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  1. Will1996

    VF SS rear end noise

    I have a series 1 Vf SS. its pushing 315rwkw, Its a stock diff and stock drive train. I recently noticed a noise and shake coming from the rear end of the ute when I would aggressively accelerate, I can feel it through the whole car as its very excessive and is getting worse. It does only do it...
  2. BecNic

    2017 VF SSV Redline Build Number?

    I'm wondering if there's an easy way to work out the build number of my MY17 VF SSV? My parents had a '95 HSV 215i Senator back in the day, and they knew their build number. Is this just something unique to more expensive cars? (Eg Directors, HSV's). I'm wanting personalised plates for my...
  3. VFSSBlackLS3

    VF LS3 harmonic balancer

    I purchased my LS3 VF SS about a month and a half ago... since purchasing it I've noticed that occasionally it idles a little bit rough on start... there isn't any noise, or lack of power, just a lumpy idle... But just yesterday on closer inspection I noticed that the harmonic balancer had a...
  4. VFSSBlackLS3

    Dirty coolant dipstick (yellow sludge)

    I have done a search on this but can't seem to find anything consistent on it... Basically when I check the radiator cap, the coolant is clean, red, and consistently full... But Today I was doing weekly check on fluids and other things. I checked the coolant dipstick and found it was coated in a...
  5. VFSSBlackLS3

    VF LS3 tick under car

    Hi I realise that people have probably brought up issues like this in the past but now that the vehicles have been out for a couple of years I thought it might be better if I just made a new post... Basically when I get underneath my car I can hear a tick sound that sounds very similar to an...
  6. VFSSBlackLS3

    Retaining low end power while modding

    Hi, I have the option to buy a cheap but good quality VCM OTR intake for my VF SS LS3, and I'm curious to know is it possible to achieve hi output horsepower gains, while at the same time maintaining low end torque or improving low end torque, when it comes to installing mods such as headers and...
  7. abuch47

    Ute exhaust from a maloo GenF2 to a VF2SS.

    I love the stock sound but want just a bit more while also just starting some simple mods. Want to upgrade the exhaust slightly while still retaining the bimodal control and stock look for warranty/service. Searched and seen a fair bit about HSV exhaust system swaps to SS but unsure on the...


    Almost as is with how I bought it, got a fair way to go :) Anyone got a spare maloo hard lid? Ha ha
  9. S

    Dodgey Aircon VF SS 2014

    Hi Guys, My SS the Aircon has just started to only blow Hot air even on cold and on LO. Is this common ? is their an easy fix? i went to Holden and the service guy was rude and sort of made me feel like i was wasting his time. Its an Ex Police Car maybe they used all the gas eating cakes and...