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fuel usage

  1. DeathSammich

    Lean Cruise Settings

    What's the best settings for lean cruise? Can I save fuel by setting road speed to say 55 rather than 70 and changing the afrs from 18.1 to 15.4?
  2. DeathSammich

    Fuel Consumption Issue

    I have an l67 and it uses a decent amount of fuel. At idle in park qhen warm uses 1.9-2.2l per hour on the display and in drive uses 2.2-.2.6l per hour. I've read it's meant to read around 1.6? What things could effect my idle usage? I think idle usage pretty much reflects driving usage which is...
  3. DeathSammich

    VT Running Rich

    My VT series 1 is using 15L per 100KM and i dont know why. Ive changed 02 sensors, fuel pump, oil filter, fuel filter and the oil. What esle could cause bad fuel usage? it has 280xxxKms.
  4. DeathSammich

    High Fuel Consumption

    Sorry for posting again but my VT is using a lot of fuel, 15L per 100KM. I've recently changed the fuel pump, o2 Sensors, fuel filter, oil, oil filter, cleaned maf sensor and changed air filter and still it uses heaps of fuel. What else can I do to fix this issue?
  5. DeathSammich

    VT Berlina using heaps of fuel

    Hi, i have a series 1 VT berlina and on the dash is reads 14.7 litres per 100. After changing spark plugs some of them were quite dark leading me to believe its running rich. How can i fix this? Its does 280xxxKms
  6. K

    VX SS fuel consumption

    Since I bought my stock ss its used more fuel than it should (20L/100KM). I then had a small 217/217 cam kit installed, OTRCAI, Mafless tune, pacemaker tri ys and 2.5" twin system with 100cpsi high flow cats, changed lifters, 25% ud balancer, new plugs and leads and changed all 02 sensors +...