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series 3 vs ute

  1. 1

    VS 2000, Series 3 ute, relay to headlight wiring diagram

    My housemate just brought a ute (VS 2000, Series 3 ute) and discovered he has high and low beam on the right hand side headlight, but only low beam on the left headlight. He purchased two light bulbs, but still the high beam does not work for either bulb. Both front park lights work too. He...
  2. Gilly91

    My VS III Maloo

    Thought I'd put my recently purchased Maloo up here for you guys to see. I bought it from Adelaide and drove it back home to NSW because it was a bargain! Fell in love with it on the way home too! My first car which I still have is a V6 VS ute and I have loved it from the word go, but it was...
  3. M

    Vs Series III V6 Ecotec Engine Rattle

    Recently bought a series 3 vs v6 ute that didn't drive. After a few seconds it was obvious the last guy that owned it tried to replace the clutch. Being that he didn't know his face from his a*** about cars.. he put it in wrong. So after fixing the clutch issue, I fired it up to find a...