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  1. S

    Rear bumper insert for VF evoke

    Hey guys I’m going to buy this rear bumper insert for my 2014 VF evoke I’m buying a catback system and will need this to fit it https://jhp.com.au/shop/exterior-accessories/vf-rear-bumper-insert-upgrade-evoke/Ok I was wondering if anyone has any advice or knowledge on the rear bumper like how...
  2. S

    2.25 or 2.5 xforce ?

    Hey guys I got a VF evoke and I wanna do a cat back system but iv heard mixed reviews on whether the 2.25 inch or 2.5 inch xforce catback sounds better iv mostly heard that the 2.25 sounds better for a v6 commodore but I havnt really been able to find any videos online of a vf with a 2.25 only...
  3. F

    vy hard lid modification

    Right so im new here (first post) but ive been searching the web for a while now and i cannot seem to find what im looking for , which is a vy hardlid with sports bars like the ve utes, ive looked at my own ute and i cant see a reason one couldnt be fabricated! Is there a reason no one makes...
  4. Dechlan Tutty

    ['04 VZ SV6] Rattle Noise(s) When Stationary Revving

    Hi everyone, I heard a rattle when pulling away from a light with the windows down today, and tried to replicate it when I parked (which I was able to). It sounds like an exhaust/metal-on-metal rattle when revving, but only occurs when on the throttle. After letting off, the sound goes away...
  5. Dechlan Tutty

    [VZ SV6] Aftermarket Transmission Cooler Install

    Hi everyone, A few weeks back I made a post asking about installing a transmission cooler on my SV6, and how to go about it. I finally got all the parts I needed and put it in the car on Tuesday. Right now it seems to be doing just fine with zero leaks and still getting up to temperature, so I...
  6. Dechlan Tutty

    VZ Alloytec 190 Sump Plug/Washer Sizes?

    Hi everyone, Gonna change the sump plug crush washer for this next service as I've noticed about a 1-drip-per-day leak on my driveway right under the plug's location where I park the car. Does anyone know the size of the crush washer I need? (Obviously can't measure it because it's still on...
  7. Dechlan Tutty

    ['04 VZ SV6] How To Remove Steering Wheel Controls Altogether?

    Hi, I've got an aftermarket head unit in my car (that I put in myself, works fine) but I didn't pay the extra 100 or so bucks for the steering wheel control function as I never really used them on the original one. Is there a way to remove the steering wheel controls altogether, or are they...
  8. tennuteproject

    Knocking noise on 2010 Sv6 (with video)

    Hi so don't have any context for how and when it happened because I bought the car not running, managed to turn her over but its making a knocking noise. Any ideas on what this sound could be, i know its a stretch but maybe someones heard something similar. Cheers!
  9. I

    White smoke and an overheating months back. Please read and give opinion

    So i was in an accident earlier this year (around February if I remember correctly). It wasn't a write off and i got my sv6 (LLT) fixed. Mechanically, all it needed was a new radiator as I had front end damage. The place that RAC insurance got the car repaired at (Mandurah Panel and Paint) took...
  10. tennuteproject

    VE No power to starter from ignition

    Hi, Have a 2010 VE SV6 So the ignition wont crank the engine, it does accessories and lights but on the final click in wont crank. Stripped the wire running from the ignition to the starter (thick purple wire) and checked to see if there was connection, and there was no power running through...
  11. tennuteproject

    Any worthwhile SV6 mods while the engines being swapped?

    How ya going, Just got my hands on a really clean late 2010 plated VE SV6 Ute manual series 1. The guy I got it from had no clue what was wrong with it and had just said it died on him one day and he never bothered to see what was wrong, he said the engine seized up but he wasn't %100 sure what...
  12. Dechlan Tutty

    ['04 VZ SV6] Transmission Cooler Line & Fitting Sizes/Types

    Hi everyone, Looking at installing a cooler on my car when I do a transmission fluid (& filter) change. What type of fittings/lines do I need to install the cooler in-line (after the radiator cooler tank thing)? Also, how do I go about it? Do I have to cut the 'out' oil line from the radiator...
  13. Dechlan Tutty

    ['04 VZ SV6] 5 Speed Auto Trans. Fluid Change

    Hi everyone, Been doing a couple of things to my VZ recently and was wondering if it would be too late to change the trans. fluid at 174,000 km? I bought the car at 161,000 and don't have any books pre-140,000 other than service stamps (no detailed descriptions of the services) so I'm unsure...
  14. J

    SV6 won’t idle

    So, bought my sv6 last month. (It is a 3.6 LLT SIDI) (Also sorry for long thread but I thought the backstory was needed) Had it for a couple weeks then noticed a rattling sound, took it straight back to the dealership from which I had bought it. Their mechanic later said that it was the...
  15. S

    HELP hsp hard lid hinge!!

    Gday there, Just bought a hsp hard lid second hand from a crash repair shop that had accidentally bought the wrong lid. It did not come with any hinges or equipment to assemble the lid. Just the lid and locks. It looks to me as a VE HSP twin hump hard lid with twin manual locks. I found some...
  16. D

    Ve Sv6

    He guys I’ve had my 2008 VE SV6 for about 6 months beautiful car had no issues until now :/ so whenever I’m turning slightly going around 20 kmh sometimes the engine will cut out randomly and I’ll loose power steering this has happed about 6 times in a week also the car while in a drive thru or...
  17. B

    Svs Not oil pressure sensor

    Hey all im a newbie here, I’ve got the service vehicle soon message come up on my 2012 ve sv6 z series. I’ve taken it to the mechanic and he had a scan & look over & the oil pressure sensor fault came up, so he has replaced it to a new one(good brand one he’s used multiple times) but I am still...
  18. Dechlan Tutty

    New-to-Me '04 SV6: General Help & Maintenance/Aesthetic Suggestions

    Hi everyone, I'm not sure if this is the right spot to be posting this, so point me in the right direction if not! :) Anyway, I bought myself an '04 SV6 (Auto) a couple of months ago to replace my 1st car which was a very unreliable BMW 320i (Only thing I miss is that it was manual :(). I...
  19. V

    Rear window

    Hi guys, So, my ride. I have issues with the rear demister. I've changed the fuse/ relay and the thing isn't working. I've noticed that my tint is a bit old and needs replacement. Could anyone recommend any ideas besides turning on the heater lol. Cheers
  20. T

    Will a 3.27 Series 2 lsd replace 2.92 Series 1 lsd

    I'm in the market for a new diff for my 07 sv6 manual. I assume the only difference between the series 1 and 2 is the different ratio. I'm here to make sure I don't have any weird issues with coupling to the drive shaft ect. Cheers
  21. Apex8

    [VIC] WTB VE Sedan FE2 or FE3 Springs/Shocks/Assembly.

    DESCRIPTION: WTB VE Sedan FE2 or FE3 Springs/Shocks/Assembly. ITEM: Looking for an HSV/SS Stock suspension setup for my 08 VE SS sedan. Happy to pay $250-350 for a low kms set in good condition. I'm not having much luck so I'll consider higher kms for less cash. LOCATION: Victoria - Ringwood...
  22. F

    VF SII Sportwagon Sv6 Subwoofer

    Hi all, I'm picking the question has probably already been asked many times however I cant seem to find the answers (that in itself possibly answers the question). I'm wanting to add a sub to the boot of my sportwagon. Only a 10 inch in a small box so wont take up a lot of boots pace, though...
  23. JSV6

    VF SV6 Catback

    Hey guys, I want to know if I will lose power putting a 3” catback exhaust on my stock SV6. For those wondering, the brand of the 3” catback is Empire Performance. Advise that I am not going to do a tune after putting on the exhaust. I know slapping on an exhaust without a tune on my SV6 will...
  24. JSV6

    Best rear mufflers SV6

    I’m wondering what are the best sounding aftermarket mufflers to get for a VF1 SV6. Yes I know it’s a V6, but I just want my car to be a tiny bit louder without having to go for a whole cat-back. Not really interested in straight through tail pipes, I’ve had a look at OPG/Ultrex mufflers but I’m...
  25. M

    VF Evoke missfire (shudder) at idle and at 1500rpm

    Hi all, putting this post up for my mum as I'm trying to do my best to not have her spend money at a mechanic. So story goes like this Mums car (2014 Holden evoke sports wagon) has a 3.0 v6 so basically a lfx or an alloytec, about 10 months ago mums car developed a slight missfire at around...
  26. O

    Looking for a LPG vapour converter, SV6 Wagon VF 2013, mine is dead..

    Hi, n00b here.. I have a Sports Wagon VF SV6 LPG 2013, and my vapour converter is now dead; I took it to Holden and to one more place in Carrum Downs in VIC, and both told me that this part is nowhere in Australia, on Back Order with Holden, ETA is 6-8 weeks... It kills me, I need to work...
  27. A

    Ve ssv exhaust with sv6 muffler issue

    hey guys I just put a ssv exhaust on my omega. And I didn’t notice till after that it’s a few cm shorter then the omega exhaust. Is this normal? And I have to use cable ties on my mufflers cause it doesn’t reach the mounts, could it be cause I have sv6 mufflers on the ssv or just the cm difference?
  28. Charles


    I have recently changed my lo beam bulbs to H7 HID aftermarket bulbs in my VF SF6.The new bulbs work fine but when i start the car I'm now getting a message asking me to check the right / left dipped beam lamps. Does anyone know why this message is coming up. Is it something i have done wrong...
  29. J

    VE LY7 Engine

    Would anyone know if I can still get/where to get a LY7 SV6 Crate engine or reconditioned engine? Or possibly even cost to get full recon and what would be needed due to a bearing putting metal shavings all thru the engine?
  30. S

    Ssv headunits

    Look i know there has been threads on installing ssv headunits in to sv6’s But coudnt find the answer i need. I have no knowledge in installing stuff like this but would appreciate it a lot if someone can give me info thats is a specialist in Brisbane. Basically i want to find someone in...
  31. A

    VF sv6 exhaust recommendations

    Hi, I have just purchased a 2016 Vf sv6 and I am looking to put a new exhaust kit on it, would like some recommendations of good kits/bands to buy. Obviously i want the car to sound louder but don't want any droning cabin noise. Any recommendations would be great.
  32. Fredwillows

    VE sv6 Rear brake light cover hanging

    I noticed about a week after buying my ve sv6 second hand that the cover that is meant to be up against the rear windshield is hanging a few centermetres off the glass, When I push the cover up against the window where it should sit the side of the cover where the actual brake light is located...
  33. Fili

    Front fascia buttons repair or replacement on 09 Ve sv6

    I've been trying to find out how to go about repairing my front fascia buttons . I tried to do it myself ended up stuffing the buttons on it cause my aircon button wasn't working. Went to get a different fascia from wreckers and they said I'd have to change the whole thing.no idea where to start...
  34. C

    2011 sv6 motor knock/tap. Please help!!

    Can anyone help me diagnose this?? Brand new timing chains, new oil/filter ect. Oil pressure is all good. 2011 sv6 Series 2 commodore llt 120,000kms Is my motor f***ed!?? Someone help. The tap is quite inconsistent and on idle will go away untill it’s under revs. The car still runs like a...
  35. C

    2011 VE sv6 motor knock/tap. video attached

    Can anyone help me diagnose this?? Brand new timing chains, new oil/filter ect. Oil pressure is all good. 2011 sv6 Series 2 commodore llt 120,000kms Is my motor stuffed Someone help. The tap is quite inconsistent and on idle will go away untill it’s under revs. The car still runs like a dream...
  36. C

    Help! 2011 VE sv6. What timing kit to buy??

    Hey guys, YES another VE timing chain thread! LOL I have a 2011 VE sv6 with a rooted timing chain. My only question is any recommended kits? I’ve seen a bunch of cheap ones on eBay but a little weary of them - And been quoted about $1200 from Holden ( excluding labour ) Don’t mind paying the...
  37. H

    Sv6 commodore ute clicks when trying to start

    Hey guys and gals, When I try to start my 2010 commodore ute sv6 it clicks and doesnt start. Does anyone have any pointers as to what I might be?? I tried to jump start and nothing. I have radio and lights though wont start. Had to clutch start though hear it's bad for the car. Thanks Matt
  38. J

    Exhaust system for my car!

    Hey everyone! I have a 2017 SV6 Series 2 VF Commodore and I am looking for a new exhaust system or even just the back part, which I belive is a muffler (idk what its called, roast me if you want). Any suggestions??
  39. A

    Lowering VF on coil springs

    Hey guys just wondering would it be ok to get lowered springs on stock shocks? I only plan on getting sl all front and back. I read somewhere that they would be fine, but I wasn't convinced enough. Anyone have experience with this? Also. What is a suitable price to have springs installed...
  40. Andrew98

    VF Aftermarket Sat Nav

    Hey guys I was wondering, if you can get Aftermarket satnav on a VF 2013 (series 1). It's sv6 so doesn't come with it standard. What's the easiest way to get it on my car? Cheers