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engine cover

  1. S

    [QLD] Wanting to buy VU 5.7 engine cover

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: LS1 gen3 5.7L VU Ute engine cover LOCATION: Qld Gatton /Brisbane CONDITION: New or Used either or is fine, cheap is good DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will pay postage if reasonable, officeworks has a $10 snail mail 10kg postage option that I’m ok with...
  2. Connor Macnab

    VE LPG Engine Cover

    Hi guys, I've currently got a 2009 VE Omega with an LPG system within, and I was wondering if it is possible to find/modify a V6 Omega engine cover to allow for the solenoids to be covered also? View of the engine bay, anybody have any suggestions or solutions? Cheers