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  1. H

    VE SS surge tank install E85 conversion

    Evening brains trust, does anyone have any info on converting to E85 retaining factory fuel lines? It's a blown L98 and I've got injectors, fuel reg, surge tank and twin 044 pumps so far. Just need hoses and adaptors. I'm aware I need Teflon hoses made up for plumbing the in tank ZL1 pump to...
  2. R

    Hunting idle

    Hey guys Some info on the car in question: 95 VS commodore, manual, l67 conversion + mods. The issue: Just wondering if anyone would have any idea on where or what to look at that would cause my car to hunt at idle. It is probably the reason my car also has a DTC 76. I've searched for vacuum...
  3. P

    VE Surging under load on petrol - misfires on lpg

    New here, never owned a commodore myself but had a VT Berlina Wagon & this VE for the missus. Don't hate on me I've owned LOTS of Holdens (pre commodore, HQ series, Torahs, EJ, HT etc) and only one ford I was given as a paddock basher for the kids. Didn't last long lol. Just hoping someone can...
  4. Z

    VZ Calais Alloytec Surging, Rough Idle issues

    Hi, I’ve been a long-time reader, but this is my first post! Hoping someone can help me out! I have a small but annoying issue with my 2005 VZ Calais alloytec. I got it in mid 2015 and I love it. Since getting it, I noticed it surges every now and then (usually under load). When starting up...
  5. Samuel elliot

    Fuel cell for skid car need help

    Currently in the process of putting together a Vt ss with a mild worked ls1 dedicated skid car Going to be installing a fuel cell, want to stay on the low budget side, what will I need and how to wire it up? Any informations useful From what I’ve gathered so far I’ll be going for 40-60l foam...

    VX surging while driving & Clock Spring

    Need help!!!! 2002 Holden VX Berlina V6 While driving car starts to surge, cough and splutter ... what ever you call it lol. Started off just while under load but now getting extremely bad while sitting on cruise. It has become a major issue. Now I cant take off at lights or any...
  7. agrsv8

    [SA] 2L Surge Tank, VP SS LSD, VT Headlights, VN/VP Strut Brace, GIANT STP1 Mountain bike

    LOCATION: Adelaide, Tea Tree Area ITEM: Polished 2l Surge Tank with An fittings SOLD ----------------------------------------------- ITEM: VP SS IRS DIFF 3.08 CONDITION: good, no whines, only 175k kms, only replaced due to an upgrade to a VX diff, no ABS fitted PRICE: Firm $150...
  8. agrsv8

    [SA] Surge tank, VP SS full exhaust and LSD, VT Headlights, Tyres, Sub + Amp + Capacitor

    LOCATION: Adelaide, Tea Tree Area ITEM: polished 2l Surge Tank with An fittings CONDITION: New PRICE: Firm $80 ----------------------------------------------- ITEM: VP SS IRS Twin 2.5" full exhaust, Tri-Y headers, Primaries sandblasted and repainted in heat proof silver, twin redback...
  9. 43RVT

    VT surging at idle

    Hello all, I own a 1998 50th Anniversary VT, 170,000ks. and lately iv'e noticed its been Surging at idle in drive. also when it does this, it feels like the IRS dips the car up and down.. hard to explain :-/ Any ideas on what the problem could be??
  10. southaussie

    High idle after long drive

    Hi peeps, Took my baby for a drive to Renmark and on the way home I noticed that at 110kph I took my foot off the acc. and it was like I had cruise control. (which I don't) So I knocked it into neutral as I was free of traffic and the rpm was sitting at 2000-3000. I pulled over and after a...
  11. S

    Inconsistant surge

    I really need some help!!! Basically it started off surging under load, now it does it all the time, on idle, cruising and i think I've even lost a bit of power. Ir has a lumpy idle, then randomly it coughs. I tried: •leads and plugs •coil packs and module •fuel filter •engine fault codes (...
  12. D

    surge problems auto or diff

    Ive had a quick search and cant seem to find exactly whats wrong or if anyone else has had the same problem but in the last few days ive noticed that while going up a hill my car (L67 VT Calais Auto) sometimes jerks and surges a bit under power its not everytime but its starting to concern me...