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  1. Nate74

    VE - No crank, no central locking, no boot release in glove box, no power windows,

    Hi All, 2 nights ago we used the car stereo while having a few social distancing drinks on our street with the neighbours, and alas it flattened the battery of our VE V6 Omega. Took the battery out the next day and charged it, fitted it and turned the key, no crank! then discovered the following...
  2. S

    Haynes Workshop Manual

    I currently have both the Holden and Ellerys Manuals however i am struggling to find info on the theft deterrent system to install my alarm, would someone with the Haynes manual be kind enough to share the VY theft deterrent wiring. Thanks
  3. S

    Factory Alarm Arm & Disarm Wires?

    Hi All, Attempting to install an aftermarket alarm on my car and i have gone through the workshop manual however i still cannot find how to arm the factory alarm using the aftermarket unit, can some drop a wiring pinout or lead me to the correct wires for the factory arm & disarm? The door lock...
  4. S

    Speaker troubles

    I installed an android headunit a while back, which worked fine until a few months ago, when the speakers would randomly drop out. Sometimes all at once, sometimes a few, or even one. Sometimes they chase each other round the car... so super annoying. I have since installed an alpine booster...
  5. D

    VEII Passenger Front Electric Window Troubleshooting

    Hi, have been having an intermittent issue with this windows, sometimes stuck down and sometime wont go back up. I've found recently that opening and shutting the door (a little slamming involved) has got it working again. I assumed that maybe a plug had come loose. I've just stripped the door...
  6. Nickjankz

    Electric passenger seat conversion

    Has anyone out an electric passanger seat in a car that didnt have one standard? I'm trying to find a power source to get a clubby r8 seat working in a maloo. Put the drivers one in and it powers up no worries. Passanger side doesnt seem to. From what Ive found out no maloo had a electric...
  7. J

    VE SV6 Wagon series 2

    Just bought a series 2 VE SV6 2012 Wagon from a dealer and I just have a couple of concerns, they provided a RWC but I'm not sure what the following may be: -When doing a U-turn I get a creeky sound so I think there may be an oil leak in the steering rack? -When the car starts up there's a noise...
  8. W

    VX/VU Electrical Faults

    I am starting to have some electrical issues with my 2001 VU S V6 1. The passenger headlight low beam kept blowing every 1-2 months so I replaced with some aftermarket headlights (was going to eventually anyway) thinking the headlights could have a problem, but now my new projector beams do...
  9. F

    Major electrical Spazz

    ok first off it is a vg ute auto on the tree the problems are indicator isgoing double time or the right but no bulbs are out (are the meant to be ones in the guards ) and when i depress the brake pedal the parkers and dash turn on any ideas also where is the horn located (behind the...
  10. lifel355

    Electric Windows

    Is there a secret trick to getting the ball into the slider? The regulator arm has disconnected itself. The pictures will be able to show you what I mean rather than me try explain it. The ball on the arm has to go inside this hole. This is the ball on the arm, it's just sitting inside the...
  11. Holden vz

    Vz Wont Go Over 4k Rpm

    hey guysz need help today i installed a sub in my car everything was fine until i switched the car on,the trac control turned off and my service reminder came up,then when i drive its really slow and wont go over 4k rpm ,ive installed subs before but not sure what has gone wrong could i have...
  12. derjizm

    EOI: Power Window Delay Module

    Ive made and fitted a power window delay module to my VL. It keeps the power on for 2 minutes after the key is turned off. I tell you its bloody awesome! I was sick of turning the key off and removing it automatically after driving, only to have to put it back in and turn it on again just to...
  13. C

    Electric Sunroof Maintenance

    I've been reading about sunroof maintenance on the web and one of the recommendations is to use WD-40 to lubricated the tracking rails. What type of grease do you use to maintain the sunroof apart from the use of WD-40? Apart from keeping the sunroof clean and ensuring nothing is...
  14. A

    Radiator thermo cooling fan not working

    After doing a great deal of research i have managed to get most of the information i need to troubleshoot my radiator thermo fans not working. I can't find the last bit of info i need to finish off the job. Background info: Radiator thermo fans not coming on at all when car is running...
  15. E

    Electric VK Commodore

    Hi all, this is probably not your average conversion. I have a vk commodore that I am converting to electric. I would like to maintain as much of the current components on the car as possible. I have a few questions that I would help with more will follow.... 1. Has anyone ever removed the...
  16. djdomohudson

    Wiring electric aerial (VT sedan)

    The VT I bought had a snapped aerial. It was a manual aerial, so I went to AutObarn and bought an electric one for like $150. (surely ripped off? but oh well). Now I've done all the handy work, removed body parts and chucked the old broken one, fitted the new one and fed the wires through the...
  17. C

    VX - Power Window Clunk Noise When Opening

    Have a VX with power windows front and back. The front passenger window has made a clunk noise when going down for the past 6 months. The clunk noise occurs when the window is about 40 to 50 mm from the top of the door frame. In the last week the driver's window has started making the same...
  18. V

    electric window conversion - only goes up or only goes down, not both

    hey guys, my vt previously had its windows converted to electric windows before i purchased it, the two front windows have been wired to the main switch, which controls them fine, they work all good, its the back windows im having problems with, i have taken the door panels off and tried to work...
  19. P

    Rear Power Windows Won't Go Down Or Up In VT

    My rear power windows won't go up or down using any of the window switches. I just bought a new main power window switch too since the old one was ####ed. Can someone give me some advice on fixing this problem. My car is a 1999 Vt Series 1 Equipe if that helps at all.
  20. stevebutler

    Please read and advise. headlights

    Okay so heres whats happening. On a trip to Melbourne from Adelaide i had something fall from the back of a truck and smack into the front of my VT Berlina. After that i had one dull headlight, bright parkers, one highbeam and headlights turning off when high beams are on. I took it to auto...
  21. G

    Vy ute power windows wiring?!

    Hello people, Could anyone tell me if my 2004 series 2 vy ute has the wiring I'n it for power windows? I have ripped the center console Out and there is a 3 prong plug under the stero and I don't no if this is what I'm looking for. I'n the fuse panel under the steering wheel has a spot for...
  22. BakeTheTank

    VY Electric Back Windows - What are they worth?

    Hey guys, I've had the Back-Left and Back-Right electric window motors and switchs and wiring harness from a 2003 VY SS offered to me for $150 delivered, is that a reasonable price? I'm hoping to install them in my 2004 VYII S. Hit me back ASAP!
  23. V

    Electric seat cover thingy :S

    Hey guys I have the VY Equipe with the driver side seat electric controls The cover where the switches and levers are has somehow snapped and just sort of hangs down a bit. The seat still works and everything it just looks hell dodgy and i dunno how to fix it :/ I tried using super glue...
  24. M

    VP electric window off track. Please help.

    My window on the passengers side has fallen inside door, and i can't suss out how to put window back into the two plastic sliders. Is there a knack to it or what? Its driving me insane! Any help would be excellent. Cheers
  25. hwy747

    Help please!! Need to wire up VX Calais electric passenger seat in Berlina

    Hi guys First time poster here! I have just installed a set of VX Calais leather electric seats into my VX Berlina, however I now have a problem. Rear seat, fine. Drivers seat, fine. Passenger seat, fail!! I need to connect the passenger seat to the electrics so I can adjust the seat (and...
  26. E

    fuel and temprature gauges work intermitantly

    hey guys, my fuel and temp gauges have started to work intermintantly..... some times it will say i got a full tank or half or the right reading but most of the time it says its empty same with the temp gauge??? they arnt flickering so i dont think its the earth wire..... any ideas...
  27. F

    Electric oil temp and water temp gauges

    Hey all, I just bought these guages Oil temp and Water temp(they are electric) and i need help with where to put the senders. could somone please help me out and let me know where to put them cheers
  28. B

    VT to VZ electric seat wiring

    Hi Guys and Gals, I put a set of VZ Berlina front seats in my VT berlina a few weeks back. All fits well, the only hiccup is the connector for the electric seat height controls is different. I still put the seats in, Just haven't been able to adjust the driver seat height. It's about time I got...
  29. B

    Fitting VZ fronts seat to a VT - Airbag connetor?

    Hi, I'm just in the middle of fitting a set of VZ berlina seats to my VT berlina. All fits well till I come to reconnecting the electrics. @ of the 3 plugs are the same, but the third is different. It has an extra pin. It appears to be the airbag connector. Has anyone done this before? Any help...