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engine mount

  1. Hannah B

    VE commodore 2011 Engine Mount/Bad Fluids?

    Hi guys I've kind of had a dilemma and (kind of really upset about it) I bought a second hand VE commodore 2011 a couple of months ago and didn't leave enough back up money incase something went wrong.. and just recently about 2 days ago it started to have strange rattling sounds and the cars...
  2. rtmpgt

    V6 Vs V8 mounts? Are they the same?

    Hey Y'all! After my Alloytec finally decided to give up the ghost , I've decided to do a complete swap-over to a reconditioned engine. Now, Whilst I did a little googling, I noticed that the engine mounts for a V8 and V6 look pretty damn similar. I also noticed that there are upgraded (i.e...
  3. A

    VT knock / click from engine/steering

    Calling all commodore gods. Keen to know your opinions, my VT has a knocking/clicking noise, primarily when I take off or turn a corner at lower speeds. It feels like a steering rack issue perhaps but then I read up about engine mounts.... The cars done 290,000 and has been well looked...
  4. VTL67Calais

    engine mounts replacement mounts longer i cant get the motor to align even with guide

    Hi i know this topic has been done "engine mounts easy way " which explains it simply and makes total sense. But when i lifted my motor up and pulled out the mount the size difference was about an inch so thats an inch both sides and the angle seemed a bit worse too. They are transgold mounts...
  5. S

    VE SS Commodore Front Engine Mounts (Drivers Side)

    Hi guys. New here, so go easy on me. I searched lots of sites and manuals for info on how to replace engine mounts on a VE V8 (SSV) and came up empty handed. I bought a Haynes manual and figured the other half out myself so thought I would share this info. The drivers side seems to be...
  6. LostPup

    to anyone who knows about what happens when VR Engine mounts go.

    i'm almost at the ropes end with this car, i know the engine mounts the right hand is stuffed the left is on it's way out they're both sagged. someone mentioned to me when i was trying to figure out what the sound i was hearing coming from the engine/gearbox when the car idled. mentioned that...
  7. vscom88

    VS Transmission Mount ( AUTO )

    Hey, I've just put a VT engine in my VS wagon and have done the necessary work to make it suit vs, now while trying to mount the tranmission up i stumbled across a problem. I actually cannot get the mount to line up with the black plate underneath it ? it's a few mm off here n there with leway...
  8. S

    VZ v6 engine mounts replacement

    My 2004 engine mounts need replacing but the mechanic at utlra tune said it would cost $350 labour to fix. I bought some new mounts from supercheap for $127 but was wondering what needs to be done to replace them yourself? And is it as hard to do as the vs v6?