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    VE Factory Big Brake Sizes

    I am after the diameter of the VE Redline, MY 12.5 SSV Z series, GXP and Maloo disc rotors. The type of calipers would be great also. Thanks
  2. Matt Watkins

    Maloo tailgate reflectors

    Is there possibly any chance anyone in the world has turned the tailgate reflectors on a maloo into actual working brake lights? reckon it would look absolutely mad I wish HSV engineered it :( also can’t seem to find anything about it being achieved anywhere online sadly
  3. Hsv vz maloo R8

    Hsv vz maloo R8

  4. E

    Vz Maloo s2 twin hump hard lid installation

    Has anyone got any info on what type & size struts and hinges to use to fit a Vz maloo s2 hardlid. I've been told that the s2 hardlid uses different struts to the ones that the standard vz uses. Also any instructions on installation would be much appreciated.
  5. T


    Will Maloo/clubby VE’s seats fit in my series 1 SSV ute.
  6. abuch47

    Ute exhaust from a maloo GenF2 to a VF2SS.

    I love the stock sound but want just a bit more while also just starting some simple mods. Want to upgrade the exhaust slightly while still retaining the bimodal control and stock look for warranty/service. Searched and seen a fair bit about HSV exhaust system swaps to SS but unsure on the...
  7. Nickjankz

    Electric passenger seat conversion

    Has anyone out an electric passanger seat in a car that didnt have one standard? I'm trying to find a power source to get a clubby r8 seat working in a maloo. Put the drivers one in and it powers up no worries. Passanger side doesnt seem to. From what Ive found out no maloo had a electric...
  8. L

    Best exhaust options to suit LS3 maloo

    G'day guys, just interested in exhaust set ups/options you all may be running on your LS3s. Thinking of fitting Pacemaker extractors backed up with a full 3" Manta stainless system on my 09 E2 Maloo... Would be great if anyone is running this set up could give me some feed back, or any other...
  9. Graham Hatton

    VF HSV SV 1 3/4" headers, cats etc sale

    hi everyone I have replaced my exhaust system on a Maloo 340kw with the SV pack. I'm looking at selling the HSV tri-Y 1 3/4" headers, cats and 2 1/2" centre section. This system is a nice upgrade for those with standard manifolds and stock 2 1/4" centre section. I'm thinking of putting it on...
  10. V


    Quick question, will a VF hsv maloo rear bumper fit onto a VE hsv 2009 maloo. If not what would be required to fit it cheers
  11. T

    Ve passenger door problem!

    HELP! I have a VE Maloo 2009, today i closed the passenger door but i musnt have closed it properly so when i locked it, the car beeped at me, i closed it properly then locked again, no i cant unlock from either side of the door.. How do i open?
  12. D

    [VIC] 2012 Thunder Or GXP Maloo???

    Hey guys, So business is doing well, after i was forced to start with a slog VZ V6 manual ute cause of budget at the time, and it was the only one with a canopy, and im ready to part with her. I can budget up to $30,000 and ive driven a couple of 2011/2012 Thunders, and as one would expect...
  13. C

    VE to GF maloo cosmetic conversion

    Hi guys, I own a Gen F clubsport and a VE2 Maloo R8. I've thought about selling the maloo but have decided to toy with upgrading parts of it instead of an entire upgrade. What I have in mind is to purchase a genuine Gen F front bar, lights, bonnet & sides (few thousand) then attempt to...
  14. V

    Indicator and reverse lights issue

    Indicator not functioning when using stalk, but does with hazards, reverse lights also weren't working, noticed around reverse bulbs the reflective inlay tail light is blistered. Replaced stalk, didn't fix. No lights getting stuck on have ordered a replacement relay for BCM anyway not sure if...
  15. B

    VF2 Redline or GEN F1 Maloo?

    Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere - which would be the better ute purchase - VF2 Redline or a GEN F1 Maloo? I only do about 5k-6k a year (live in the cbd with free trams and walk to work) so most my driving is freeway/country on the weekend with the odd trip to chaddy with the other...
  16. ASxTecH

    Voodoo Blue E3 Maloo

    True to my word I'm back but this time not in a V6... What I'm here to welcome has been my dream car for many many years ever since the day i seen this "Ute" drive down the street even before i could drive saying to my old man "I'm going to own one of them one day". 2 Weeks ago i seen the...
  17. H

    LS3 for SS and LT1 for Clubsport/Maloo

    So I read an article on Motoring that Holden will be putting the LS3 into their SS and that HSV will be putting the LT1 into their Clubsport and Maloo models. Spoke to my local dealer and they said that they had heard the same thing, however would not confirm that this would occur. Article...
  18. H

    vz maloo performance advice

    Hey guys, I'm about to dive into the performance side of things but im an electrician and don't know much in the way of performance. I live in Darwin and the choice of workshops isn't huge so I'm trying to get more advice, the more the better right? My car is a vz maloo ls2 manual, I...
  19. Jaz11

    Maloo Front Bar Grill LED's...

    I need opinions, You know when you see something and you're not sure if you're going to love it or think why did i do this... You can get these LED grill kits that wire the same as your interior light so that whenever the interior light comes on so does the grill lights. I imagine, walking...
  20. Gilly91

    My VS III Maloo

    Thought I'd put my recently purchased Maloo up here for you guys to see. I bought it from Adelaide and drove it back home to NSW because it was a bargain! Fell in love with it on the way home too! My first car which I still have is a V6 VS ute and I have loved it from the word go, but it was...
  21. S

    [VIC] Wanted To Buy - VZ CLUBSPORT RIMS

    Wanted to Buy ITEM: Vz Clubsport or Supersport rims LOCATION: Victoria/Geelong CONDITION: New or Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: willing pay postage/shipping costs will travel to pick up dependant on location PAYMENT OPTIONS: Will pay by Cash or Paypal CONTACT DETAILS...

    [LS2] Opinions: worth going twin 3''

    I have a twin 2.5'' Manta S/S hotdog-muffler system on my cammed VZ Maloo Ute. Have pacemaker headers and hiflo cats. Now ive been thinking of going 3'' as the 2.5'' sounds good but lacks some bass and volume. Would a twin 3'' be more ballsy ? is there much difference id notice by changing ....

    My thoughts on MANTA exhaust ''Maloo==

    Had a active automotive stage 2b cam installed along with pacemakers hi flos and a stainless steel Manta catback hotdog centres to resonators at the rear!! All done at active auto. My car is a Black ,2005 VZ Maloo R8 , Manual. Other than the mods listed its only just had a NPC Clutch upgrade...
  24. W

    2010 ve SV6 ute Just not for me anymore :( New car ideas?

    Hi guys, I have been on the forum for a bit now and read through many threads and pages that have been very helpful to me and my car but what im getting to is im over my sv6 ve ute! I had great plans on spending way to much money on it just to make it sound better and go abit quicker but as...
  25. L

    Maloo 6 Speed Manual Ticking Sound

    Hi, Hoping someone can shed some light on the issue I have, I've got a VZ Maloo R8 ute with the 6L and 6 Speed Manual. When in third gear at low revs there is a ticking sound coming from the gearbox area. (Sounds like running your fingers across corrigated iron to make that...
  26. L

    VZ 6 Speed Manual (Ticking Sound)

    Hi, Hoping someone can shed some light on the issue I have, I've got a VZ Maloo R8 ute with the 6L and 6 Speed Manual. When in third gear at low revs there is a ticking sound coming from the gearbox area. (Sounds like running your fingers across corrigated iron to make that...
  27. T

    VE Maloo Side Vents For Holden VE

    Hi guys, Im new here, so hopefully i have got this in the right section. sorry if i havent. anyways.. I was wondering if anybody knows where i can buy maloo side vents to be fitted on a 2012 Holden Ute? I know it is possible because i have seen it done, if need be i can post a pic of...
  28. C

    Stolen VY Maloo II. some questions i have, need help

    Hey all, was going to post this on hsv forum but i'm having a lot of trouble with registering. My beloved Black Maloo Y series r8 was stolen from bankstown Saturday morning. number plate GO7ONE (previous owners plate) Was going to meet the guy in the centro shopping centre carpark for an...
  29. Vz SS

    Can't decide e1 e2 or e3 maloo

    Hi I was recently looking at buying a e1 6.2 maloo until the other day I saw a e3 black edition thought it looked amazing so I was wondering weather I spend that bit mor and buy a e3 and do it as a black edition Just want to know people's opinion
  30. H

    HSV maloo z series 2 sailplane and hard top

    hello was wondering if anyone has a HSV maloo z series 2 sailplane and hard top for sale or know of anyone wrecking a series 2 maloo r8. i have the z series maloo r8 but the series 1 so it has a 3 rib hardtop and a slightly different sailplane. so if anyone knows of wreckers with a maloo...
  31. A

    What is the best looking car and the best looking interior

    Best looking car for me, i haveto say the new holden Maloo ute and best interior Audi a8
  32. clarmatt

    [VIC] Whats the fine on P platers and high performance cars

    i am thinking about trading in my vy ute and getting a z series maloo. just curious what the fine is and is there any points to go along with it?? also the fine for driving a manual car with only an auto p's
  33. markc3012

    [QLD] Hsv vy maloo/clubsport 18x8 shadow chrome rim

    ITEM: Genuine HSV VY Maloo Rim, Dark Shadow Chrome Colour Finish is Pitted & Scratched (see Photos) 1 x rim only HSV GMH Part Number 10B-020601 LOCATION: Gold Coast QLD CONDITION: Used PRICE: Make an offer DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up or postage can be arranged. Approx...