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  1. tennuteproject

    Any worthwhile SV6 mods while the engines being swapped?

    How ya going, Just got my hands on a really clean late 2010 plated VE SV6 Ute manual series 1. The guy I got it from had no clue what was wrong with it and had just said it died on him one day and he never bothered to see what was wrong, he said the engine seized up but he wasn't %100 sure what...
  2. ItsTreesAndDen

    Rear Air Suspension kit in VIC

    Hey there, As the title suggests, im looking for the best value for money (and most reliable) Rear Suspension kit for my Sv6 VF 2 ute. Are their any brands i should avoid? If need be i can purchase online from any other state, I’m mainly asking (if anybody knows) which suspension shops in...
  3. yamahahatim

    Vz ss Steering wheel spokes

    My Vz ss satin chrome steering wheel spokes have developed bubbles.... It looks crap, any suggestions on alternative.... Vinyl wrap?? Yes, I know you can buy new ones... this set only lasted 18 months..
  4. J.Burg

    Ute questions

    Gday guys I had a few questions about my ute and modifications that I’m doing to it Can I put a ve or vf senator front bar and grill and my non hsv vf ute? Am I able to lowering springs out of a vf wagon and put them into my ute or are they different? Can I fit a ve HDT aero spoiler on a vf...
  5. S

    HELP hsp hard lid hinge!!

    Gday there, Just bought a hsp hard lid second hand from a crash repair shop that had accidentally bought the wrong lid. It did not come with any hinges or equipment to assemble the lid. Just the lid and locks. It looks to me as a VE HSP twin hump hard lid with twin manual locks. I found some...
  6. V

    Are vy sedan headers and y peice the same as a vy ute? ?

    Are vy sedan headers and y peice the same as a vy ute? I know the exhaust from the cat back are different just can't seem to find anything on here to see if the headers and y peice are the same or different?
  7. M

    Hello guys I'm new here, just wondering any tips on how to remove a seats on VY SS ute series 2

    Hello guys I'm new here, just wondering any tips on how to remove a seats on VY SS ute series 2 thanks in advance
  8. L

    VZ L98 manual thunder ute Numbers.

    Can someone please please please! Tell me how many of these were built. I’ve dug everywhere, looked in every hole and cannot seem to find a number. Cheers!!
  9. V

    Vy ute regency defect in Adelaide is it worth getting the defect off?

    The other day my brother was driving my vy ute that I've only had for a few months and got pulled over and had the book thrown at him for everything they could find which was rear tyres being on the wear lines, too low which was only because I had my tools in the back, too loud which was fair...
  10. V

    Vy ute regency defect in Adelaide is it worth getting the defect off?

    The other day my brother was driving my vy ute that I've only had for a few months and got pulled over and had the book thrown at him for everything they could find which was rear tyres being on the wear lines, too low which was only because I had my tools in the back, too loud which was fair...
  11. J

    What oil for v6 getrag?

    Hey guys, just got my new ute and going to be doing a much needed service for it, I was just wondering what type of oil would be ok to use with the v6 getrag gear box? Had some nulon 75w85 full synthetic (gl-4?) In an unopened bottle in the shed but not sure if it would be ok to use? Also the...
  12. B

    Buying a VS Commodore Ute

    Curious what anyone's opinion is on this vehicle. It seems relatively cheap and I love the look of these old Utes. If its only the spark plugs and leads that need to be done I think it might be a bargain. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1998-holden-commodore-vs-ii-auto/SSE-AD-6417377/?Cr=0
  13. S

    Shift boot not going on ?

    Hello I’m 16 and have a manual 2002 vu Commodore. I bought it and the shift boot sits inside the Center console and I have no clue how it goes back together. I can’t seem to find anything online about it idk if I’m missing a part or what if anyone has any info would be much appreciated. Also if...
  14. S

    VY SS ride height

    Hey guys, New to the site. Ive just bought a vy ss ute and it has pacemaker extractors and kings KHFL-48 springs in the front and KHRL-127 in the rear. From what i can gather on the kings website, this is one step lower than standard. Im hating how much it scrapes on speed bumps on the front...
  15. Sam Crockett

    Exhaust Hanging way too low

    Hey guys, I have a 2006 VZ Thunder S Utility and I have put an xforce 2.25 exhaust system on it with a straight piped rear. My car is also lowered on ssl rears and sl fronts. I have noticed my exhaust is hanging incredibly low? Just wondering if anyone can suggest an exhaust brand that tucks up...
  16. W

    VZ V6 to V8 Conversion

    Before everyone jumps to tell me "Don't do it, It's cheaper to buy a full VZ SS blah blah blah" I know. I know it's cheaper, but my VZ SS Ute was written off the other day (Smashed in the entire rear end courtesy of rain and a telegraph pole...) I am curious as to how hard it is to just throw...
  17. Aaron Dobkowski

    Exhaust whistle problem

    so I recently got a new 2 1/2 inch cat back system with a set of J pipes on my ve ss. They sound awesome on idle and for general cruising but as soon as I get into the high revs and put a heavy load on it, it seems to make an awful whistle sound (sounds a bit like a flute or recorder or...
  18. S

    Lowering VU ute

    Hey guys, i didn’t know where to post this thread or how to use this website that much, but i had a quick question about how i would go about lowering my vu ute further than SSSL height springs, at the moment i have KYB lowered shocks, and king SSSL springs (rear only) i was wondering if there...
  19. K

    VZ having a bad hair day

    I recently brought a second hand vz ute. There were no issues with it initially. Only about a day or two ago, i noticed what looked like clumps of hair extensions just hanging out of the exhaust pipe. I keep pulling the crap out whenever I see it because its embarrassing. The car isn't stock...
  20. LawnPotato

    Help Decoding Build Plate

    Hey everyone, I've got a VS ute as a donor and I'm trying to find out if its a VSII or VSIII. Its probably as simple as the year but I could'nt find anything telling me what year was what. Anyway its a VS ute 5.0l manual, I think its an S pack as it has cruise, tacho and bucket seats. Model...
  21. P

    VE Exhaust

    Hey guys, I fairly recently bought a VE SSV ute and would like to tweak my exhuast, when I purchased the car it came with a cat-back 3" xforce exhuast system but had muffler eliminator pipes (Ugly 3" mild steel single pipes), I don't mind the sound, but I am looking at getting extractors in the...
  22. C

    Vs diffs

    Chasing a new diff for my vs ute, found a lexcen wagon I could get one from but need to know if a lexcen wagon diff would fit. Being that it's a rebadged commodore I thought it might. Any help is appreciated
  23. C

    5l VR ute having a short.

    My V8 ute is having a short or something. If I put the terminals on its got a lot of spark like a welder plus the battery heats up. The negative terminal wire is melted and there is smoke everywhere. the wires get hot from the terminals to the altinator. Altinator is bran new and battery. Can...
  24. C

    Tailgate Assist Commodore VE Ute

    Hi, I'm in California and I have a 2012 UTE. I'm disabled and a tailgate assist would be awesome. Anyone done that or know the kit? Also, what tuner do most prefer? I've got the 6.0. I plan to add the Varex exhaust as well. It has Varex headers but not the adjustable mufflers. Cheers...
  25. H

    VE Ute tailgate removal

  26. L

    VE series 2 cluster wiring help

    Hi all, im just putting in an aftermarket tacho/rpm meter in and wondering what wire I take from the dash for the gauge. There's 13 wires that come into the dash cluster. TIA VE SERIES 2 2012 SV6 UTE. Couldn't find a diagram online
  27. Jack Tuffley

    Low clutch pedal (96 vs 6cyl)

    Hey guys, I’ve got a 1996 vs Commodore ute with a 3.8l 6 cylinder and the clutch pedal sits about an inch from the floor and is an inch lower then the break pedal, it feels fine driving with the clutch, i’d just rather it was the same height as the break pedal as it’s easy to stall, how do I...
  28. J

    SV6 Ute Exhaust Reccomendations

    I’m currently in the market to add a nice note to my AUTO VF SV6 ute, just without / minimal drone. I’ve looked into x-force catback systems but they sound fairly average for the price, so I just want to replace the mufflers with either a muffler delete or aftermarket mufflers. My options are...
  29. N

    I need some urgent front bumper fascia advice!

    I have a vr ute, this is my second car but my first to holden makes an models: I bought a vr wagon front bumper and the fascia sits nicely but i cant screw in the 3 screws that go above the license plate holder because of these plastic notches. What i was thinking was to sand down these...
  30. B

    Vs ute drift suspension need answers

    Hey everyone I own a v6 5speed 95 vs ute and was trying to get into drifting and I was just wondering if anyone had any information on suspension set ups, it’s got enough power I was just more looking for the handling mods
  31. rtmpgt

    2010 VE SV6 Ute

    After I crashed the wagon... It's time to get revenge. Naaaaaaaaah. It's just a filthy V6 ute. Currently mostly stock at the moment, the plan is to get it to be just a rather fun, chuckable and practical car for mild track use, and some street use as well. Yadda, Yadda, go buy a V8 they say...
  32. A

    VE SS 3.45 diff problem

    Pretty certain it’s diff related but it only started happening yesterday, at low speeds a clunk in the rear occurs when turning sharp both left/right, when turning right up a hill it felt like both were about to lock up but just shuddered. No whine or anything driving or any clunks 20kmh+ Drives...
  33. UteBeautVR

    How do you identify if your VR is an S Pac

    Hey fellas, new to the forum.. I'm in need of help identifying if my VR ute is a S pac or not. I've found very little information online about the VR so any help would be appreciated, and if you know a good link or forum page I should check out, throw it in the comments. Here's some pictures of...

    GM Motorsport August Intake & Tune special $990

    Hey Guys, Wondering if anyone else has taken up the GM Motorsport August Intake & Tune special offer? I have a VF2 SSVRL ute Auto & I got mine done yesterday... left the exhaust stock and just went for Ramjet 3 Intake and the tune... Certainly made a big difference to power right across the...
  35. I

    maloo hard cover question

    hi I was just searching for hard covers for my voodoo blue Holden commodore sv6 thunder 2012 and I found a hsv maloo hard cover for sale and it looks really nice with the 2 humps in the middle I was wondering if it would fit my Holden thunder ve, or if it doesn't fit does anyone know where I...
  36. I

    VS Ute Central Locking

    Hey everyone, be warned I'm car illiterate :S So my question is when I push the button on my key for my 95 vs Ute my interior light comes on but no doors unlock. I'm sure I'd have central locking because I can't manually lock my driver side door without it being closed. Fuees are all fine...
  37. M

    Just bought a 6L VZ Thunder

    Just bought a 2006 Vz Thunder Ute (L76) Just wondering what are some small mods for power gain and faster acceleration. Apart from Otr, exhaust, tune As the Ute has 200xxx kms, I was wondering what are some common problems with the L76, I bought it dirt cheap btw! Cheers boys
  38. J

    VS 3.8 Strange Idle

    hey guys, I recently bought a ‘97 VS Ute and noticed a few things wrong (one of them being it died on the way home, but restarted). So after changing the plugs, leads, battery terminals, thermostat and radiator cap it’s running great Apart from a strange idle. I believe it has been converted...
  39. L

    Sv6 Ute Model Types

    Hey all, im interested in buying a SV6 ute for work, and i see all these models such as sv6 black, storm, lightning, Z series ect, just wondering what the difference is between them all and which is the best out of all of them, cheers
  40. Andrew Young

    L67 conversion VS ute

    Hey, Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations with setting up a higher flow fuel pump for l67 conversion plus also if anyone has done braided fuel lines if they can recommend a "kit" or sizes and adaptors/ guide. Cheers