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  1. S

    Ssv headunits

    Look i know there has been threads on installing ssv headunits in to sv6’s But coudnt find the answer i need. I have no knowledge in installing stuff like this but would appreciate it a lot if someone can give me info thats is a specialist in Brisbane. Basically i want to find someone in...
  2. C

    can a VE SS be fitted withe a genuine holden Roof mount DVD player?

    Hey i have a ve ss Z series wagon, and i want to fit a genuine holden blaupunkt roof mount dvd player into it, but before i buy one i want to make sure it will fit. i rang around and got different answers from different people some said i can't wire it up some said i could one guy said it...
  3. Hazard-ous

    Advice to install/fit lip spoiler

    Hi all, I bought a lip/bobtail spoiler about 2 years ago for my VE and FINALLY got it painted last week. But I’m a little baffled on how to fit/install it as I don’t remember there being anything apart from screws provided. So my question is how have you installed/fitted yours? I’m...
  4. R

    VE Omega Series 2 WAGON audio upgrades

    Hi all, I'm looking at upgrading the filthy stock system in my wagon and am looking for inspiration. Has anyone successfully upgraded in a wagon before, specifically anywhere in Adelaide. Trying to avoid a sub if possible to save the boot space and focus on amp and speaker upgrade utilizing...
  5. B

    Installing electric windows in a '97 VT

    Hey guys.. Im over having window winders! they suck! im wanting to put electric windows in and have a general idea of how to do it.. ive read a few posts on here and seen that it makes it easier if you have a plug in your console, i take apart my dash quite aot and when i do i see a plug with...
  6. K

    VS STATESMAN Towbar Fitting.. Needs help PLEEAASSEE :)

    Anyone know how to fit a towbar on a vs statesman..?? Needs help please :) Any ideas..?? :hmmm: I get were the bit at the back goes.... its just the bit at the front, does it go onto the rear diff independent suspension or under it or ontop of it or what...?? i need help please.... :) :hmmm:
  7. T

    Help needed for gauge installation into VB

    Hi all, I've got a VB and i'm building a black 202 to put in it. I want to put Autometer Oil Pressure and Water Temperature gauges in it but i'm not quite sure how to wire them up. i know how to wire up the positive and negative wires but I dont know exactly how to wire them up to the motor...
  8. Denno

    Car alarm DIY or go for a Pro?

    Hi guys, I'm just wondering who would be the best people to install a Python 902 car alarm into my 01 VX Commodore Lumina? I bought it from JB HiFi and the guy said they'll charge roughly 150-200. Is it possible to get a better price somewhere in South Australia? (I live down south -...
  9. T

    VN 3.8 Oil Cooler

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone knows how to or has already seen a post relating to the installation of an oil cooler to a VN V6? Cheers
  10. hwy747

    [LS1] Help...I searched and couldn't find the answer to my OTRCAI "issue"

    Hey guys! I searched through all the OTRCAI pages I could find (took me an hour of searching), couldn't find the answer.....anyhoo...... Here is my problem. My PCM is off getting a mailorder tune done on it, and I figured it would be a good time to install the OTRCAI I purchased a few...

    best way to install speakers in vk door

    hey.. an upgrading my stereo system and am wondering how hard is it to install some speakers in the door. currently there are 2 speakers on the rear parcel shelf. thanks