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slow crank

  1. X

    06 VE SSV slow to crank when hot

    This problem has been on and off for 2 years now and it's driving me nuts. When the car is cranked first thing in the morning, it turns over just fine and starts on first crank. If I drive it to work (2 min) and start it say 3hrs later, all is fine too. However, if I drive it for 30 mins...
  2. A

    VT cranks but wont start after engine rebuild

    I just recently took apart my engine in my Holden Commodore VT V6 1998 executive sedan the engine cranks over (slowly and inconsistently) but won't start! (Only stripped it down to redo the Head gaskets, didn't take off timing cover or anything to do with that) I've tried 3 different batteries...