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  1. L


    I’m wondering what would be the best option for a loud exhaust system that sounds good would be and that would suit a 2003 V6 VY COMMODORE that’s not too expensive. Right now my car is just all stock. Thank you
  2. P

    VF V6 Commodore Sportwagon performance

    Hey guys so I recently brought a 2014 VF commodore Sportwagon s1 I know most people’s opinion on working a v6 but say what ya will. I’m looking at putting a cat back duel exhaust on but I know with only doing the exhaust you increase fuel consumption etc So just looking for recommendations on...
  3. A

    VF sv6 exhaust recommendations

    Hi, I have just purchased a 2016 Vf sv6 and I am looking to put a new exhaust kit on it, would like some recommendations of good kits/bands to buy. Obviously i want the car to sound louder but don't want any droning cabin noise. Any recommendations would be great.
  4. P

    VE Exhaust

    Hey guys, I fairly recently bought a VE SSV ute and would like to tweak my exhuast, when I purchased the car it came with a cat-back 3" xforce exhuast system but had muffler eliminator pipes (Ugly 3" mild steel single pipes), I don't mind the sound, but I am looking at getting extractors in the...
  5. D


    Hi everyone I just joined this forum so sorry if this question has been asked before. Does anyone know what muffler/exhaust tips not only improve performance but also give the VZ more of a grow? I want something which is louder but doesn't scream when you put your foot down. Cheers
  6. J

    Holden VZ 3.6 Wagon exhaust problems

    !! please help !! I have recently purchased a 2006 VZ 3.6 wagon. I took it down to an exhaust shop because it was making a raspy sound. They assured me they could fix the problem but they made it worse. They cut the 2 rear mufflers off and replaced with straight pipe and replaced the end muffler...
  7. J

    VY Ute Exhuast on a VX Sedan?

    Was looking to buy a catback system for my vx and found a mate selling a vy catback for a ute. Would the vy catback fit on my vx sedan?
  8. W

    Post cat o2 sensors

    Hey guys does any one know how a sv6 sidi will react to not having the rear post cat o2 sensors connected changed my exhaust and need new sensors but have to wait a couple of days for them to get to me, I'm guessing it will just run rich or lean. Any help would be great :)
  9. T

    Ss mufflers on sv6

    hi, i am getting a set of ss mufflers installed on my 2012 sv6 thunder on friday, have anyone had any experience with doing this, im not that concerned about the sound i just want the quad tips lol