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  1. yamahahatim

    Vz ss Steering wheel spokes

    My Vz ss satin chrome steering wheel spokes have developed bubbles.... It looks crap, any suggestions on alternative.... Vinyl wrap?? Yes, I know you can buy new ones... this set only lasted 18 months..
  2. V

    Are vy sedan headers and y peice the same as a vy ute? ?

    Are vy sedan headers and y peice the same as a vy ute? I know the exhaust from the cat back are different just can't seem to find anything on here to see if the headers and y peice are the same or different?
  3. vz_crewman

    VZ Crewman similar to VZ Sedan

    Hi Everyone, Does the front end steering, suspension and cradle of a Holden Crewman (Manual V6) have the same components as a Holden Commodore Sedan (any V6 model). I have damaged the following on my crewman and was wondering if I could source the parts from a sedan that is being parted out...
  4. J

    VF Commodore Sedan Boot Liner

    Does anyone have a suggestion where I could get a properly fitted boot liner for my 2014 Series 1 VF Commodore Sedan? I've searched through eBay, forums, Google and asked around and haven't been able to find anything to fit what I need. Everything is out of stock, just a generic sized boot...
  5. C

    I'm bout to replace my vy diff is there anything in particular I should know before hand "cheers"

    How to replace sedan vy diff is there any tips or tricks you could share with me and is there anything in particular I should do, or keep an eye out for, any feed back would be much appreciated
  6. Fredwillows

    VE sv6 Rear brake light cover hanging

    I noticed about a week after buying my ve sv6 second hand that the cover that is meant to be up against the rear windshield is hanging a few centermetres off the glass, When I push the cover up against the window where it should sit the side of the cover where the actual brake light is located...
  7. A

    Sports Armour Removal

    Been wanting to removal my Sport Armour for a while now. I notice that the armour is attached to the bumper with the scrivets and is (glued on?). My question is how hard is it to remove it myself without scratching/damaging the bumper? Or would you advise to get a shop to do it? Anyone had...
  8. Z

    VS brake upgrade help

    Hi all, I currently have a vs commodore which I plan to upgrade the brakes on. I have so far got calipers and dba slotted rotors from a vy. I am aware I need to buy shims for the rotors already, but also in regards to the upgrade I have seen vs commodore booster/master cylinder combos listed...
  9. Z

    VY SS Starting problem

    Don’t know much about cars so that’s why I’m here asking for some opinions. Link below showing the car trying to turn over but just miss firing Thank you
  10. J

    VE omega sedan Spoiler installation?

    Hey all, i recently bought a 2009 VE omega commodore and am interested in installing a rear spoiler on it, is it possible? if so how much would it cost to buy a spoiler and or paint it the right colour?
  11. Z31na

    Sedan rear back rest removal

    Is there a way to remove the rear left and right seat backs in a sedan from the wall between the boot and the cabin? Ive found seat covers made specifically for the VF but the tie off points have to go behind the cushions and the gap is too small to get my arm behind.
  12. K

    Vy Sedan offset

    Hi all. I have a 2003 vy Ss cammed and all the nice stuff, Bits Now i currently have VE HSV PENTAGONS 9.5"(staggered, running 275/30R20 back and 245/30R20 in the front... so i am maxed out on guard space :).... but i want to get new rims with some dish. Now i have the rims i want but im trying...
  13. R

    VE Omega Mods

    What’s everyone’s favourite modification to their car? Looking at mods for my 08 VE sedan but don’t know where to start
  14. J

    Rough idle 08 v6 ve

    just wondering if it's normal that my 2008 v6 ve has a rough idle? What could I do to help? No engine codes coming up, run 95 or 98 in it, have tried injector cleaner didn't help, car only has 129000ks. Any ideas on what could help or is just normal?
  15. J

    Rough idle 08 ve v6

    just wondering if it's normal that my 2008 v6 ve has a rough idle? What could I do to help? No engine codes coming up, run 95 or 98 in it, have tried injector cleaner didn't help car only has 129000ks. Any ideas on what could help or is just normal?
  16. ebonymarie

    Sedan exhuast fit wagon?????

    hi, I have found a secondhand xforce exhuast off a ls2 gts. I just wanna know if it would fit my ssv wagon?
  17. slyr23

    VZ SS ute is slower then sedan?

    I have an 05 SS ute 6 speed manual. It's a great car but ive read that they are massively slower then the sedans. Is it true that they put out less KW then the sedans? I understand the diff ratio is different but surely they put out the same 250kw? I never thought of it until my old man said...
  18. Jerry Keat

    VT commodore V6 high speed vibration

    my 2000 Vt sedan has a high speed vibration. Most pronounced at 90-100 km/h. Pulls to the left despite recent front end alignment & tyre switch. Tyres are new. Recon tail shaft fitted last week. Any ideas? thanks for your help..
  19. V

    Cold Air Intake Ve

    Hi I have a VE sv6 commodore Sedan 2008 Model and am looking to install a cold air intake kit, Can anyone suggest a reasonable brand? or send through some links of what may be best fitted for my car? Cheers
  20. F

    V8 tailshaft lengths

    Replacing the tailshaft on my 2003 VY Clubsport, however in NT, a tailshaft to suit a manual sedan V8 are rare as hen's teeth. Can I use a tailshaft from an AUTO sedan V8?
  21. 2

    VT sedan squeaky door trims and frames

    Hi guys! For months my 1998 VT sedan's door trims have been squeaking and making a rubbing sound whilst the window is all the way up, and I am getting to the point where I just can't stand it! Done some light research and people say it's the felt around the door frames that make noise. have...
  22. L

    Help For First Car Vz Sv6 or Vz Calais

    Hi This is my first post, Im looking for my first car and need some help I really like the look of the Vz but i dont know what would be better a Sv6 or Calais what do you guys think ? im pretty sure i want: Vz Sv6 Manual (Silver) 20" Advanti Tourer wheels OR 19" Super Sports...
  23. C

    2013 SV6 VE Z-Series Commodore Sedan (Automatic) - Exhaust Systems

    Hey everyone! So I have a 2013 SV6 VE Z-Series Commodore Sedan with Auto transmission. I'm here to find out a few things: Performance is not as desirable for me as the sounds is, but I don't want to neglect the performance aspect totally. Keeping that in mind, I'm looking for the best...
  24. TweePollution

    Likely Leak Spots?

    I thought my VS had a leaky rocker gasket seal as i saw oil dripping off it. I replaced that now but theres still a leak, i just turned the usual big puddle into a small puddle so at least i got one of the leaks. My question is? What are some common leak locations near the rear of the engine...
  25. D

    VR-VS Roof Spoiler/Wing/Dust Deflector

    Hi Guys chasing a roof spoiler/ dust deflector (whatever you call it ) for a VR-VS Sedan. Have found them for the Wagons but not sedans. Any idea where to get one? They do exist as saw one forsale not long ago but missed out on it. Any help would be great :) Thanks Deb
  26. J

    ve exhaust

    hey guys need a few questions i dont know off 1 can a 2012 series 2 ve ss twin sedan exhaust fit a 2008 series ve omega sedan i know ill need a heat sheld and bracket and bottom rear bumper twin slot facia 2 are normal genuine ve headlight not the projector ones do they give better...
  27. Holden vz

    Pedders lowering springs

    i just bought some lowering springs for my vz commodore that is already lowered , but the lowered springs on the rear of my car are cylinder shaped and the spring i got from pedders are more round shaped, just wanted to know if they fit or not before i try to put them on
  28. 6

    Roof Water Leak - VE Commodore

    I have an SV6 Sedan which, when it sits in the rain for any amount of time and I open the drivers side door, leaks water in from what looks to be between the head-lining and weather strip at the top. I don't think it's coming in between the door and the roof - has anyone else had a similar...
  29. M

    VT for sale which needs new trans???

    A Guy has approached me wanting to buy my 1997 vt acclaim sedan, he is fully aware that it needs a new trans and the paint work is starting to fade. i am just wondering what would be a fair price to sell it for???
  30. K

    WHAT IS BETTER - Wagon Versus Sedan

    ok, so i'm pretty new here as i have recently purchased 2 VS commodores, one is a 1995 sedan, one is a 1996 wagon, both have 27x,xxxkms, and both have average paint. both cars need a small amount of work but i can swap the parts between the 2 to make one registerable car, my question is what am...
  31. K

    SV6 UTE shocks and springs to Sedan

    Hey Guys, I brought SV6 UTE's all 4 shocks and springs and want to put them in my Omega Sedan, What you guys think? Is it possible? Front ones shouldn't be an issue i think but rear ones I'm not sure as Ute has less weight at back than Sedan.. Not sure Please help. And What happens if I do...
  32. R

    [VIC] VY S II Silver Immaculate condition

    ITEM: silver sedan, VY S series2, all stock, great condition, low ks, immaculate interior, great exterior. PRICE: Negotiable $11,800 if you are from the forum say so and i will be more negotiable (i also have it posted in carsales.com) LOCATION: Vic, Bulleen YEAR: 2004, last sector of...
  33. M

    My 2007 omega

    This is my 07 omega s i am only on my ps Mods: SS wing SS front bumper SS tail lights 20" versus racing rims (9.5 rear 8.5 front) lowered on king springs all round Focal 12' sub blue interior bulbs led tail light bulbs blue led engine light (pic to come) Future mods: cold air...
  34. T

    VS mud flaps fitting all models

    Hi guys I have a 2000 VS ute and it is getting resprayed at the moment and I want to get mud flaps for it. I want to know are you able to fit sedan mud flaps on the ute. I know the fronts would fit as they are the same but would the rear ones, would these ones VN VP VR VS COMMODORE SET OF 2...
  35. L

    [NSW] F/S VY clubsport rear bar NEW (fiberglass)

    Item: VY clubsport rear bar Location: Central Coast region bout an hour north of sydney Price: $250 O.N.O Condition: New (Un-Used) Description: Aftermarket Fiberglass VY CLUBSPORT REAR BAR Should Fit VZ also. Brand New, Never fitted. Contact: PLEASE message me on 0435276775 for...
  36. DAVIDC

    [VIC] WTB: White VT/VX sedan Venetians

    DESCRIPTION: Want to buy, or trade for my love. ITEM: I'm after some rear VX/VT sedan Venetians in white, good condition. LOCATION: South east Melbourne, Rowville. CONDITION: Don't mind, as long as good. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Try me, I once again don't mind travelling to...
  37. H

    MUFFLER ELIMINATORS - are they any good?

    COMMODORE VE 3" PERFORMANCE PIPES | eBay OK so I've been looking at these mandrel bent 3" pipes with 3 1/2" tips on eBay for about $200. I've heard mix reviews on muffler eliminators/deletes. It is unquestionable that they'll make the car sound louder, but I've heard that they make the car...
  38. S

    My first car (96 Vs exec)

    deleted thread.
  39. Kierab

    Pacemaker extractors from a manual VR to a Auto VS

    What the title says Will they fit? Ty in advance!:thumbsup:
  40. Kierab

    Touch Up paint, where, how.

    So pretty much Ive got a few nice black marks on my bumpers where they've been scraped and/or hit, nothing serious, but im hesitant on using just normal spray paint, dulux white gloss i think it is, as i wont it to match pretty well. How would i go about this? Do alot of the big car shops...