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  1. tennuteproject

    Knocking noise on 2010 Sv6 (with video)

    Hi so don't have any context for how and when it happened because I bought the car not running, managed to turn her over but its making a knocking noise. Any ideas on what this sound could be, i know its a stretch but maybe someones heard something similar. Cheers!
  2. V

    304 knock--- Need help!!

    Gday guys New to the forum so would love your help. I've searched this forum and Google all over and haven't found a solution or answer to my problem, only threads that weren't completed, so thought I'd start a new thread. I've recently bought a VP s pack 304 factory auto, completely stock...
  3. J

    Diff Clunking/Grinding AFTER Diff seal replacement?

    G'day to you all. I've recently purchased a 2003 WK Caprice with 233,000ks on the clock. Ran like a gem, no odd sounds. Took it to my local mechanic, good reliable guy, stated that the Diff Pinion Seal was leaking -and to get it sorted "sooner rather than later" The week after, I made the...
  4. N

    VT V6 Knocking when engine is cold.

    Hey guys, I'm having an issue with my ecotec VT where there is quite an apparent knocking noise when started cold. The noise pretty much completely goes away with there only being possibly a slight noise if you really concentrate after about 30 seconds. At first I thought it could be something...
  5. L

    Knocking in 2000 VT. Narrow down possibilities to see if it can be a diy job.

    Hey guys, new member. Long time browser. Forums have saved me hundreds in labor and misdiagnosis. But this current issue is a newbie for me. Everytime I drive. No matter if engine is hot or cold. Weather is hot or cold. Dry or wet. Whenever I engage moderate acceleration or turn left or...
  6. A

    VT knock / click from engine/steering

    Calling all commodore gods. Keen to know your opinions, my VT has a knocking/clicking noise, primarily when I take off or turn a corner at lower speeds. It feels like a steering rack issue perhaps but then I read up about engine mounts.... The cars done 290,000 and has been well looked...
  7. A

    VT Calais engine knocking noise.

    so my vt decided to start making a horrid metallic knocking noise, wanted to see what you guys say I'll put a list of what we know about it. Only dose it in gear after about 5 mins of driving. Driving for 15-20 mins the engine shuts off and I loss all power, need to be jump started at this...
  8. M

    Knocking noise

    Hi all. First time poster. Been using the forum for ages to help fix my car but can't seem to find my issue this time. I have a knocking noise coming from the engine when the air con is running. I read the forums saying it may be a leaf stuck in the blower but the noise is much more sinister...
  9. S

    Vx check engine light

    Hi all first time ever posting in any forum so I'm breaking my virginity, ok I've recently bought a vx v6 commodore for a good price ($400) as the young owner didn't want it because it was unreliable and he couldn't get it going I turned up with jump leads gave him money started it and drove off...
  10. T

    VX SS knocking noise

    Hi all I know this has probably been asked time and time again but I can't find anything that matches my problem. In the past my car has made a knocking noise right at 5k when due for a service but now seems to be more regular usually once car is warm. It's fairly noticeable noise as you can...
  11. T

    Vt engine knock when accelerating

    Gday, I have a VT CALAIS and when i turn the car on there is a knocking noise coming from the engine then it stops after 5 seconds, then when i put it into drive and accelarate it starts to knock and the more i push the pedal down the more it knocks, when i release the pedal it stop and...
  12. V

    Strange Ratcheting/clunking noise similar to CV noise under front VE 2009

    I have a strange ratcheting clunking noise under the front of the VE "Intermittent" Seems to be when IN OR BETWEEN 1st-2nd cogs. Starts with a loud click then kinda ratchets 5 or 6 times before settling down and seemingly returning to normal??? Anyone got any suggestions as to what...
  13. S

    Slight knocking noise when idling in drive?????

    After a recent long trip ive now noticed a there is a knocking or tapping noise when im idling in drive (at stop lights or stopping) if i put it in to neutral it seems to go away. Ive taken the drive belt off and it still does it and also the engine cover. Any one know what this could be?
  14. nalchlan

    loud engine knocking

    hey guys my engine has started to make a fairly loud knocking noise, it happened right after a little powerskid (private property ofcourse) and after a lot of searching im still stumped it happens from 2000-2500 rpm and i can hear it continue well into high 3000rpm and after that i cant hear...
  15. T

    VZ ute knocking at rear left

    hey guys, just recently i fit an aftermarket exhaust to my ute. all good, and then about a week later i noticed a "knocking" noise. which i suspected to be the exhaust hitting under the body somewhere. crawled under the car and shook the F@!# out of the exhaust and it has plenty of room to...
  16. C

    VL Knocking

    Hi, I have a 1988 VL Vacationer 3.0L Automatic. It's rarely driven these days but when I jumped in it the other day to take it for a drive I noticed an odd knocking/thumping sound on occasion while accelerating. It definitely sounds as though it's coming from under the car, center or back...