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engine swap

  1. tennuteproject

    Price for engine swap from LLT to LFX

    Hi so I have a 2010 SV6 manual Ute with a wrecked motor, It has the LLT in it and I've found that this motor in particular is difficult to find and when I do, wreckers know how rare it is so they charge up the ass for a low km one. I only payed $1k for the whole car so I really dont mind putting...
  2. K

    Vr V6 Engine Swap No Injector Pulse

    Hi there, i have a mazda b2200 that i have swapped a vp v6 into and im using the vr wiring loom. I have recently bought a mace memcal with VATS disabled and it still wont go. theres plenty of spark and the injectors have power ive freed them up but theres no negative pulse. Hopefully someone can...
  3. M

    Vz ute won’t crank after engine swap and manual conversion

    Hi all , So I recently done an engine swap from 175kw to 190kw aswell as manual conversion from 4 spd auto to 6spd manual. Everything’s been plugged in and Ecu, bcm, pim and key head have been replaced but the Ute won’t crank at all. It gets reds on the dash but won’t make a sound when I try to...
  4. K

    Vr V6 Engine Swap Into Mazda B2200

    Hi there, i am currently swapping a vr v6 into my b2200 ute, i have the engine loom and just recently brought a cluster loom and found that they don't directly connect (which i thought they would), so im either looking to know what bit of wiring i need or a wiring diagram so i can join the looms...
  5. D

    Advise on putting Wh V6 statesman electrical loom, motor and box into Vu v6 ute

    I have a Vu v6 ute with the electrical loom been cut in various places... So I'm going to completely rip it out. My question is that I have a Wh V6 statesman and was wondering if I can use this to my advantage.
  6. W

    VZ V6 to V8 Conversion

    Before everyone jumps to tell me "Don't do it, It's cheaper to buy a full VZ SS blah blah blah" I know. I know it's cheaper, but my VZ SS Ute was written off the other day (Smashed in the entire rear end courtesy of rain and a telegraph pole...) I am curious as to how hard it is to just throw...
  7. S

    Vu motor

    Ok so what I want to know, I need a new ecotec to go into a vu ute and I'd like to know can I put one out of an older model commodore like a vs or something and whatever I get a motor out of what would need to be done if it comes out of an auto as I have a 5 speed manual, is it just the spigot...
  8. A

    VE SV6 to 'SS' Engine & Drivetrain Swap

    My Vehicle: VE Series II SV6 Z Series Sedan Wrecked car I want to buy: 08 VE Series I SS Sedan So here's my question. L98 into my VE, is it worth the effort? I have already figured out its worth it from the price to do the swap. (Approx 6-8k with full engine rebuild) But are there any...
  9. Brayden Dewie

    Heavy engine repair or swap it out? L98

    Hey guys, I have a Series 2 VE L98, and since about 85 000km it has had what sounds like a slight lazy tapping on the drivers bank. After talking to some half intelligent people at the time, I was pretty confident the issue was with a valve stem seal, but I didn’t have the money to investigate...
  10. V

    Vu n/a v6 manual to l67 super 6 manual

    Hi guys I reacently bought a l67 vt series 2 so that I could transplant its motor and all other related items into my vu series 2. I have a couple questions someone may be able to help 1. My vu doesn't have abs or traction control and the vt does, so is there a way of getting around putting the...
  11. R

    Putting a VT 304 v8 into a VN v6 ute

    Hi guys I have a 1991 5 speed manual Ute with a buik under the hood, im looking at replacing it with a 304 out of a VT as I hear they are the go. just hoping to get a few answers on some things as I'm pretty new to the vn scene. 1, could I use the VT engine mounts on the VN? 2, I heard some...
  12. Heathenman13

    Advice SV5000

    Just scored genuine low kms SV5000 motor as replacement for engine i blew up in my 93 VP SS, Will this motor plug up to my car ok & will my VP V8 ecu be compatible to run this engine as it didint come with any wiring or ecu etc
  13. V

    Vy NA ecotec to Vx supercharged

    Hi I was just wondering what or if any hassles would occur if I replaced my blown NA vy ecotec with a supercharged Vx ecotec? Any suggestions would be appreciated since this is my first commodore engine swap. Cheers
  14. Clubbyman

    L67 swap

    L67 to ecotec swap help
  15. DeathSammich

    L67 Engine Swap

    I'm putting an l67 into a VT Commodore and need help with a few things. Can I use the ecotec auto transmission? Can I use the ecotec fuel pump? And when wiring it up will it be constantly under boost because the ecotec loom doesn't have the plug for thesupercharger? Thanks Sorry I've posted a...
  16. DeathSammich

    L67 Build

    I'm putting an l67 in my VT Commodore and I'll he using the stock ecotec wiring loom. How can i get the boost bypass solenoid to work because I don't want to be constantly boosting due to fuel consumption. Thanks :)
  17. DeathSammich

    L67 Engine Swap

    Hi, I plan on doing an engine swap on my VT. I currently have an ecotec and want to put in an L67. Can I use the ecotec wiring loom? And what do I do about the Memcal because the engine doesn't come with a pcm? Will a no VATS chip fix this issue? Thanks
  18. Hannah B

    Car running rich/jolts/black smoke/faults on dash after engine swap 2011 holden equipe ve series II

    Basically I got my engine swapped due to an engine knock, cost about $5k altogether (got a loan from the bank) and i don't have much money left I got the engine from JJ auto parts with 1 year warranty and it's a 2012 omega engine After the swap the car drove fine, turned on fine, EXCEPT engine...
  19. V

    Running gear swap

    Hi I've done a number of engine and gear box swaps either pulling one or the other or both using cranes or hoists but I have a smashed ss and pulling the complete front end to roll straight under the front of an acclaim. Basically I'm hoping to unbolt it all in one big piece and bolt it back up...
  20. P

    Sv6 engine swap llt to lfx

    Hi guys I've got a blown ve sv6 llt engine and I've also got a running Lfx sv6 engine with full loom and ecu which I would like to put in blown Ve my question is the only difference i can see between engines is the exhaust outlet is a single port on the lfx and the llt is a 6 port head I also...
  21. V

    VZ SV6 ( new engine ) help!

    I have a vz sv6 that has been sitting in my back yard for over a year now because the timing chains streached so would it be worth putting a new engine in it now or will it need to many things replaced from it sitting so long? Cheers
  22. B

    [QLD] VT L67 into VS

    I have a l67 VTS11 and a VS Exec ecotec wagon. Both Autos. Am wanting to swap over engines and wanting some advice. Most importantly is I want the l67 in the VS. the VT can sit for a while. I've found a bit of info on an ecotec VT-VX into VS but leaves a few gaps. What do I need to change or...
  23. I

    LS1 engine incl bolt on's swap and cam package install - Advice PLEASE?!

    Hi guys, Got a few questions on an LS1 engine swap and cam package install. I'm trying to do it on a budget so need advice on what and what not to do and in what order to do it. I plan to do the 'LOT' in one go instead of doing it in stages. Reason I'm swapping the engine is that I've got a...
  24. rtmpgt

    V6 Vs V8 mounts? Are they the same?

    Hey Y'all! After my Alloytec finally decided to give up the ghost , I've decided to do a complete swap-over to a reconditioned engine. Now, Whilst I did a little googling, I noticed that the engine mounts for a V8 and V6 look pretty damn similar. I also noticed that there are upgraded (i.e...
  25. N

    VY LS1 to LS3 Troubles

    So my LS3 has arrived to replace my (very) tired LS1. I will use the converter box for the reluctor wheel, sensors etc, and replace the throttle body with a cable (probably Holley) TB. I had thought that all of the LS1 bolt-ons would fit the LS3 however, and it seems I'm wrong. The LS1 P/S Pump...
  26. V

    VZ Sv6 engine swap (manual)

    So ive been looking around for a new engine for my car and i have to match up the engine codes,but ive been told that i can use the (Auto) 10H7A engine, but do i just have to change the flywheel to a manual one or do i need to get the engine tuned aswell my engine code is 10H7B (manual) cheers
  27. M

    VE Alloytec LEO swap with VZ LEO

    Hi everyone, So I purchased my mates sludged up, dead 2007 VE Alloytec Commie. Figured i could swap in a new engine and it should be right as rain :hmmm: I was lucky enough to be offered a fully working VZ Alloytec LEO code engine from a wrecked car with the auto and everything for a...
  28. G

    Swap a Dead LLT for an LFX.

    Hi Guys this is my first post. I've got an MY10 VE SV6 with an LLT engine which recently kicked the bucket (knackered big end bearing). I want to swap it for the later model LFX engine as they are easier to find, lighter and have a slightly higher power output. I was wondering if anyone...
  29. D

    Error codes 21, 23, 48,59, 67 and 82

    Am in the process of finishing an engine swap into my 1996 VS ute. Replaced a high k's ecotec automatic with one from a berlina sedan of the same hyear model with 200,000 less k's. When I fire the engine up it runs but sounds like it's missing. Have checked the diagnostic codes and get 12, 21...
  30. J

    VT engine change

    Hi, So, my mates' parents car cracked what I believe is more than just the head, and in an effort to get money to money for recording, offered to fix (they will buy engine). It is a 1998 VT wagon, not sure what exactly the classification is, but it is the N/A ECOTEC 3.8 V6. The only VT...
  31. moocow

    VS V6 twin turbo 4.2L stroker build thread

    Hi all, Yesterday I picked up my new toy. It's an unregistered VT with a smashed rear window, really shotty body work and three chrome rims XD So why buy it? Ok; - 4.2L Stroker - Two turbos - Intercooler - Custom intake - Oil catch can (Think that's what it's called) - Blow off valve...
  32. V

    Vs manual conversion help

    Hi I've just brought a vs manual ute to convert my sedan to a manual, I am also going to swap the engine over, I'm wondering if it will just be easier to remove the old engine and auto transmission as one piece and fit the new engine and manual box as one piece ? I also need some instructions on...
  33. S

    Vs commodore fuel pump head scratcher

    Hi guys, I have recently done an engine swap in my 95 vs executive. I wired everything up went to start it and all it did was crank. First thing I checked was spark. Second thing I checked was fuel. I noticed my fuel pump was not priming after letting it sit for about an hour before trying to...
  34. C

    Vs engine and gearbox swap

    Hey guys, first post and here's the deal... I've gone out and bought a running and driving 98 VS parts car with a manual gearbox and Ecotec in it. I'm wanting to swap these into my current ute 97 VS with an auto and Ecotec. The questions I keep coming back to are these: Will it be easier...
  35. J

    Engine Transplant + other mods/Issues

    Decided to post some photos of this now, Engine Change was done Late 2012 Due to a dodgy engine oil sender, and a very bad leak I did a big end bearing And when the engine was going back in it went in bucky and blew the Transmission oil pump (Yes i know i should have bolted them together...
  36. I

    RB30e Engine removal help

    Im sure something similar has been asked before but here goes anyway. I need to remove the rb30e from my vl because its dead at the moment and im replacing it with a 20e for now. disgusting i know. This is the first engine swap i will have done but i am planning to do more so im getting some...
  37. H

    VN to VR engine swap. help needed

    Hey guys, I have a VR commodore and the engine and tranny is ####ed, I also have a VN commodore series 1, with a brilliant strong engine and tranny, but ####ed body. I am hoping to swap the VN engine and box into the VR, But i have a couple of questions. 1. The gearbox in the VN is a turbo...
  38. G

    ecotec engine swap / wiring.

    hey i put the V6 motor from my 96 VS bt1 into a datsun 200b just cant get the motor to do anything, when you go to start it all you get is a click noise from one of the relays. had a mate help remove the engine and thin some wires just wondering what can be taken out or what has to be there...