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  1. T

    VY S LED Headlight Issues

    Hi all, I recently purchased some LED headlights for my VY. They have arrived and I have tried fitting them and have run into some issues. 1. The H1 high beam LED has 2 connectors opposed to the halogen only having 1 connector. I believe I may have to buy a wiring converter (2 female to 1...
  2. VS Commodore with S14 Zenki Grill/Lights

    VS Commodore with S14 Zenki Grill/Lights

    Ive always wondered what this would look like. they look so similar
  3. K

    VX S2 R/H headlight smoking

    hi I have a series 2 vx wagon and my right headlight (drivers side) is not coming on. Only parking light will work. When I checked fuse 4 under dash it was ok but I replaced anyway also under bonet I replaced #30 fuse (r/h headlamp) as this was broken. Now with the new fuse in , when I turn...

    Headlights. Polish or Clearcoat?

    I have just polished my headlights and are happy with the outcome. Should I clear coat them? For and Against please. Cheers
  5. A

    Aftermarket DRL Headlights

    Hey guys, I'm looking to get a set of Audi R8 style headlights for my VZ, just was wondering if anyone had any pointers/reccomendations. I've been looking at Mars Performance and Sydney Special Vehicles but have heard very mixed reviews about Mars which makes me a bit skeptical. Hoping to keep...
  6. MR VXS2

    How to ruin your headlights quickly using higher wattage globes.

    Howdy. I couldn't work out why my headlights were crap compared to my previous VX wagon, so I pulled them out today to install some new SS ones. This is what happens when you use H4- 90/100 watt globes in place of the standard H4- 55/60 watt ones. I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING HIGHER WATTAGE GLOBES...
  7. R

    Aftermarket headlight fitment and front bumper sag

    Hi guys, So ever since i installed my new headlights (aftermarket projector) ive realised that the panel gap between the bottom of the headlight and the bumper is just ridiculous. Ive also noticed that the gap where bumper meets the hood, one side has a bigger gap than the other. Now...
  8. K

    Auto headlight issue

    So a random problem has developed with my VZ. No auto or mechanical changes but after driving one day I noticed that my headlights will only work when they are set to auto. If i switch back to parkers or driving lights then I have no lights. Annoyingly, when the keys aren't turned to...
  9. klavins

    Quad Projector Headlights

    I've got SSV headlights with one set of projector lamps but want to install a second set for quad projectors. Is there a guide or anything that'll help me? I think I need 2.5" lenses but not sure what else. Thanks :) Reference image:
  10. J

    VZ SS to VZ SV6 headlight swap

    Ive got a 2005 VZ SV6 commodore and was curious as to whether or not the VZ SS tail and head lights would fit a VZ SV6. From what ive heard, they do but just wanted to know if anyone has experience with this swap. Anyone that has any VZ SS lights for sale HMU aswell. Thanks :surprise:
  11. D

    VT headlights

    G'day guys, Have rego due tomorrow and mechanic is being an arse about my headlights, when I turn the highbeam on, lowbeam goes out on the passenger side. Is this most likely just a poor earth connection or other problem, if you think earth, does anyone know where the culprit may be located...
  12. S

    Angel eyes?

    I want angel eyes for my VZ wagon does anyone know where I can get some or has anyone tried using the kit from spectrum angel eyes? They are like $400 bucks so i want to know if they are worth it thanks. Also what are your opinions on those DRL headlights (the really popular ones)
  13. S

    Pics of aftermarket headlights and taillights

    Can you guys post some pics of your aftermarket headlights & taillights for any VZ but mostly Utes and Wagons for the taillights and give me your opinion and where to get them so there not cheap looking or tacky. Thanks :beer chug: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gd6_VRfizQc - Is it possible...
  14. dashdown98

    Will VN headlights and grille fit VP?

    I own a VP ute with a stock front end. I like the look of some of the VN grilles going around, and I know that the grille is a different shape to the VP, but if you swap out the headlights and grille from a VN can you keep the VP indicators? I really don't want to get two whole new left and...
  15. H

    Electrical problems

    I have been having problems with my electrics in my vy ss for a while now. My front windows wont go down i have to hold the button down for 10 sec for it to work or tap the down button lots of times. Now my headlights and radio wont turn off when i open the drivers door i have to turn it all off...
  16. T

    Will VZ Headlights fit into VY Series II?

    Hi there, I have to replace the headlights on my VY Series II Calais (no teardrop in the headlight), and I was wondering if the headlights from a VZ Calais would fit in. I know that the VZ grille is slightly larger that the VY, but the shape of the headlights are practically the same on...
  17. M

    Changing 09 VE headlight globes

    Got a new set of headlight globes the other day and the bloke at supercheap could not help me with putting them in. My main problem is with the clip/tang/spring part that sits behind the globe to keep it in.. When trying to change the globes I read on a forum on here about loosening one of...
  18. D

    Interior lights not working & a high pitched whine when i turn on the headlights??

    I have a 1999 vt commodore berlina, randomly the (after marker kenwood) radio stopped working. after investigating i checked the fuses and nothing was blown, i swapped the fuse in the head unit its self and it started working, however since then whenever i turn on the head lights, the interior...
  19. S

    Non Genuine VE SSV Tail Lights and Headlights

    Hi Guys, Looking at buying some non genuine ssv tail lights and projector headlights. Just wondering if anyone has an info on them, or has them fitted to there cars. And thoughts? Cheers Here is a link off ebay for the tail lights VE Commodore SS V Tail Lights Brand NEW Tail...
  20. T

    Globe sizes for the VE sv6 my10

    Hey everyone, I'm sure this has come up before but I have been doing searches and can't find anything (probably missed it or searching wrong). I'm wondering if anyone knows the globe sizes for the VE series 1 sv6, I need to know low beam, high beam and fog light sizes. Any help would be...
  21. fixitdude74

    VX Calais headlights dim when driving

    I have noticed(only at night), when i'm driving and i slow to stop at intersection, the headlights dim for a second or so, then they brighten back up, it does it everytime i pull up. I've checked the alternator, its putting out 14.0v at idle, the cables look ok, its just really weird, its as...
  22. davey32

    VY Replacement Headlights

    Hey guys, recently I've been looking to upgrade my 2003 Vy S headlights - h4's... I'm over the poor range and look of the OEM bulbs.. Just wondering what replacements would get me a quality range + a slight blue tinge but still legal as I don't want to mess around with HID's and still be...
  23. Holden vz

    Low beams not working

    Hi there I have noticed that my low beam is not working both the bulbs are h9 and are new bulbs in after market headlights I've checked the relay and I cant hear a clicking sound but when I change it over it doesn't work with a different relay the fuses under the bonnet are new and I have...
  24. C

    VN Commodore Indicator Issues

    HI guys In a bit of a spot at the moment, this VN commodore is giving me grief and it just has to last a few more months till I can buy a new car. anyway I left work the other night, turned on my headlights and my right indicator stayed on, left one and hazards worked fine, so I...
  25. D

    LED Lights

    Hi all, just wondering if the VE and VY Commodore would need a new flasher unit in order for LED indicators to work properly. If anyone who has done this your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  26. Shhtef

    Headlights on lowbeam dim or off until I give them a bang, but highbeams work fine.

    Had my battery jump started by RACV and ever since the lowbeams are either dim or off, can be either or both at a time. Lights play up when switched to auto or on, sometimes turn off when they should turn off either manually or automatically. The highbeams work fine however. If I give the...
  27. L

    Tinting VT headlights.

    Hi all, I recently tinted my boot garnish and tail lights and haven't had a problem with the lights not showing, and never been pulled over for it. Was wondering if it's illegal for head lights to be tinted, and if there's a certain darkness I can do it too, cheers.
  28. VX SS 340 HP

    VX SS headlights Fluctuating in brightness

    Hi I recently relocated my battery to the boot in my s:axe:s...everything works fine car starts no problems at all...but the other night I took it out for a drive and the headlights were fluctuating in brightness they,were going very dull and then they would just jump back to there normal...
  29. sIIVY_tommy

    VY parker bulbs and and attachments (headlights)

    g'day all, just a general question (cant find in search) i bought a pair of black vy SS headlamps and being a vy with the teardrop parker they didnt send me the long black plastic attachment for the bulbs, i cant use the oringinals because they snaped when i had a bing, i can post a pic if im...
  30. JSTCOZ

    [QLD] Pair of VT Headlights

    ITEM: Pair of VT Headlights CONDITION: Very good, no damage LOCATION: North Brisbane REASON FOR SELLING: No longer needed PRICE: $60 negotiable PICS:
  31. B

    VY Headlights

    I recently brought some VY Headlights off ebay and am in the middle of installing them. The problem is the new ones i am trying to install wont fit the one small particular wiring connection. Do i just mod it or can i buy a new one to fit? Thanks
  32. Commo_Carl

    VRII Lights problem

    Hi guys, Recently my lights have been randomly coming on even when the switch is off. Can almost be 100% sure this does not happen if I leave the switch on, turn motor off, then open door (which switches off automatically), only when the switch is turned off. It has drained my battery dead...
  33. bmarriott.live

    Vx headlight removal

    Does anyone know how to remove the headlights in a vx executive, do i need to remove the front bumper. Thanks in advance
  34. C

    VY Headlight replacement. full casing etc...

    Hi all. I would like some help/advise on how to tackle replacing the headlights on my vy exec. bought the ss/sv8 headlight casing and am obviously looking to swap them over with the stock ones. i have attempted. but couldnt get to all the bolts... my mechanic told me i had to take...
  35. B

    Vt Calais 98 model headlight issue/

    Hi, If some could help me with this problem it would be much appreciated. I have a vt calais 98 model, when i switch the headlights on and use high beams the right headlight dims (almost off) and also the same problem if i switch the fog lamps on the right headlight and right fog lamp dim...
  36. smitheyes

    [VE] WM Caprice High Beam Light Upgrade

    After searching the net and not finding any information on this decided to go it alone. Have read several threads on the poor quality headlights on the latest statesman & caprice models and was not happy myself with the high beam on my 2007 WM Caprice. Just to set things straight Holdens state...
  37. Zarconia

    Headlights Not Working

    Gday fellas i have a 94 VR exec and am having problems with my headlights. Now they turn on but not all the way, like they go into park but do not fully turn on. High beam works fine. I was on my way to work a few weeks ago while it was raining and noticed my wiper blades were going spastic, had...
  38. VLC86

    VL calais eyelids

    anyone know a possible cause for my calais's pop up lights not to work? the lights will be on but the eyelids wont be up. i know the motor works perfectly because i can manually wind them up, and when the battery is connected up again they close themselves.. but the lights work just...
  39. VLC86

    white headlights?

    hey guys, my vl is in serious need for some new headlights, the reflectors are in alright condition..but the light im geting at the moment is pretty terrible. i want some of the white globes. iv been looking for some globes on the internet, would anyone know what specific globes i would need...
  40. VLC86

    Having trouble with my VL's pop up lights.

    Hey guys, i have a 1986 VL calais.. Whenever i wash the car the pop up lights start going up and down even without the car on. i know that this is prety common, and i would just unplug the battery. But now the pop up lights aren't working at all.. does anyone know what possible problems...