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  1. J

    Custom SSV Redline or HSV GTS?

    Hi Guys, I have been saving up for a while and am Planning on buying a V8 when I get off my green p plates in the next year or so. I really want the HSV GTS but if I was to buy it would most likely have to remain stock. I like to have something a bit different about my cars that make it stand...
  2. J

    wn caprice v to vf gts front end

    Hey all Ok, so, just picked up a wn cappy v and its basically gone straight on the hoist for a host of upgrades, but, i don't (and i don't think anyone does) like the front ends. So that brings me to my question, vf front end swap? To my knowledge the front frame is identical back to 2006...
  3. BlastoiseG8

    Show off your Voodoo blue VE's

    Hey guys, Im in the US and Ive had my G8 for a while now (going on two years) and it finally occured to me that I should look to my Australian brothers cause y'all really got it figured out if i do say so myself. Id love to see some of your VE's if ya dont mind showing them off. Thanks!
  4. A

    Ve r8 conversion to omega

    Bend the chassis on my ve r8 with very little damage to everything else . Am going buy a omega or cheap shell to transfer all running gear interior etc any tips? Guessing all ECU need to be swapped I know it would be easier to transfer to a ve ss or v8 shell but I am in nz and these cars are...
  5. 1

    5 x VE REAR K-frame questions...

    I have a 2010 VE HSV GTS with a stuffed rear K-Frame. so before I investigate some wreckers... and plan is to source a replacement and swap over the internals (ie: diff, disks, MRC etc..) Q1.. Is the HSV unit beefier than the std VE's K-frame? Q2.. Will a different year VE K-Frame fit the 2010...
  6. VXBaz

    [LS3] WN Caprice LS3 to GTS power - how?

    Hi, I'm a chauffer driver/owner operator and also a car nut and am considering upgrading my current WN seies 1 (6.0 litre) to a newer LS3 powered WN Series 2...just because I want to own the last and greatest Caprice ever made. What are the differences between the GTS LS3 (325kw?) and the...
  7. ebonymarie

    Sedan exhuast fit wagon?????

    hi, I have found a secondhand xforce exhuast off a ls2 gts. I just wanna know if it would fit my ssv wagon?
  8. V

    Wanted - VT GTS

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: I am searching to buy a HSV VT GTS Series 1. Must be in excellent condition with low owner history. Open to manual or auto, and colour. LOCATION: ACT CONDITION: Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will pay for shipping or travel to location anywhere in...
  9. saif abushanab

    Whay to do with this problem!!!

    I have problem in my Commodore vx ss 5.7l gen iii The car vibrates on idle and the idle is poor, the medium idle is 650 this drops to 640 or 630 and back up to 655 and like this, and the air thats come out of exhust is poor also ( as the videos ) What did i did? I cleaned the MAF sensor, air...
  10. C

    VE to GF maloo cosmetic conversion

    Hi guys, I own a Gen F clubsport and a VE2 Maloo R8. I've thought about selling the maloo but have decided to toy with upgrading parts of it instead of an entire upgrade. What I have in mind is to purchase a genuine Gen F front bar, lights, bonnet & sides (few thousand) then attempt to...
  11. C

    [SA] Wanted: HSV VY GTS 19" single wheel

    IITEM DESCRIPTION: Looking for one (1) HSV VY GTS 19" wheel in shadow chrome. LOCATION: I'm in SA, Adelaide metro. CONDITION: Will consider any original condition so long as its genuine and structurally sound (no cracks). DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up, can pay for postage...
  12. S

    HSV Advice

    Hey Guys, Im new to the just commodore forum and I'm just after some advice. Im thinking about buying a HSV GTS or Clubsport 2007 year onwards with a budget of about $32 k. What are the cost involved with owning the car i.e: Service, Tyres, Petrol, Expenses etc. and what should I be looking...
  13. Sokoza

    '92 HSV VP GTS - Sokoza

    1992 HSV VP GTS A restoration project featuring HSV’s resurrection of the GTS badge, the VP GTS. Born in September of ’92, they started life as a Berlina before being carted off to HSV for the royal treatment. Descending from the VN Group A SS it has some similar features, such as a...
  14. Mattyk_12

    VE auto GTS LS3 Cam shaft Upgrade

    hey how's it going. i looking into getting a cam upgrade for my car. though im not sure what type of size i should go. it already has a full 2 1/2 inch exhaust and has been re mapped. but that would need to be done again. if i get the cam i will be getting an otr as well. i sort of wanted to...
  15. Mattyk_12

    VE GTS exhaust upgrade.

    hey hows it going everyone. I hoping I'm posting this in the right section. I have been scanning around forums for quite a while now but have never thought to post something but here it goings. I have been looking into upgrading the exhaust on my 08 ve auto gts. but after reading countless...
  16. E

    Hire A Holden

    Hi Guys im in the western sydney region and in need of a formal car looking for a really nice commodore hopefully a blown GTS monaro thanks
  17. Drumo

    VE GTS Wheel question - 275/30 R20

    Hi guys. Sorry if this is in the wrong section. Got a work colleague who just trashed the **** outta a rear alloy and needs to get it replaced. Anyone know of a supplier that can source 1? Holmart want $2,700 for a set of four boxed and without tyres, but that's pretty steep to replace 1...
  18. muggo05

    My HSV VT GTS 220i - I Just Got One!

    Hey there guys, I picked up my first HSV a few months ago and just havent gotten around to putting something up on here. It's a Series 1 VT GTS with the 5.7L Stroker. Spent a fair bit on it since i got her because i'm a perfectionist and want it running perfectly. here are the specs of the...
  19. S

    Hsv gts cams

    Hey guys, want to get some opinions on cams for an E series GTS 6.0litre, It already has a hi tech 2 1/2 inch hi flow catback exhaust system on it and a cold air intake, Any good brands? Or more importantly what size and so forth do u think I should put in? Thanks
  20. V

    [VIC] Holden VR S Sedan, Manual, Reg

    ITEM: Holden Series II VR S-pac Sedan LOCATION: Vic, Western YEAR: 1996 SERIES: VR Spac Series II BADGE: S-Pac ENGINE: 6 Cyl TRANSMISSION: Manual New Clutch put in by previous owner less then 8 months ago COLOUR: White with red strip EXTERIOR CONDITION: few minor...
  21. S

    Good LSD Suggestions for VE HSV GTS 307

    Hi, i recently fuc*ed my diff and am looking for a new one 3:45.1 ratio, does anyone recommend a good diff i looked at a CAPA one but i thought id ask.
  22. R

    VE gts rear bumper removal

    hi, my boss has a ve gts 307kw and one of the reverse parking sensors has fallin inside the bumper somehow. was wondering on how to either remove the bumper to get to the sensor, or if there is an easier way or something to fix it. any help would be great :beer chug:
  23. vt_king

    Wanted GTS for Wedding Car

    Hey Guys I'm looking for an E-Sereis GTS for my wedding in September this year (2009) in Melbourne. I would prefer it chauffeur driven if possible from Carrum Downs to Olinda then stay for an hour or so for photos and that's it. Willing to pay cash $$$, Contact Danny at vt_king@hotmail.com
  24. M

    [QLD] VE HSV GTS Front Bar

    For sale is a VE HSV GTS front bar. The bar is Fibreglass and has never been fitted to a car. It is in excellent condition apart from a small shallow crack on the very bottom of the bar which can very easily be repaired when it is painted. Will really make a nice addition to any VE commodore...