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  1. Pep998

    Ve omega 06 Ticking noise/Engine light

    Just after some advice , have a Ve commy omega 06 , ive had the Engine light come Up on the dash, got a ticking noise from the motor and sometimes when I try to start it , it will start and cut straight out or struggle to start other times it’s fine, everything else seems to be good. Any ideas...
  2. Nate74

    VE - No crank, no central locking, no boot release in glove box, no power windows,

    Hi All, 2 nights ago we used the car stereo while having a few social distancing drinks on our street with the neighbours, and alas it flattened the battery of our VE V6 Omega. Took the battery out the next day and charged it, fitted it and turned the key, no crank! then discovered the following...
  3. M

    VF Evoke missfire (shudder) at idle and at 1500rpm

    Hi all, putting this post up for my mum as I'm trying to do my best to not have her spend money at a mechanic. So story goes like this Mums car (2014 Holden evoke sports wagon) has a 3.0 v6 so basically a lfx or an alloytec, about 10 months ago mums car developed a slight missfire at around...
  4. F

    VE OMEGA door card liner replacement DIY

    Morning everyone! New to this forum but have found much help from here in the past. Has anyone been able to replace the lining on a door card for a VE OMEGA 2008 commodore? The local upholster has quoted me $700 to re glue them on. I thought about replacing the doorcards but am unable to find...
  5. A

    Ve ssv exhaust with sv6 muffler issue

    hey guys I just put a ssv exhaust on my omega. And I didn’t notice till after that it’s a few cm shorter then the omega exhaust. Is this normal? And I have to use cable ties on my mufflers cause it doesn’t reach the mounts, could it be cause I have sv6 mufflers on the ssv or just the cm difference?
  6. Darkreviver0

    The good old water leak

    Hi all, 2009 VE omega, I have trawled through as many posts as I can possibly fathom in trying to find any ideas on where my car may be leaking water into the cabin. I have determined that one leak is from around the hvac unit in the firewall so I am sorting that out, but I also have a leak...
  7. D

    J-Pipe V.s. Eliminator Pipe Ve V6.

    Just wanting some information or whats whats i know and eliminator pipe is ment to eliminat the "drone" but so is a j-pipe, (apparently) who has used what and realisticall what is the difference between the two?
  8. D

    Rev Limits/Saftey Mode VE 07 Omega

    Hi all, So my Ve Omega generally bounces back at 6000rpm to change gear when im screaming her along, but its happened maybe two three times now where she'll kick over the 6000rpm and activate saftey mode basically loose all power but give you just enough to limp over to the side of the road...
  9. C

    What to do on my 09 Omega

    Hey guys so I recently just bought a 2009 VE Omega Ute, Completely stock besides 18" mags & Pirelli tires. Only has 115ks on the clock & I got it serviced straight away which came back without a hitch. So I'm wondering is there anything I should look into getting done on it or leave it as is...
  10. T

    Omega VE won’t start or lock into gear

    My boyfriend was driving my 2007 Omega VE, parked it on a slight hill and without realising didn’t fully engage the handbrake. Later he saw the car rolling backwards, and when getting back in, the car would not turn over, however all the lights and accessories turned on in the car. Thinking it...
  11. R

    VE Omega Mods

    What’s everyone’s favourite modification to their car? Looking at mods for my 08 VE sedan but don’t know where to start
  12. Dean O'Sullivan

    VE OMEGA Sub & Amp Install.

    Just bought dual subs & an amp for my Omega, wondering what cords are needed for the install? or if there is a kit im able to purchase with all the cables needed?
  13. R

    Fitting Bluetooth Module to '06 Ve Omega Commodore

    Hey i have a '06 Ve Omega, trying to install the Bluetooth module just wondering what i need. Just purchased the Module and mic on ebay for $45 (https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/HbQAAOSwLaZZrND9/s-l500.jpg) Do i need to purchase a T or Y cable or something ive seen on another post but didnt really...
  14. Loud Ve

    Loud Ve

    My baby is pretty stock and sadly I took off the road six months ago after the bcm stuffed up. She's a standard 6 with a straight pipe and has an amazing note to her. (Well I think so but my neighbours disagree ) Putting her back on the road once I'm finished fixing my vy. Had a collection of...
  15. B

    VE Omega Auto engine stalls on occasions

    I have a bit of an odd and troubling issue with me 2008 VE Omega Auto Sedan. The engine will on occasions stall while breaking/turning. When this happens the steering goes heavy and the revs go to zero. I do not get any error lights on the dash and putting it into park and starting it again...
  16. koankoan

    Injector clips to fuel rail - need advise 09 VE SIDI

    Hi everyone, I have 6 new fuel injectors (bosch/hitachi style like picture below), and am having touble getting the clips that connect the injectors to the fuel rail. The car's a 2009 VE Omega SIDI 3.0L If you know what I'm talking about, it's the 2 part clips, one crescent shaped one fits...
  17. T

    Retro fit folding back seat, Omega?

    Hi, First time poster here. Just wondering if anyone has done this before or if it's possible but I'd really like the back seat of my 06 Omega to fold down, not just the middle. I need the space! Does anyone know if it's possible to get a back seat that has a bigger folding split, or if it's...
  18. A

    2007 Ve engine noise/light

    Hello, I have a 2007 Ve omega and recently last week I was driving and the check engine light and oil level light came on. I tried to ignore it as I was 1 hour away from home and as I've gotten home I've noticed a noise from the engine that sounded like a old tractor. I live in a very small...
  19. L

    Omega Alternator Issue

    Hey everybody, New here and I'm kinda stumped. Issue started a few weeks ago when my battery ran completely dry. (Being an idiot sitting in the car with full AC, radio, lights and wipers going chatting to a friend before leaving work) Charged it up at work and limped to supercheap for a new...
  20. X

    Pod filter on SIDI 3.0L

    Hey guys, I decided to fiddle around with my intake and fit a pod filter. I disconnected the sensor after the air filter and unhooked the airbox. Upon taking the airbox out, I noticed there is a second sensor before the air filter but still in the top half of the box. I've had a google...
  21. Ddridan

    CLUBSPORT/OMEGA Loom similarities?

    Just wondering if anyone knows if the body loom is the same between E1 Clubsport and a VE omega? We have a wrecked clubby and an Omega to transplant the drive train into. We have the dash loom removed and was wondering if we have to take the body loom too from the clubby? Cheers
  22. Connor Macnab

    VE LPG Engine Cover

    Hi guys, I've currently got a 2009 VE Omega with an LPG system within, and I was wondering if it is possible to find/modify a V6 Omega engine cover to allow for the solenoids to be covered also? View of the engine bay, anybody have any suggestions or solutions? Cheers
  23. B

    amp stays on for 1 or 2 mins after locking car

    hey guys i have a 2011 omega series 2 ute and i had my amp installed professionally today, it sounds great and is hooked up through the high level inputs on the amp.... for some reason the amp stays on until i lock the car and watch it for about 2 mins before the lights go blank... is this...
  24. Z

    MP3 Player from USB (Problem)

    Hello New here and i have tried looking around the forum for an answer with no luck. Let me start by telling you I have a VE Holden Commodore Omega Wagon Series 2 I try and use the USB slot that is in the console. And it works I can use it for play MP3s but it does weird things. It...
  25. B

    How do you remove small spring door under radio

    Hey guys just wondering how do i remove the small spring loaded door under the radio i am vinyl wrapping my interior trims and it looks out of place with that unwrapped. thanks
  26. N

    Installing HSV Clubsport Tail Lights On Omega

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post. I have an Omega 2008 Model and am wanting to correctly install the HSV Clubsport tail lights. I have already had them installed, and they are in working condition, however they have caused several errors on the Centre Display...
  27. R

    VE OMEGA V6 to SV6 engine conversion

    Managed to get my hands on an sv6 engine, have an 07 60th anniversary omega that i want to drop it into. does it all match up or do i need to swap out electrics and the rest as well?
  28. B

    Am Radio Doesnt work (Grannys VE)

    Greetings, I come in Peace from the Fordxr6turbo forums!:wave: Unfortunately many moons ago my granny was conned into buying a VE Omega Station wagon. She has just left to Germany for a few weeks and gave me a list of things she wants fixed on her car. I am now in need of advice for a few...
  29. R

    2008 VE Omega 60th Anniversay

    Hey All! Had my Omega coming up to two years now and recently have had a bit of spare cash for some cosmetic mods. Model: 2008 VE Omega 60th Anniversary Colour: Heron White Engine Type: 3.6L alloytec Fuel Type: dual Power: 175kw Gearbox: 4 speed auto Work done: Full SS bodykit...
  30. J

    Series 2 Omega Kit Upgrade

    Sorry if this has come up once before, couldn't find anything in the search. I've got a VE Series 2 Omega Sportswagon and wanting to upgrade to the SV6 Front Bumper + fog lights. Two things, where's the best place to buy and can I fit all myself? I have a feeling the fog lights I might not...
  31. B

    cosmetic mods ve omega help please!

    P plater and I know its an omega but its all I could afford. Would love a V8 THOUGH :3 Just seeing what you guys think of these no engine mods will be done mostly just cosmetic stuff Car is heron white - SV6 front bumper - some 8k bulbs for front lights -g8 diffuser -boot lip...
  32. klavins

    V6 Alloytec Tune

    Wondering where I can get my VE Series 1 Omega tuned (4spd Auto). It has 12mm manifold insulators, quad tip dual exhaust, and an Orssom OTR intake. I have a USB-OBD cable so remote tune is also an option. Heard MACE has stopped tuning the Alloyecs?
  33. T

    VEII Omega LPG fuel indicator malfunctioning

    Hi all, I recently bought a second hand (ex police) 2012 VEII Omega 3.0L LPG with about 60,000k's on the clock. About 2 weeks later the fuel indicator read empty and it came up with the very low fuel warning. Thinking there might be a leak I put a couple of litres in to see if things changed and...
  34. A

    VE commodore thermostat trouble

    I've never had problems with overheating before, but the other day my 2008 omega overheated in a matter of a few ks on a mediocre temperature day and blew the top radiator hose. Easily fixed, but i was just wondering why this could have happened? all i did was reconnect the hose and refill the...
  35. T

    Check engine & Stability warning..help!

    hey guys, I've got a 2010 series 2 VE Omega. Recently I've been getting a check engine and stability warning alert, yet this has only happened right after I wash my car. It lasts about 10 - 15 seconds then goes away. I don't relise any issues with the engine when the warning comes up...
  36. O

    omega conversion

    what do I need to keep from my ssv 6.0 ute (its written off) to convert my v6 omega to 6.0? and before anyone says go buy one already done I have both cars already one is written off and other needs motor replacing.
  37. T

    My 2010 VE Omega. First car

    Hey guys, pretty new to the forums; but love seeing what people are doing to their cars ! Just wanted to show some pics of my first car and what i plan to do with it in the future. I know the mods are nothing extravagant or expensive, but it's just a few little things that make my car stand...
  38. D

    My 07 VE Omega

    Hi, Finally after a long two years I've decided I'd post my car online. Its a 2007 Holden Commodore VE Omega with a 3.6L V6 and A4 Transmission Exterior Mods: Small Antenna, Lip Spoiler, SSV Clear Taillights, Chrome Numberplate Strip, G8 Diffuser, Dual Chrome Exhaust Pipes, Tinted Windows...
  39. H

    Omega charging system HELP

    Hi I own a 2008 VE omega auto, 40,000km/2 years ago the battery was replaced due to not holding charge and charging system checked all ok. Just recently the vehicle failed to start due to low battery voltage - 8.45v. I drive the vehicle on average 10-20 kms daily and serviced every 10,000kms. If...
  40. U

    Ve omega dual exhaust

    hi guys, im looking at upgrading my exhaust on my VE omega. ive been looking at the package from jh-p in particular where they put a full exhaust system from a ss onto the omega. my question is. do any of you guys know someone that does this on the western side of Melbourne as jh-p don't...