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  1. T

    Vf SSV Redline Exhaust System

    Hey all. I have recently purchased a manual VF SSV Redline, It already has a 2.5inch X-Force Cat back system on it, sounds decent but want more of that V8 grunt on idle and when getting into it. Still has factory headers and cats on the car! I am under the impression that putting aftermarket...

    VE Factory Big Brake Sizes

    I am after the diameter of the VE Redline, MY 12.5 SSV Z series, GXP and Maloo disc rotors. The type of calipers would be great also. Thanks
  3. J

    Harrop ultimate brakes

    Anyone out there fitted Harrop ultimate brakes to their series 2 redline. What are your thoughts, are they worth the money? Will I Still be able to use the redline HF 20 inch rims (brake clearance) TIA
  4. gr33nbastad

    LSA on LS3 build

    I picked up an LSA blower from Eagle Auto Parts, and after six weeks of back and forth, my local shop has lined everything up and will get building in a couple of weeks. This is the end-game (same colour as mine too!).
  5. K

    Mod guide for Holden redline

    Hey there, so I am wondering what to do one my Holden Commodore ve redline 2011, It have a 3 inch catback system, only missing the headers so i though i will do the following : Headers OTR air intake "VCM" Tune -------- I was thinking about getting a cam package, will it worth it? can it...
  6. Bennyvfssvredline

    Ben's 2014 VF SSV Redline Wagon

    Hi all! Haven't had a holden since my last 2003 vy wagon which then had an L67 engine put in. I recently ordered this Holden VF ssv Redline wagon in silver. Picking it up in November, first plan is to upgrade the exhaust as its so quiet right now https://ibb.co/k3G769 https://ibb.co/iNdRzU...

    GM Motorsport August Intake & Tune special $990

    Hey Guys, Wondering if anyone else has taken up the GM Motorsport August Intake & Tune special offer? I have a VF2 SSVRL ute Auto & I got mine done yesterday... left the exhaust stock and just went for Ramjet 3 Intake and the tune... Certainly made a big difference to power right across the...
  8. smitchy

    [NSW] Near new OEM MY17 SSV Redline Shocks & Springs

    ITEM: E.O.I OEM Shocks & Springs from SSV Redline Sedan, with about 500KM done on the clock only, selling due to an upgrade. Items are boxed as pictured and a couple of the springs wrapped in plastic and garaged for the last couple of months. LOCATION: Greystanes, NSW CONDITION: Near new...
  9. Nickjankz

    Electric passenger seat conversion

    Has anyone out an electric passanger seat in a car that didnt have one standard? I'm trying to find a power source to get a clubby r8 seat working in a maloo. Put the drivers one in and it powers up no worries. Passanger side doesnt seem to. From what Ive found out no maloo had a electric...
  10. L

    W457 blew #5 piston

    Hi, I recently melted the L77 in my VF SSV, it has a walkinshaw 457 kit on it and #5 went lean, melted the piston, snapped a bit of the ring off and that was bouncing around in the chamber so the head is stuffed now too. I think I have about 3 options here: - best and most boring case I get...
  11. Randymate

    VE Eibach Springs Pro-Kit

    Hello everyone. I am wanting to lower my VE SSV Redline and not wanting to use King Springs. I have read up on the Eibach Springs but haven't found many photos, or reviews from commodore drivers. Just curious on how much it would l (photos would be amazing) and the comfort of the ride. Cheers in...
  12. L

    Supercharged LS2 went BOOM

    Hi all, I've recently purchased a walkinshaw supercharged VF SSV redline ute. Really happy with the car however there is some bad news.... Took the car out for a run yesterday and on the way home gave it a bit of a long pull. Next thing I know, smoke spewing out the back (luckily I was close...
  13. myls362

    VFII MY17 Redline Manual driveline vibration

    Ive got a MY17 manual Redline which has driveline vibration and noise at about 80kmh. I first noticed it with less than 200km on the clock. It mainly does it when slowing down from more than 80kmh when in 5th or 6th gear. Push the clutch in, speed up or down from 80kmh, drop it into 4th and the...
  14. Davesumner

    VF2 SSV Redline - With Possibly the Lamest Horn on the Planet

    Apologies if this has already been discussed BUT, I have a week old SSV VF 2 Redline that I've now done 1100km in and the ONLY thing that lets the car down is that stupid Citroen Diane Horn, my pushbike has a louder bell than the horn on the car. I'm embarrassed to use it so I need to get it...
  15. S

    Series 1 SSV Redline Ute

    Hey All, Do ALL of the VF Redline's have the cream sued on the dashboard and door trim? I am wanting to purchase a 2014 VF Redline, however I want the interior of the SSV with the all black sued. Thanks!
  16. T

    Cold air intake with stock exhaust?

    I like the quiet ride and spend a lot of time on the highway. I'd like a bit of roar when I put my foot down but from what I read it seems to be an all (drone) or nothing proposition - so I'm inclined to stay with stock exhaust for the time being. If I get a cold air intake on my VF Redline...
  17. VE Calais LS3 Build

    VE Calais LS3 Build

  18. Schorno

    VE hubs on VY, do they bolt on?

    Hey there guys, Wondering if you can bolt on VE hubs onto a VY? I'm about to get some VF redline 'WIDE' wheels and I'm up for replacing the hubs too as I was in an acco. Was thinking if they bolt on it would be easier and the VE hubs new are cheaper that the VY ones I wouldn't have to...
  19. B

    Brads ve ssv series 2 redline ute

    Name: Brad Model: 2011 VEII SSV Redline Ute with e85 :) Kilometres : 50,000. Colour: Alto Grey / Gun Metal Grey Bodykit: Standard Engine Type: 6.0L V8 L77 Engine Mods: Cold Air POD AIRBOX AND FILTER (Walkinshaw) Power: 220rkw Exhaust: Stock Redline setup (smaller resos) Gearbox: 6 Speed...
  20. VY_Sleeper

    Who has a VE Redline Edition? That wouldn't mind me test fitting a wheel on?

    Hi guy's As the title suggests, I would like to see if there is someone in Western Sydney that has a VE Redline edition that I could test fit my wheel onto to see if it clears the large Brembo brakes. As I am going to be making the Redline brakes fit onto my VY, but don't want to buy...
  21. tHe_sTiG

    Redlining: How bad is it really?

    Well, I'm sure we all were in that situation... highway completely empty, already picking up some speed, then hmmm... lets see what this baby can do! Foot down, shifts down, picking up speed like there's no tomorrow! Just wondering, is there any real damage done to the Alloytec on the Executive...
  22. S

    Decal Ideas for SSV Redline Sportwagon - Series II

    Has anybody designed a decal for the sides of the sportwagon and is willing to share it with us. We did an extensive google search for decal ideas and most / all were designed to suit either sedans and utes. We have spoken to few decal suppliers and they all say the same: "Can you send us...
  23. S

    Does Holden iq system rip mp3 cd/DVD to the internal flash drive?

    Hey all Just a quick query. I finally retire my 2000 vt calais international and pick up my new redline ssv sportwagon tomorrow and am about to burn some CDs for it. Just wanted to hear from anyone that has an iq system as to whether it can rip mp3 cd/DVD to the internal flash drive or is it...
  24. C

    ve red hot paint

    hi guys done some research on this on the site already but still not sure. i have put an order in for the ve ss-v redline ute and have ordered the red hot with red interior. My question is does thr redhot paint from holden get clear coated so it shouldn't fade or is it just a solid paint that...