installation negative trigger from BCM

    Hey All, I looked and looked for weeks and couldn't find this information on ANY web site using Google and so now that I have the information I thought I would share it so nobody else has the same dramas I had trying to figure it out for myself. I am guessing that this is also the same for...
  38. dmac1968

    VY Central locking wiring colours and alarm installation negative trigger from BCM

    NOTE: Gave this the wrong heading, it should read "VT Central locking" and NOT "VY Central Locking"... although I am guessing that there is a good chance it would be applicable to a VY, and even more so a VX. Hey All, I looked and looked for weeks and couldn't find this information on ANY web...
  39. P

    VT Tail Light

    Hey need help with my VT, the left hand tail light is not working but the break light and indicator work. The driving light is only out on the left hand side... The bulbs are good and wiring looks fine.. Any Ideas??
  40. C

    VT Berlina engine problems

    Hey, On Monday when I was driving to work i noticed that when I was on the freeway going 100k's that when I accelerated the engine started making this clunking noise and as time went on the noise became more obvious. Then eventually the engine began to loose power so I pulled off and as I...