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vt 2000

  1. kelliehawe

    VT indicators and hazards not working - SOLVED

    hi all, i own a Series 2 VT Commodore and i picked my car up from the mechanics today and all lights were working but suddenly tonight, neither my indicators or my hazard lights work. They all flash whenever i lock and unlock my car but thats the only time they come on. I replaced my boot...
  2. J

    Vt oil pump hose blowen steps to recovery as i dont wanna hurt my vt

    What do i do next so iv gotten my vt home swaped out the hose and now its starting funny
  3. K

    Potential starter motor? Unsure need help

    Hey guys, unsure if my starter motor is shagged or not, car won't start, and makes a clicking noise when turning key First thought battery was stuffed, tried to jump it, no go still clicking sound after it. Then read tapping on starter might help it start, and if it did, then it's the starter...
  4. Boof_94

    Braided oil line vt-vx

    iv been hunting high and low through the threads but haven’t had any luck in trying to find anyone who’s done it, I’m in the process of upgrading all my lines to stainless steal braided lines. Now just wondering is there push lock an-6/8 fitting that are push lock onto the power steering pump up...
  5. D

    VT is jerking when accelerating above 80kph

    Hey guys, I need help with my VT V6. My car is jerking when I accelerate at 80-90kph. I can feel the jerking noticeably about 2-3 times then it goes away when I drive with a steady speed. It is also jerking when driving uphill at 70-80kph. I have checked the transmission fluid when it is warm...
  6. J

    2000 VT Commodore Issue (Could be Anything)

    Hi, i'm seeking help on why my beloved VT Commodore kept stalling today. It is a one of few advanced VTS that came out so everything under the hood except the starter motor and oil filter is all original and still working till this day amazingly. I'm keeping an open mind as its an old car and...
  7. A

    [VIC] Roadworthy Cert

    Hi guys, Looking I sell my VT, had her for 5 years; been a great car. While I'm confident most items are all ok for roadworthy, I don't want to get ripped off when heading for the cert. ANY ROADWORTHY CERT LOCATIONS/RECOMMENDATIONS? Looking for someone fair and not too at strict. I know...
  8. Glen88

    Swap doors from vt commodore w/power windows to vx w/out power windows

    Hey guys, i just bout a 2002 VX commodore today, it doesn't have power windows, or power seats fitted but i have a 2000 anniversary vt, i was wondering if i would be able to simply swap the doors and center console controls over from the vt onto the VX, the same with the power seats. My...
  9. L

    2000 VT Acclaim Sedan B&M ShiftPlus+ kit HELP!

    Hey guys, I bought one of these B&M ShiftPlus+ kits and I'm trying to find the relevant wires to tap into. I know there are other threads here but none of them actually state where and what wires I need to install this kit. any help would be very appreciated! Cheers Jordan
  10. B

    Engine Light. Code 19. =/

    Hello all here at the JC forums, I am writing here because a few days ago I had my engine light turn on whilst it was turned on I noticed the car would rev harder between switching gears and would "clunk" between changes when standing still and transition between gears alot harder whilst...