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  1. T

    Vf SSV Redline Exhaust System

    Hey all. I have recently purchased a manual VF SSV Redline, It already has a 2.5inch X-Force Cat back system on it, sounds decent but want more of that V8 grunt on idle and when getting into it. Still has factory headers and cats on the car! I am under the impression that putting aftermarket...

    VE Factory Big Brake Sizes

    I am after the diameter of the VE Redline, MY 12.5 SSV Z series, GXP and Maloo disc rotors. The type of calipers would be great also. Thanks
  3. Heffo72

    Fault Code P0502 HELP

    Hey getting fault code p0502, replaced rear harness and wheel sensors anything else I should check? Replaced battery as well.
  4. gr33nbastad

    LSA on LS3 build

    I picked up an LSA blower from Eagle Auto Parts, and after six weeks of back and forth, my local shop has lined everything up and will get building in a couple of weeks. This is the end-game (same colour as mine too!).
  5. A

    Ve ssv exhaust with sv6 muffler issue

    hey guys I just put a ssv exhaust on my omega. And I didn’t notice till after that it’s a few cm shorter then the omega exhaust. Is this normal? And I have to use cable ties on my mufflers cause it doesn’t reach the mounts, could it be cause I have sv6 mufflers on the ssv or just the cm difference?
  6. A

    VF SSV 2016 installing an active Subwoofer too a non Bose system (not a redline)

    I have an active sub I’m trying too fit too a (VF Ssv 2016 non Bose factory sound system) and I can’t find any help anywhere on here, it has the factory amp for the two parcel shelf subwoofers which only has two plug connectors on it unlike the redlines which have three. Any help would be...
  7. S

    Ssv headunits

    Look i know there has been threads on installing ssv headunits in to sv6’s But coudnt find the answer i need. I have no knowledge in installing stuff like this but would appreciate it a lot if someone can give me info thats is a specialist in Brisbane. Basically i want to find someone in...
  8. TrickyH

    Cam and head before and after dyno

    Hi, just for fun, any guesses what HP and rwkw I’ll end with after having Hi-torque performance do a cam (224/230) and cnc head package (no stally, keeping stock) done on my car? I have a 2009 VE SSV AUTO L76. Current engine mods- 2.5” S/Steel KPM catback / Hi flow cats / Pacemaker headers...
  9. K

    Has any1 seen this sort of damage before?? Piston damage, bent pushrods, melted intake manifold

    So I went against my own golden rule & I let 'a mate' who said they knew what they were doing, work on my pride & joy BIGGEST mistake I ever made as you can see... Luckily I have a really good mate who actually is a good mate & is saving my butt right now. We've decided to go with a motor swap...
  10. 2007 SS-V walkinshaw Customisation

    2007 SS-V walkinshaw Customisation

    2006 VE SS-V Sedan manual , 91650klms Sep My07 plated , Walkinshaw Enhancements, Customised Drag Racing Cammed :-) , , HOLDEN VE COMMODORE SS-V 6.0 L Gen4 6SPEED MANUAL—WALKINSHAW ENHANCED 2006 Custom Sedan 91560klm garaged for last five years as seen in history report Just to list a few...
  11. M

    Is it just me or are ssv commodores quick as a standard car?

    I have a ve ssv bog stock original and I think it is a ridiculously fast car out of the box. Is this the case or am I kidding myself?
  12. V

    Build thread so far my '07 SSV (pic heavy)

    I first got my SSV a little over 3 years ago. when i purchased it, it had a small amount of work done (exhaust, walkinshaw growler style intake, 20 in rims and lowered springs and shocks). It made 270 rwhp. The below photo was a couple of months after buying her. I drove her around with the...
  13. C

    Window wipers wont work. Ve ssv

    Recently in my holden ve ss my window wipers stopped working. But when I flick the window wiper leaver on the head lights come on. Only when the head light switch is on auto though. I called a few auto electricians and some say it could be my BCM playing up. Just wondering if anyone else has had...
  14. M

    Flat Spot at low revs - 2007 SS-V 6.0

    Hi guys, I’ve got a 2007 SS-V 6.0. It’s got a flat spot until about 2000rpm. The car shudders and practically just feels like I’ve blocked off the intake and it’s trying to stall it’s self, just bogging down. I’ve replaced plugs, all the leads and coils seem fine, and I’ve just replaced the MAP...
  15. T


    Will Maloo/clubby VE’s seats fit in my series 1 SSV ute.
  16. W

    Where to get work done - 2013 VE SSV Z

    Hi all, I'm looking at getting some work done to my VE SSV (at first just exhaust, OTR and tune... Later down the track cam work), I have heard good things about KPM Motorsport... Just wondering if people have had experience with them before, or have any recommendations for where to get some...
  17. D

    Clutch Recommendations

    I'm starting to need a new clutch in my 2010 L77 SS-V. Just after peoples advice on which clutch to choose. I've been looking at the Exedy twin-plate organic which is about $2800 installed. Other people have suggested Z-grip's or NPC's - no idea on how much or where to get these. The car will...
  18. Bennyvfssvredline

    Ben's 2014 VF SSV Redline Wagon

    Hi all! Haven't had a holden since my last 2003 vy wagon which then had an L67 engine put in. I recently ordered this Holden VF ssv Redline wagon in silver. Picking it up in November, first plan is to upgrade the exhaust as its so quiet right now https://ibb.co/k3G769 https://ibb.co/iNdRzU...

    GM Motorsport August Intake & Tune special $990

    Hey Guys, Wondering if anyone else has taken up the GM Motorsport August Intake & Tune special offer? I have a VF2 SSVRL ute Auto & I got mine done yesterday... left the exhaust stock and just went for Ramjet 3 Intake and the tune... Certainly made a big difference to power right across the...
  20. H

    VE SS Bolt on Drag Times

    Hi, i have a VE SS and have all bolt ons i.e exhaust, headers, ls3 cam with conical valvesprings otr, 3.9 gears, tune, 2200 stall and runs on stock 19s with various tires. Made 283rwkw with conservative timing. I have run a best of 12.89 @ 107, with a wiggle in 2nd my best mph has been at 109...
  21. JQ417

    2012 SSV Z series Common Problems

    Hi everyone, just wonder if anyone here know any common issues/problems relate to 2012 Holden Commodore SSV Z series 6-speead Auto (with AFM technology). Because Im planning to purchase a second hand one with 90000kms on the odometer from its first owner in Queensland. Any advice/ recommendation...
  22. smitchy

    [NSW] Near new OEM MY17 SSV Redline Shocks & Springs

    ITEM: E.O.I OEM Shocks & Springs from SSV Redline Sedan, with about 500KM done on the clock only, selling due to an upgrade. Items are boxed as pictured and a couple of the springs wrapped in plastic and garaged for the last couple of months. LOCATION: Greystanes, NSW CONDITION: Near new...
  23. Nickjankz

    Electric passenger seat conversion

    Has anyone out an electric passanger seat in a car that didnt have one standard? I'm trying to find a power source to get a clubby r8 seat working in a maloo. Put the drivers one in and it powers up no worries. Passanger side doesnt seem to. From what Ive found out no maloo had a electric...
  24. ebonymarie

    Ve ssv a/c won’t turn on

    Hi guys, I have a 2009 ve ssv wagon. I bought it back in April and now the warmer weather has arrived I have noticed I can’t turn my a/c on. Whenever I press the button, it doesn’t do anything. It just says a/c off. I’ve checked the fuses and the belt and they seem fine. Does it just need to...
  25. P

    Tips on exhaust vf ssv ute

    Hi all I got a vf ute ssv man and i want to put an exhaust on it but no sure what type...main thing im looking for is to get some sound without disrupting the air compressing. I was thinking leaving it from the cat where it has the big muffler and the hotdogs and just changing it from the 2...
  26. L

    W457 blew #5 piston

    Hi, I recently melted the L77 in my VF SSV, it has a walkinshaw 457 kit on it and #5 went lean, melted the piston, snapped a bit of the ring off and that was bouncing around in the chamber so the head is stuffed now too. I think I have about 3 options here: - best and most boring case I get...
  27. C

    VF Driveline issues

    Hey everyone... ive been reading for awhile never actually posted or started a thread... My vf ssv manual has been making some harsh clunking noise which sounds to be coming from the diff... its around the 330rwkw mark has Detroit locker and all fresh diff rebuild 12 months ago (broken 3 rh...
  28. N

    My 2016 VF SS Black Edition

    Hi guys, its my first post here and just wanted to share my 2016 SS Black Edition. Its not completely done yet, ive still got the old school decals and a hdt badge to go on and my new number plate [HDTLS3] is on its way. Just wanted to hear some feedback to see if everyone else likes it as much...
  29. S

    [WA] WTB: VE SS V Manual

    Want To Buy: VE Commodore SS / SS V Location: Perth, WA Transmission: Manual Body Style: Sedan or wagon Color: Prefer black, dark, or business appropriate colors; loud colors may be ok depends on price Interior: Leather, black or grey Price: 10-15k, could go up for wagon Payment: Cash...
  30. Colinalcanatara

    VE SSV P182E & P0700 ERROR CODES

    Does anyone have any information around the error codes mainly for p182e or p0700 and if so how to fix them as the code reader isn't giving me much?
  31. T

    Ve ssv air conditioner issue mystery

    Hi, I have a 06 Ve ssv with a really weird air conditioning issue, when I'm driving after around 15 mins the air conditioner stops cooling then it just does it a random times. Once You turn the climate control on then off it works again. I called a mobile auto electrician he said my system is...
  32. D

    2010 VE SSV L98 check engine light -.-

    Hey guys, so just brought a 2010 VE SSV and stalled it today for the first time going over a speed bump.. after I started it back up the check engine light came on, so as I tried to drive off to park and check it and under load it was misfiring like a bit*h! Then when I got to a place to stop it...
  33. AZ_SSV

    LOC off rear subs in ve ssv

    Hi guys has anyone run an loc of the rear stock ve subs? I had a crack and it didn't sound too good. Should I just piss the stock subs off and run the loc off the rear door speakers? Also perhaps I should have run the loc before the amp. Any ideas? Cheers Az
  34. D

    MY Ve 09 SSV ute.

    Hey guys, this is my current build. 6l, manual, silver My09.5 SSV ute. - FAST, lsx-r 102mm manifold - VCM OTR intake. - GM Motorsports turbo killer 2 cam: Specs Duration @ .050 - INT 237 - EXT 243 Lobe Separation 112 +Adv Valve Lift INT 0.620 - EXT 0.623 - ultra-pro magnum adjustable roller...
  35. P

    2011 SSV exhaust upgrade

    Gents and ladies, Looking in to placing a 2.5in cat back system onto my SSV to gain that V8 sound... Trouble is the guy I have been speaking to reckons I need to go the whole hog and include headers and get it dyno tuned as well... Trouble with that is the cost is out of what I am looking...
  36. H

    ProForm Performance In Perth REVIEWS PLEASE

    Hi I just Bought 2008 VE SSV UTE Manual. Going to install Pacemaker 1 7/8 Headers High Flow Cats And Manta 3" SS Exhaust. I been speaking to few places in perth. Just Wondering How Good ProForm Performance In Midland WA are for Maf Tuning. I never Heard of them, please share your...
  37. R

    After-market Bi-Modal exhaust options

    This forum has been a great source of reading... must have spent half my Sunday here reading up on all things VF. I am looking to make my SSV sound a bit more like a V8 (and thanks for all the advice there, convinced me to jump on a VF1 and bolt on an exhaust). When it comes to mechanical...
  38. E

    Do i REALLY need shortened shocks?!

    My ride... 2009 VE SSV Sportswagon. Do i really need shortened shocks?!!! I want SSSL on the rear and SSL on the front, but i've been told to replace stock shocks with shorter ones, and also been told its a more uncomfortable ride shorter. Do i waste money or not? Thoughts? Just want...
  39. J

    Ve radio programming!

    Hi guys, I have a 2007 VE ssv ute. I am wanting to install a reverse camera to the standard ssv head unit. But i would like to have Vehicle in motion disabled, and purchase the rear aux video input cables. Does anyone in know of any places in melbourne that offer this service for a good price...
  40. A

    Question: VF Sv6 wheel fitment

    Hi this is my first time posting, not sure whether or not this is the right section, anyway; I currently have an SV6 Ute with the stock 18" wheels pictured below. My question was whether or not i could fit some 19" SSV wheels (see picture) onto the car? Would there be any issues fitting these...