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vt commodore

  1. Timmy55

    Vt commodore issue

    Hey iv got a issues iv got a 1998 vt commodore manual and when I put the key in I can turn it to accessories with no issues as soon as I turn to kick it over all power cuts out and I have to disconnect the battery and reconnect for it to work any advise as to what it could be?
  2. J

    2000 VT Commodore Issue (Could be Anything)

    Hi, i'm seeking help on why my beloved VT Commodore kept stalling today. It is a one of few advanced VTS that came out so everything under the hood except the starter motor and oil filter is all original and still working till this day amazingly. I'm keeping an open mind as its an old car and...
  3. Almighty vt

    VT losing power upon acceleration

    Hi all, have an annoying problem with My car (1999 VT commodore) wouldn't start the other day unless I pushed the accelerator while turning the key, after it started if I let my foot off the accelerator the car would stall, I held it at 1k revs (idle revs when cold) for a minute and let off to...
  4. K

    VT commodore manifold

    so im in he process of getting my manifols setup for a passenger sided turbo and the size im using for my manifold is 1 1/2” sced 40 for the main manifold but would that size be to small for the crossover pipe? Does the crossover pipe have to be a bit bigger because of all 3 cylinders connect to...
  5. DeathSammich

    Lost Cylinder Compression

    Have a recent rebuilt l67 and lost compression in 2 cylinders. Both around 60psi. I have new heads to put on it but was just wondering, if 2 cylinders are down on compression would that cause a major increase in fuel consumption? Like 16-18l per 100 average? Thanks
  6. DeathSammich

    L67 Injectors

    L67 running rough and just realised I had l36 Injectors in lol. What symptoms would this cause due to the fact it isn't tuned to use l36 Injectors? Would it explain struggling to start/not starting and running really rough with lack of throttle response? Thanks
  7. DeathSammich

    L67 Rebuild URGENT!

    Okay Ive put an l67 in my VT commodore that I bought and went to put the belts on but the pulleys are wrong! The belts don't fit on properly, some pulleys look smaller such as the idlers under the coil packs than what they are on pictures. The main pulley is the idler pulley next to the AC...
  8. DeathSammich

    Bad Fuel Economy

    I have a V6 VT commodore and it seems to be using 14L per 100km. I've checked this myself by totaling how much I drove by how much I've put in and by checking the digital readout. I've changed the O2 sensors, spark plugs, leads, coil packs, fuel pump and have a cat back exhaust (probably does...
  9. DeathSammich

    L67 Rebuild

    Doing an l67 rebuild and one of the rods is stuffed. The person I got it off said they are forged but I'm not sure. I couldn't find the ones he said he had so I brought a factory replacement and was wondering if it would sit fine along side the others. Thanks
  10. DeathSammich

    L67 Engine Swap

    I'm putting an l67 into a VT Commodore and need help with a few things. Can I use the ecotec auto transmission? Can I use the ecotec fuel pump? And when wiring it up will it be constantly under boost because the ecotec loom doesn't have the plug for thesupercharger? Thanks Sorry I've posted a...
  11. DeathSammich

    L67 Build

    I'm putting an l67 in my VT Commodore and I'll he using the stock ecotec wiring loom. How can i get the boost bypass solenoid to work because I don't want to be constantly boosting due to fuel consumption. Thanks :)
  12. DeathSammich

    [Ecotec] L67 Rebuild

    I recently for an L67 that has been fully rebuilt but if course I'm going to strip it myself to make sure it's been done properly. He said it had JE forged pistons that has 20 thou over. Won't this make too higher compression? How can I add compression back to run more boost? Thanks
  13. DeathSammich

    L67 Engine Swap

    Hi, I plan on doing an engine swap on my VT. I currently have an ecotec and want to put in an L67. Can I use the ecotec wiring loom? And what do I do about the Memcal because the engine doesn't come with a pcm? Will a no VATS chip fix this issue? Thanks
  14. DeathSammich

    L67 conversion VT

    Is Putting an l67 into a VT a straight swap if you get the looms and ecu? Thanks
  15. 1997 Vt Spac manual

    1997 Vt Spac manual

    Just a few pics of my Vt Spac Future mods Going to put a super6 in it ( keeping it manual ) Respray Fix the grill Lower the front more Cream leather interior 20 inch Black Rims Twin Exhaust. All feedback welcome
  16. DeathSammich

    VT Running Rich

    My VT series 1 is using 15L per 100KM and i dont know why. Ive changed 02 sensors, fuel pump, oil filter, fuel filter and the oil. What esle could cause bad fuel usage? it has 280xxxKms.
  17. DeathSammich

    High Fuel Consumption

    Sorry for posting again but my VT is using a lot of fuel, 15L per 100KM. I've recently changed the fuel pump, o2 Sensors, fuel filter, oil, oil filter, cleaned maf sensor and changed air filter and still it uses heaps of fuel. What else can I do to fix this issue?
  18. DeathSammich

    VT running rich after service

    My series 1 VT was running rich for a while using 15L per 100 so I changed the o2 sensors to Brand new ones and it's still using 15L per 100. I'm not sure what to do. It has 280xxxKms on it and I've ordered a coolant temp sensor and also have a fuel injector service kit ready to go. What else...
  19. DeathSammich

    VT Berlina using heaps of fuel

    Hi, i have a series 1 VT berlina and on the dash is reads 14.7 litres per 100. After changing spark plugs some of them were quite dark leading me to believe its running rich. How can i fix this? Its does 280xxxKms
  20. 1998 VT Executive

    1998 VT Executive

    Lowered at the rear with custom bumpers, skirts and wing Tinted tail lights and windows 19" Wheels 3.6L V6 Custom exhaust tips
  21. AmyJayne

    VT help please!!!!

    So I have an auto VT. Yesterday I was driving it and it was fine. Stopped at a friend's, turned it off, started it again about 10mins later and started driving... all of a sudden it is shuddering and feeling like it's about to stall even though doing 60. Went round the block and back to my...
  22. D

    Unable to start 2000 VT? Need a guru!

    Hello there everyone! :) Thought I would give this forum a shot - as i have already paid for two separate call out Auto Electricians and the bill is just.. incredible. I have also regularly used this forum in the past for information i may have needed. Blimmen great community guys! Basically...
  23. B

    temp gauge don't read

    vt calais ign on, temp gauge dont read anything above the bottom mark and the high speed fans are running while ign on (aircon is not on) i've tried tests from this post fans are working in the tests but hav'nt tried 68ohm resistor across the temp sensor connector but have tried a piece of...
  24. B

    VT headlights dim

    Hi, was wondering if anyone could offer any advice? After driving through *almost* flood water on my way to work, I noticed that the driver's side headlight had stopped working. Swapped it with passenger side, and they both worked, but very dim. Found ground near back of battery and cleaned, but...
  25. N

    VT Coupe Concept replica - has anyone done one?

    Long time lurker first time poster! Inching closer to my 'great project car' and one idea I can't escape is to buy a V2 Monaro and turn it in to a replica of the original concept. May start with just the VT bits and then at a later stage look at paint and interior trim. Seems like a pretty easy...
  26. D

    Vt ignition barrel broken

    Ignition barrel broke in my vt today key turns in the barrel but the release pin is not lining up with the hole. How do i get the barrel out?
  27. D

    Vt ignition barrel broken

    My ignition barrel broke in my vt today. It seemed to be locked at one point but managed to free it with a bit of jiggling and gentle persuasion. The pin to release it hower is not coming around to the hole. How can i get my barrel out to replace it?
  28. A

    VT knock / click from engine/steering

    Calling all commodore gods. Keen to know your opinions, my VT has a knocking/clicking noise, primarily when I take off or turn a corner at lower speeds. It feels like a steering rack issue perhaps but then I read up about engine mounts.... The cars done 290,000 and has been well looked...
  29. L

    VT V6 (1999) starter motor replacement

    Hi, just got under my VT V6 to see if I'm able to remove the starter motor myself. I could remove two vertical bolts on the bottom and one horizontal bolt on the top of it. But I can't figure out how to disconnect the wires. Should I use 13mm ring spanner to undo "30" B+ Terminal and pull off...
  30. M

    please help. vt on gas&petrol

    Hi people any help would be great. I have a 199vt Commodore station wagon on gas. I've just picked it up has 225000ks on it and seems to be in pretty good Nick. How ever it does not run on petrol. It only runs on gas. I've pulled out the filter and found that it is bone dry and pretty much looks...
  31. B

    Pain in the A/C VT

    So when I accelerate or at its worse driving up hill, the Aircon transfers from front vents to up the window, then when ease off comes back blowing the front vents. Does this every time and is extremely annoying esp on hot days. Does anyone else have this problem and or anyone know the reason...
  32. X

    Is it possible to take a vt shell and put it on a VE frame

    I'm looking to see if it's possible to put a VT shell on a VE ss frame
  33. Bronson3

    VT Battery Terminals

    Alright, so I'm stuck at mission Australia right now, worrying about my poor baby (and her corroded terminals) I've been needing to change the battery terminal clamps for a while now, but I don't want to buy the wrong ones. I could probably just take a photo of mine, walk in, and guess which...
  34. D

    vt manual window to electric conversion

    can it be done as i dont have the loom allready there
  35. Bronson3

    VT Commodore, Struglle Startup, Idles Dropping, Electrical Indicator

    So I have a few rusty problems with my VT: Never starts up first go when cold, ALWAYS starts the second go. BUT! Sometimes starts up and will conk out. Then I start it again and it's 100% fine. When it has started, the idle is fine, then it shudders and drops fairly low, but when in motion...
  36. Bronson3

    VT Commodore - Brown Sludge, in overflow tank reservoir.

    I've got this brown sludge in the bottom of my coolant overflow tank where the dipstick is, since I've owned the car. I flushed the radiator and refilled it, but it's still there and really bothers me... I've heard that it can be from mixing coolants and seeing as I didn't flush the heater...
  37. L

    VT Head Unit Wiring Issue

    Howdy! I've got a '98 VT Commodore Sedan (Acclaim I think). A couple weeks ago, my car was broken into and my headunit, amps, sub and hilariously bootliner (as it was attatched to the sub via a strap) are gone. Anywho, I'm looking to put something in on a budget, and found a sub and an...
  38. A

    VT Front end bushes - how to guide???

    Hi all, I desperately need to replace my bushes on the front end of my vt commodore. It's a 2000 v6 series 2 I think. I've been quoted a couple of fairly expensive quotes and am keen to do the job myself. The things my mechanic has mentioned that I need are: - front lower control...
  39. A

    VT heater fan squeak - how to refurb?

    Hi all, Got a pain in the bum heater fan squeak which is driving me nuts. I've had it out and tried to blow the carbon out of the motor, thought that would have solved it... But sadly not. I didn't fully take the motor apart, just the rear cover, I suspect it's the bearings at the...
  40. M

    Vt commy leaking water front lower left

    I have a 2000 vt wagon it has been overheatingg lately and last night it started leaking heavilly from the front lower drivers side of the engine it doesnt seem to be a pipe or hose there is a bolt near where its leaking but hard to tell exactly where its coming from i took a video but dont...