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  1. Angus113

    L67 twin exhaust on l36

    Hey just wondering if you can put the cats section from a v6 supercharged on an na v6 header and bolt up the twin exhaust. I’ve been trying to find info but has been difficult to get a straight answer cheers
  2. B

    VZ wagon Exhaust Question

    Looking at new exhausts online and the v8 systems and v6 systems look like they come off the extractors at similar points. My question is will a V8 CatBack system fit on my V6 stock extractors without too much hassle. I'm hoping they do so I can have the fatter pipes . Thanks guys.
  3. J

    Where to purchase Di Filippo (Manta Pro Series) Exhausts in SA?

    Hi, I’m looking at doing a complete intake and exhaust haulover/repair/dyno with my VF Series 1 VF (L77 Engine). I’ve already got a crap Chinese OTR CAI and factory sports exhaust fitted, but want to really go all the way I can to improve performance/sound beforeI give it a new cam and dyno...
  4. lmoengnr

    Extractors and exhaust

    Question 1: Exhaust ports will be the same, but what car are the LS2 headers fitted in? Question 2: No, wont fit.
  5. E

    Exhaust Systems?

    Any good choices for exhaust options, was looking at X-Force with rear muffler but have heard bad things about so thought i'd come get some advice on good ones. I know it wont sound like a V8 but that's fine with me, just want something with some noise.
  6. B

    Exhaust Systems

    Hey guys, I was looking at upgrading the exhaust on my VZ wagon and was wondering if anyone could make any suggestions. I was looking for cat back systems from Manta or a Performance Exhaust XForce. Any tips on which would produce a better note or if there's any other solutions I should...
  7. F

    VF Bimodal exhaust on an sv6

    Hi all , I was just wondering if anyone has put an exhaust from a vf2 ss (Bi-Modal) on a ve sv6. As the ss is getting an aftermarket exhaust and don’t want to waste the old one that sounds good on the v8. don’t really care about v6 exhaust, wouldn’t mind it being a bit louder tho.
  8. serroots

    Aftermarket Exhaust V6

    Hi guys, New here . Love all the anti-ZB sentiment on here, makes me even happier to own what is a fantastically underrated car :) Each to their own! To those haters, I also own a VF2 Motorsport, so no need to carry on about RWD and V8. I love Euro cars, and the VXR is a great daily without the...
  9. V

    Are vy sedan headers and y peice the same as a vy ute? ?

    Are vy sedan headers and y peice the same as a vy ute? I know the exhaust from the cat back are different just can't seem to find anything on here to see if the headers and y peice are the same or different?
  10. M

    What is the best online aftermarket part shop for my V6 Ecotec N/A

    I’ve heard it’s best to buy from other aftermarket places than eBay they say a lot of companies there scam and What’s the best tuning chip to use and is turbo charging the car worth it? Seen a lot of videos in Aus where the hit above 800Hp also what exhaust is worth buying and That’s about it...
  11. D

    Walkinshaw Upgrades 2020

    Hi all, My question is: Does anyone know if the Walkinshaw upgrades done to the vf2 commodores today are the same exhaust systems as a few years ago? Does anyone know if they had a stockpile of exhaust systems for future upgrades? I love the sound of the W375 pack and will get one but I want the...
  12. R

    Best Exhaust Setup for a WN Caprice with OEM Parts?

    I have recently required a pair (I actually have 2 pairs now) of flange type VF2 Ute Bi modal mufflers. I will be retrofitting one pair to my WN Caprice with the Ultimate Conversion Wiring kit. Some people have said that the bi modals alone still done give enough volume when open. So a couple of...
  13. S

    LLT Exhaust Manifold Removal

    Hi all, I believe I have a crack in my exhaust manifold (passenger side ) I'm looking to take it off to replace / repair it. What's the process to remove the exhaust manifold on the passenger side? Do I have to take off the oil filter housing? Space looks quite tight there and looks like a...
  14. JSV6

    VF SV6 Catback

    Hey guys, I want to know if I will lose power putting a 3” catback exhaust on my stock SV6. For those wondering, the brand of the 3” catback is Empire Performance. Advise that I am not going to do a tune after putting on the exhaust. I know slapping on an exhaust without a tune on my SV6 will...
  15. JSV6

    Best rear mufflers SV6

    I’m wondering what are the best sounding aftermarket mufflers to get for a VF1 SV6. Yes I know it’s a V6, but I just want my car to be a tiny bit louder without having to go for a whole cat-back. Not really interested in straight through tail pipes, I’ve had a look at OPG/Ultrex mufflers but I’m...
  16. gr33nbastad

    Xforce blown cats

    So, about 16,000 klms after install of a full Xforce system with varex mufflers, I start hearing a rattle in the right hand muffler and find a big chunk of cat flapping around, and the left hand side valve completely stuck shut. Pretty pissed about this crap, warranty claim PITA paperwork still...
  17. Aaron Dobkowski

    Exhaust issue

    Hey guys. I've had a 2.5" Catback exhaust with a set of J-pipes fitted to my ve ssz ute and pretty happy with the sound and idle. Only issue I have is an annoying whistle noise when under a heavy load and the revs are high. Any ideas on how this can be fixed?
  18. A

    Ve ssv exhaust with sv6 muffler issue

    hey guys I just put a ssv exhaust on my omega. And I didn’t notice till after that it’s a few cm shorter then the omega exhaust. Is this normal? And I have to use cable ties on my mufflers cause it doesn’t reach the mounts, could it be cause I have sv6 mufflers on the ssv or just the cm difference?
  19. S

    RS exhaust note

    Hey guys. New here, don’t know a lot about cars, but I just bought a 2016 VF Calais V 3.6L. And I was interested in the exhaust sound and how it differed greatly to the newer 3.6L V6 RS lift back that I hired last week on holidays... the RS had a great sound when the engine started and under...
  20. M

    Want a stock full l67 system from headers back

    Hi all again, just posting an add wanting some help on the gold coast region, I'm just wondering if anyone has a stock l67 twin system exhaust from the headers back? You know like where the y piece is on the ecotec on the l67 it's a twin cat and stays twin the whole way down. If anyone has...
  21. J

    Strange rubber cylinder mounted on exhaust pipe

    There is this strange rubber cylinder mounted to exhaust pipe of my 2005 vz commodore Equipe, towards the rear left of the car. Its held on by a welded bracket and has clearance all around to the chassis. The rubber cylinder sits parallel to the exhaust pipe so it cant be a rubber mount. I...
  22. A

    Vu V6 exhaust

    hi all so i have a vu ute powered by a stock ecotec, im just lookingg to do a few tasteful mods as its my daily drive im thinking extractors and high flow cat and catback exhaust along with a cold air intake and pod filter plus msd coil packs, my question is what would be the best exhaust set...
  23. Aaron Dobkowski

    Exhaust whistle problem

    so I recently got a new 2 1/2 inch cat back system with a set of J pipes on my ve ss. They sound awesome on idle and for general cruising but as soon as I get into the high revs and put a heavy load on it, it seems to make an awful whistle sound (sounds a bit like a flute or recorder or...
  24. GlxBxi

    Extractor and intake help for VE SV6 2009 SIDI

    Hey guys i'm new here, just looking for some tailored opinions on my setup. I have an Automatic 09 ve sv6 sidi with 130000km's on clock I bought an xforce 2.25" catcback exhaust (which i kind of regret because i later found out i could fit a 2.5"). But I'm looking into buying some extractors...
  25. Shmoovin

    New exhaust plan, yay or nay?

    I was planning on getting a 2.5" hotdog centre muffler rear on my VZ V6 commodore ute Yay or nay? is there a better option out there that could make my car sound better?
  26. J

    Exhaust system for my car!

    Hey everyone! I have a 2017 SV6 Series 2 VF Commodore and I am looking for a new exhaust system or even just the back part, which I belive is a muffler (idk what its called, roast me if you want). Any suggestions??
  27. A

    Best set of mufflers for a vf

    Hey Guys,i was just wondering what the best rear mufflers are for a sv6 vf. I understand that I'm not going to get that v8 sound or anything like it, but I was just seeking as a temporary change to change my mufflers to at least get a better sound than the stock mufflers. I've looked at j pipes...
  28. T

    Confirming what cats to buy

    Hi All, Been researching for a while now and can't seem to find an answer to what replacement cats to buy. Car is a VY Calais S2 L67, is a twin system with oxygen sensors only on the extractor side, 15 year old cats need replacing and I'm looking for a direct bolt in solution to factory...
  29. Aaron Dobkowski

    Exhaust problem

    so I recently got a new 2 1/2 inch cat back system with a set of J pipes on my ve ss. They sound awesome on idle and for general cruising but as soon as I get into the high revs and put a heavy load on it, it seems to make an awful whistle sound (sounds a bit like a flute or recorder or...
  30. N

    SV6 LFX High Flow Cats?

    Hi, I have a LFX sv6 auto thats already been MAF tuned with 185rwkw (everything stock) I've been wanting to make that bit more power and be a little louder so I looked into getting some high flow cats. Will they be worth it? and How will it affect the sound of my car on the stock system?
  31. J

    SV6 Ute Exhaust Reccomendations

    I’m currently in the market to add a nice note to my AUTO VF SV6 ute, just without / minimal drone. I’ve looked into x-force catback systems but they sound fairly average for the price, so I just want to replace the mufflers with either a muffler delete or aftermarket mufflers. My options are...
  32. P


    Hey everyone I have a series 1 SSV Redline sedan manual & am looking at exhaust upgrades but struggling to choose which one... Wanting to get 1 7/8 headers with full 3 inch system & high flow cats in stainless finish. I want to it sound nice & deep as well as be loud like a V8 should...
  33. A

    Muffler change

    just wondering, if I was to change the stock muffler on the sv6 vf and put in an after market one would that give me a deeper/louder sound?
  34. Drgt1974

    Vt 5.0 wagon exhaust thoughts

    Hi all hope everyone is well Looking for new twin 2.5 cat back for the Vt S1 5.0 wagon It’s got hitec headers Currently got what I think is xforce as the tips are but it’s like Swiss cheese lol Holes all through mid mufflers and all through pipes It’s old Looks like had rear muffler around the...
  35. T_kayal

    Help please, V6 Calais Exhaust cutouts

    Alright so I would love and appreciate some help with what I want to do, I want to make my VE Calais loud as possible, but keep the stock system present at the same time. So I’ve come to the conclusion of cutout valves. ((Please refer to the attached picture, what I need to know is circled in...
  36. D

    Performance parts install

    Hey guys I just purchased some headers (1 3/4) for my VE 6.0, which should bolt directly on to my 2.5" xforce catback system. Was wondering if anyone knew of a decent workshop/mechanic who installs aftermarket parts for a reasonable price and quality. Located in Western Sydney, cheers.
  37. A

    LS3 otr and exhaust upgrade

    Anyone in Wollongong, south Sydney area know somewhere good to upgrade to an otr intake and get a full exhaust upgrade and tune on my 6.2L Clubby
  38. Jessiecv8

    VF II SSV bimodal upgrades?

    Hi, I’ve had my VFII Redline for 2.5 years now. I’m just over how quiet it is! (Yes even with bimodal open and the fuse out) I’ve been looking at a few exhaust options, ideally I’d like it as loud as she is on cold start up haha. The options I’m looking at are: - remove real mufflers (but...
  39. I

    Walkinshaw Exhaust

    Hey, im about to purchase a secondhand Walkinshaw exhaust. The system is similar to the picture linked below. http://www.powerhouseautorepairs.com.au/gallery_files/vlb_images1/1513816_404318076380954_1962859566_n.jpg The problem is the seller has no idea the specs of the system. I was under...
  40. O

    V8 Exhaust

    hi I got a WM v8 Caprice and wanting to do a rear muffler delete to get a better note. Found a - 2.5" tail pipe with J pipes - 2.5" tail pipe with J pipes and Hotdogs - 2.5" tail pipe with hotdogs Wondering which one would be loud but with the least amount of drone. cheers