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vf 2

  1. E

    Clunking Noise after Changing Gears

    Hey guys my name is Edward im new to the forum! Just purchased a Manual 2016 Vf Ss Series 2 commodore, so far has been been very smooth. Just wanted to see though I did notice very slight clunking coming from somewhere in enginebay or nearby after releasing the clutch possibly the jerking...
  2. ItsTreesAndDen

    Rear Air Suspension kit in VIC

    Hey there, As the title suggests, im looking for the best value for money (and most reliable) Rear Suspension kit for my Sv6 VF 2 ute. Are their any brands i should avoid? If need be i can purchase online from any other state, I’m mainly asking (if anybody knows) which suspension shops in...
  3. F

    VF Bimodal exhaust on an sv6

    Hi all , I was just wondering if anyone has put an exhaust from a vf2 ss (Bi-Modal) on a ve sv6. As the ss is getting an aftermarket exhaust and don’t want to waste the old one that sounds good on the v8. don’t really care about v6 exhaust, wouldn’t mind it being a bit louder tho.
  4. Y

    VF SSV 2 Redline Wheels fit a VZ Calais?

    Hi Guys, was just wondering to know if anyone else has put on a set of VF SSV Redline Series 2 19 inch rims on a VZ Commodore/calais before? I know what I have to do in order to make them fit but just EOI if anyone else has done it? Cheers
  5. gr33nbastad

    Expensive bling for your supercharged VF

    Hi everyone. I have a quote from the guy in the US that makes these badges - turns out they are farkin expensive, but I thought I would post here to see if anyone wanted one. Billet aluminum, CNC machined, triple chrome plated and ceramic coated. They are $475 (aussie dollarydoos) each (!)...
  6. H

    2014 vf1 to ls3 swap

    Hey guys need some help anyone ever swap an ls3 into a series 1? I've marked out everything I need just need to know if the mounts from 2014 to 2016 engines changed
  7. S

    RS exhaust note

    Hey guys. New here, don’t know a lot about cars, but I just bought a 2016 VF Calais V 3.6L. And I was interested in the exhaust sound and how it differed greatly to the newer 3.6L V6 RS lift back that I hired last week on holidays... the RS had a great sound when the engine started and under...
  8. O

    ZB vs VF Climate Control

    Hi y'all...I'm new to this site and joined the forum as Holden and its dealers (surprise) have been unable to assist. I've transitioned from a VF2 to a ZB (why you may ask-another story) and in the VF2, the HVAC was sweet. I could set the dial to a certain temperature, push the aircon button...
  9. A

    VF sv6 exhaust recommendations

    Hi, I have just purchased a 2016 Vf sv6 and I am looking to put a new exhaust kit on it, would like some recommendations of good kits/bands to buy. Obviously i want the car to sound louder but don't want any droning cabin noise. Any recommendations would be great.
  10. Z

    2016 HSV Grange owners

    Hi everyone, I need a bit of help. I want to put 20inch wheels on my 2016 WN series 2 Caprice. The problem is that I can't get tyres with the required load rating until I hit 265/xxR/20 which is too wide for the front. Turns out the HSV version, the Grange has gotten away with a lower tyre...
  11. B

    Are these features from the Calais VF Series II abandoned on the ZB Calais V?

    I did a car comparison between the VF Series II Calais and the current ZB Calais V using the carsales.com.au car comparison guide. These features from the ZB were missing. Can someone vouch that this is actually correct as these are features I like (as we currently have a VF Calais and are...
  12. Jessiecv8

    VF II SSV bimodal upgrades?

    Hi, I’ve had my VFII Redline for 2.5 years now. I’m just over how quiet it is! (Yes even with bimodal open and the fuse out) I’ve been looking at a few exhaust options, ideally I’d like it as loud as she is on cold start up haha. The options I’m looking at are: - remove real mufflers (but...
  13. SV6SLAVE

    Scuff prevention

    In true female driver history I have scuffed up mags wheels before ... is there a skin of sorts that helps prevent this if it does happen ? I am and will be cautious but thought I’d ask ?
  14. N

    Sway bar upgrade

    Hi, Can anyone tell me the front and rear swaybar specs for VF Series2 6.2L wagon (Calais V) Looking to stiffen up and whiteline (for example) seems incredibly excessive at 26mm solid front (as something tells me oem is 23mm front 18mm rear) I could measure but not sure if they are hollow or...
  15. H

    Lowered my VF

    Hey guys, I had my VF SII SV6 lowered with King Springs. Every time I go over a decent bump or hole I get a knocking noise mainly on the front left. The front right seems ok. Taken it back to the shop that changed the springs and they said they can’t find anything wrong....any ideas???? Cheers...
  16. S

    Vf hsv steering wheel onto vy

    As per title I have found a vf hsv steering wheel without a airbag or buttons does any know if it would fit a vy or if anyone has done it how did you do it?
  17. L

    Supercharged LS2 went BOOM

    Hi all, I've recently purchased a walkinshaw supercharged VF SSV redline ute. Really happy with the car however there is some bad news.... Took the car out for a run yesterday and on the way home gave it a bit of a long pull. Next thing I know, smoke spewing out the back (luckily I was close...
  18. B

    Noise while coasting

    Hi. I bought a VF series 2 SV6 last year and noticed just before its first service a whirring/clicking noise like putting a pen in a fan. The holden dealership said it was "characteristic of the car". I'm not sure if the noise is getting worse, or I'm getting more annoyed by it. I've never...