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  1. J

    Where to purchase Di Filippo (Manta Pro Series) Exhausts in SA?

    Hi, I’m looking at doing a complete intake and exhaust haulover/repair/dyno with my VF Series 1 VF (L77 Engine). I’ve already got a crap Chinese OTR CAI and factory sports exhaust fitted, but want to really go all the way I can to improve performance/sound beforeI give it a new cam and dyno...
  2. N

    L67 auto to manual conversion

    I have a 2000 vt spac supercharged v6 with an L67 engine. I’m trying to find out how I would convert it from automatic to manual. I’ve read a few posts but can’t seem to find the awnsers I’m looking for . I pretty much need to know the whole process Do I need a supercharged s pac manual gearbox...
  3. J

    Diff housing

    Hey guys, I’m having talks about who and where to get my diff upgrade done, and to keep costs low on both the labour and parts the guy I’m likely to go through suggested sourcing my own new/better diff housing for its intended use and to prevent a housing blowout should I end up doing what I...
  4. LachieCaprice


    Hey Guys currently looking at purchasing a 2006 Holden ve Calais v 6.0 it’s done 186,000 km and was wondering if I should look for anything in particular( other then general items as in service history , oil condition ,radiator and coolant ) a family member has a 2008 highout put v6 with...
  5. J

    Harrop TrueTrac LSD Rebuilds Adelaide

    Hi. mom looking at getting a 3.75 or 3.9 Harrop TrueTrac LSD conversion/rebuild on my 2014 Series 1 VF SS Commodore Sedan (auto), but I’m having a lot of trouble finding reputable places to facilitate this in Adelaide for any reasonable price. I know I can buy them off eBay, but all the...
  6. J

    VF Holden SS Commodore Handling/Suspension upgrades

    Hey guys, About to launch into the world of car modifications with few rotors and pads, intake and full engine back exhaust, with a tune of course. Alongside this, I am also hoping to get a Kaaz differential in 3.75 or 3.9 - looking for some opinions there - and expected prices. I bought my...
  7. LachieCaprice

    Holden WL CAPRICE

    Hey Guys hoping your all well and hoping corona is leaving you alone I’m still looking for a Caprice mostly the whs but I recently took a liking to the wl caprice and had a few questions if you could help it would be much appricated how do the sensors work just sound or do they show on the...
  8. J

    VF SS Sedan Suspension Upgrade.

    Hey. I live m in southern suburbs SA. What’s the a decent amount to pay and quality to expect for a coilover or any other suggested handling upgrade for a 2014 Series 1 VF Holden SS Commodore Sedan. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks
  9. G

    Would a diff out of a 3.8 vt fit straight into a vy 3.8

    Wanting to buy a diff it’s just gonna get welded up but I’ve got a vy 3.8 and was wondering what models can I buy a diff out of and it will bolt straight up not. Don’t know much about cars so just looking for tips and advice
  10. Adrian's Vr

    Unexplained whine

    hey so this morning as I turned into work my car started whining like a kettle, since then it will start doing it as soon as i got into 2nd or 3rd (T5) does not do it idling, still makes sound with clutch in and rolling in neutral, shifts ok, noticed it happens when its given load, when i slow...
  11. Jai_latham

    Can I run ssl’s with stock shocks on a vx s2

    New to the car scene! Need to know if i can run ssls all round with stock shocks on my vx 2002 series 2/ Is it a good idea, Will it be still be legal and if running 20’s will impact it at all? Please help a brother out I’m looking to get springs ASAP but I’m unsure!!? Pic below of my car
  12. J

    Vs ute LSD

    Hi guys, probably a stupid question but I have finally found a live axle LSD for my vs ute however it doesn't have axles and I was wondering if open diff axles would fit into the lsd? Cheers
  13. J

    Ecotec tick/knock

    Hi guys, I recently just put a new clutch kit and some reconditioned heads onto my 96 vs ute, It was running perfect but all of a sudden it's started making a tick/knocking sound when idling. Any help would be appreciated, see video for sound.
  14. L

    Vz wont start

    Hey guys just wondering if someone can help? I have a 04 vz commodore, last week it wouldnt start wouldnt even try turn over bit of help from youtube and i got it going, yesterday its done the same thing but my youtube trick didnt help, it wont even try turn just has dash lights come up tells...
  15. T

    VY S LED Headlight Issues

    Hi all, I recently purchased some LED headlights for my VY. They have arrived and I have tried fitting them and have run into some issues. 1. The H1 high beam LED has 2 connectors opposed to the halogen only having 1 connector. I believe I may have to buy a wiring converter (2 female to 1...
  16. J

    5.7L to 5.0L conversion

    I know this is quite the opposite to what would usually happen but has anyone ever downsized the motor in a VT. I’m still on my green’s and considering this option as most VT Clubby’s on the market are 5.7’s currently
  17. V

    Vy ute regency defect in Adelaide is it worth getting the defect off?

    The other day my brother was driving my vy ute that I've only had for a few months and got pulled over and had the book thrown at him for everything they could find which was rear tyres being on the wear lines, too low which was only because I had my tools in the back, too loud which was fair...
  18. Adrian's Vr

    Head unit won't work but a/c blows

    I just tapped a inline converter into the head unit but now the head unit and everything in that cluster stopped working but blows air from ac still, fuses seem ok but is there a fuse I'm unaware of?
  19. J

    Recommended Tyres for 2014 VF SS Sedan

    Hey all, New to the world of commodores, as well as high powered vehicles (I bought VF SS with a few minor mods and a sports tune), and am nearing the point of requiring my first new set of tyres. I haven't got a fortune to spend, but I'm not stupid enough to go for re-treads, and I haven't got...
  20. Nicccoleee1

    Car alarm goes off hours after I lock my car

    So like I said in the title, my car alarm will go off a few hours after I lock my car for about 30 seconds and then switch itself off. It won’t go off if my car is unlocked. It started when my battery was dying and so I bought a new one but it’s still going off! Any ideas on why my alarm keeps...
  21. Lingsmith633

    V6 Alloy rocker covers

    Does anyone know where I can find this bung/plug?
  22. T

    Help Needed With My Ve Omega

    Hey guys I just thought I’d throw a question out there as I’m in need of some help, when I have time I will be taking photos and posting them if further help is needed. okay so a couple of months ago me and my partner got a 2009 VE Omega It’s actually an ex detectives car which comes with the...
  23. JakeVFSV6

    Traction control stuck on?

    I have a 2015 Holden VF SV6 auto When trying to turn all traction control off in the VF (I know you have to Holden the “traction control” button for 8-10 seconds for the esp to turn off as well as the traction control) but even when I have it all turned off, I still can’t get the wheels to spin...
  24. R

    Timing marks on the pulley are broken off

    So i have a VL Executive. I believe the timing is out of whack. I'm wondering how i can time it when the little marks on the pulley are actually broken off. I really would like to avoid buying a new pulley if i can because i've already spent more money on my VL than i really wanted to. Here's...
  25. T

    Vz acclaim fuel gauge error

    Bought a '04 vz acclaim that needed some work. It has a fuel gauge error and it won't start. I have a way to get around it but I need it fixed so I can register the car. I've already installed a new fuel pump assembly and replaced the entire computer including the ecu and bcm but it still came...
  26. J

    Basic modifications

    Hey guys, I’m fresh to the group and forum here, having just bought my first decent car. VF SS Auto Sedan with just under 90k on the clock. Looking for some advice on some baseline/starting modifications that I could get done to make it more of a sleeper. Also if anyone knows of a good place...
  27. MPA

    Help please! Voltage Dropping Issue

    Hi Everyone, Bit desperate here, first time posting. This will be a bit of a long post just so I can get as much information out there to help diagnose the issue. Car: HOLDEN COMMODORE VX (S2?) 2002 4 Door Sedan 3.8 litre, LN3 (L36) V6 So my issue is my voltage starts off at 13.5V (Dash...
  28. Vonix

    Vz Missfire

    Hey guys, my vz is miss firing fairly bad, espicially @1900rpm, in 5th gear. The idle isnt rough, occasional surge when air cons on, obd2 picked up no codes, the misfire usually happens at 1900rpm with some throttle. Any ideas?
  29. H

    Will a VX calais bumper fit onto a berlina???

    Hey guys, I was thinking about putting a VX calais bumper front and rear onto my VX berlina, will there be any problems with doing it, will my stock headlights be fine Also if I put on front and rear bumpers will it look weird without having the side skirts aswell? Thanks heaps
  30. N

    Double row timing chain alignment

    Hi guys Just got a cam and rollmaster double row timing chain installed and degreed by my mechanic and I’ve notoiced that that crank sprocket for the chain sits 0.35mm closer to the block then the cam gear and the front of the teeth on the cam sprocket have scoring marks as if the chain is...
  31. DrHelpMe

    Blowing engine fuse when shifting to drive

    Recently my v6 ve commodore stalled as I was pulling up to the lights and wouldn't start, after we got it home and figured out the F39-10a IGN engine fuse was blown we changed it and she started fine I shifted into reverse got out the driveway put her in drive and she goes again fuse blown...
  32. S

    Lowering VU ute

    Hey guys, i didn’t know where to post this thread or how to use this website that much, but i had a quick question about how i would go about lowering my vu ute further than SSSL height springs, at the moment i have KYB lowered shocks, and king SSSL springs (rear only) i was wondering if there...
  33. S

    Reverse Sensors not beeping after replacing head unit

    Had changed head unit from another aftermarket head unit to an alpine head unit. Unforunately everything was twist and taped instead of just using one of those conversions from supercheap so have had to manually wire everything to the new head unit. Previous to this the sensors worked and...
  34. K

    Potential starter motor? Unsure need help

    Hey guys, unsure if my starter motor is shagged or not, car won't start, and makes a clicking noise when turning key First thought battery was stuffed, tried to jump it, no go still clicking sound after it. Then read tapping on starter might help it start, and if it did, then it's the starter...
  35. V

    Vx traction control relocation

    Hey guys , helping a mate do a manual conversion to his vx ss and was curious as to the traction control button. Can it be extended up to the dash to fit a manual facia and if so how do we do that Cheers
  36. A

    Best set of mufflers for a vf

    Hey Guys,i was just wondering what the best rear mufflers are for a sv6 vf. I understand that I'm not going to get that v8 sound or anything like it, but I was just seeking as a temporary change to change my mufflers to at least get a better sound than the stock mufflers. I've looked at j pipes...
  37. N

    HELP! Head Unit leading to battery drain!

    Hey guys, I'm sorry if this post is in the wrong forum but recently I've installed a Kenwood DDX4018bt head-unit into my 2005 VZ SV6 and all was great until I noticed a few days later it drained the battery, so I changed it up and alas, it drained again. Not only does it seem to be drawing...
  38. J

    VZ head unit broken ?

    The Head unit of my wagon 2005 VZ executive doesn't work properly it turns on but the radio doesn't make a sound and it seems like there is a cd stuck inside because the display says CD IN but i can't get it out and it's also not making a sound. Does anyone know how i could fix this problem...
  39. D

    Supercharged VP?

    Hey everyone, I've got a 1992 V6 VP commodore executive. Lately I've been doing some research on supercharges and trying to work out if it's worth doing It's primarily a burnout car, my main questions are 1) would i notice a difference if it was supercharged while doing a burnout 2) the rough...
  40. Alexander Cuomo

    Does anyone know what the Lumina trim level is?!!!

    On Wikipedia when looking at VY commodores there is no mention of the Lumina model apart from the chev lumina which is a completely different car. Where does it place with the other trim levels of VY commodores and what features does it have that the executive doesn't have? thanks