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  1. K

    Has any1 seen this sort of damage before?? Piston damage, bent pushrods, melted intake manifold

    So I went against my own golden rule & I let 'a mate' who said they knew what they were doing, work on my pride & joy BIGGEST mistake I ever made as you can see... Luckily I have a really good mate who actually is a good mate & is saving my butt right now. We've decided to go with a motor swap...
  2. 5

    Help! 5ltr vp misfiring

    Hey Guys I have a 92 5ltr vp and one day I was driving it pretty rough and than all of a sudden it started to backfire and pop as we drove it so when I start it up now it starts misfiring and it starts popping and banging checked leads and plugs they all spark, swapped injectors over and the...
  3. O

    Carby Backfire and Valve timing - Need Help!

    Hey All, First I'd like to say that I love this site; and the vast majority of the time I find all the info I need on existing posts and help where I can. But this time I'm in dire need of a complicated problem. I have an 85' VK commo, black 202 6 cyl. I have Scraped the EST and am...