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vf 2 engine

  1. H

    V6 vf to v8 vf

    Hey so I'm putting an ls3 in my vf evoke I have a complete donor car but someone said once I remove the engine from the ls3 it will lock the computer anyone know anything about this?
  2. H

    2014 vf1 to ls3 swap

    Hey guys need some help anyone ever swap an ls3 into a series 1? I've marked out everything I need just need to know if the mounts from 2014 to 2016 engines changed
  3. Patt

    VF II SS V - lost its growl!

    Hi guys! Im a proud owner of a 2016 vf SS V and WHAT A CAR!! What sold it for me was the natural noise that came from the car (the roar, the crackle). But (sadly) after driving it for 15000kms now, it's lost its grunt and all the noise with it. It sounds really below average and very...