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  1. S

    vr commdore ute one tonner conversion help.

    hi everyone, I have a VR Commodore ute which has style sides like they all do. I was thinking of converting the style sides and replacing with a Flat Alloy Tray. I have a mate thats a sheet metal worker and panel beater so doing it wont be a problem. I just need to know laws and regulations...
  2. iaydemir

    [VIC] VH W58 5 Speed Manual Conversion for 308

    ITEM: Supra W58 5 Speed Manual conversion modified for VH. LOCATION: Victoria, Northern suburbs CONDITION: Used PRICE: 1800 ONO DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT DETAILS: Email, PM OTHER INFO: Guys up for sale is a full Supra w58 conversion kit modified...
  3. uNEEk

    VT/VX To VY/VZ rear end conversion..

    Can it be done? My local wreckers has a vy commodore with the full rear end intact and i was thinking about doing a conversion, Would it be as simple as taking the whole rear panels (qtr panels,boot, garnish, rear bumper, lights, light moulds etc.) and bolting them up and welding light mould...
  4. Scido

    VQ IRS to Solid Axle

    Hi I'm wanting to get rid of the IRS in my Caprice and change it out for a solid axle that i have in my VP wagon. Reason being im sick of chopping tyres out in the arse end and when i do burnouts the tyres last all of 2 minutes before blowing. I've heard a few things around the traps like...
  5. Kieran263

    VX V6 Manual to Manual Conversion

    Hey guys, I need some help. My VX's 5 speed is starting to pack it in. She'll be lucky to last another year or so. My questions are as follows : Would it be possible to get a T56 or like to fit under my car? Are there conversion kits out there for a job like this? Will I need a new clutch...
  6. M

    VY V6 Engine in a Vr Commodore??

    look i was wondering in putting a VY V6 Engine in my car, i got prices and itll cost me all up $2000.. has anyone ever did this before, will the car go good?? are the vy v6's better then the vr v6 engines? whats the difference? help please:)
  7. M

    VK column shift conversion

    I realise it would be a bitch of a job (& I'm not a car expert) but I was wondering how hard it would be to put a column shift setup in a VK or similar model & how one might do it. It's just an idea that keeps swimming around in my head.
  8. L

    Convert 253 to 308

    As the title suggest, I am swapping a 253 out to a 308 in an auto VH (next step is to sell the car if problems persist) I mainly need to know if the auto x-member, auto linkages and tail shaft are the same for the t400 as the trimatic. also is there somthing anyone thinks i might have...
  9. F

    Liquid LPG Conversion on a GEN III LS1

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know an installer in perth who is able to convert Gen III LS1's to Liquid LPG?Gaspower said they could about 3 months ago using a JTP system but now they are saying they can't. Might be something do with the fact they are now using kits from Orbital (I believe). I've...
  10. damankerrison09

    [SA] VL Turbo Kit

    ITEM: Up for saleis my VL Turbo Kit The kit includes; * 1x Stock VL Turbo exhaust manifold (Had been faced before it was put on the car & has never been used) * 1x RB25 Turbocharger (Unsure of condition, but it has very minimal shaft play & was removed from a mates perfectly working...
  11. Y

    convert vt diff to vx

    hey ppl, i own a vx s pack and am wrecking a vt XU6, i was wondering if anyone new how i can put a vt lsd diff into a vx as the flanges (yokes) are different. i no that it is easy to convert vx to vt but just wondering if anyone knows the other way, cheers
  12. VK SL 3800

    VK MC6 to M76 Conversion

    HI Just thought id put up the few minor differences between the Mc6 Phillipino and M76 Borgwarner when your doing a conversion like i did..... -Speedo cable- completely different at gearbox end. -Tailshaft- front half is shorter, rear half is identical. -Clutch dust cover- just simply...
  13. muggo05

    [NSW] VS Level 3 dash conversion parts

    ITEM: General Item Description LOCATION: NSW, Sydney CONDITION: Used PRICE: OPEN TO REASONABLE OFFERS. Post up your offer's here DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up preferred, but can post for extra. PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit. CONTACT DETAILS: PM or email...
  14. Disturbed_vegeta

    [QLD] Gen 3 6 speed manul conversion

    ITEM: T56 manual conversion to suit gen 3 LOCATION: brisbane qld CONDITION: used done 65 tho ks PRICE: 2000 ono DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: pm to sort something out PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT DETAILS: Email, PM OTHER INFO: comes with everything needed apart from ecu and...
  15. xtreme_sony

    Please Help, Doing manual conversion and i used the auto flexplate bolt on manual fly

    Please Help,Doing manual conversion and i used the auto flexplate bolts on manual fly G'day, is it possible to use the Auto flexplate bolts into the manual flywheel, i put locktite on them all and they spun it a bit before they were finger tight then a turn or so with the torque wrench before...
  16. xtreme_sony

    My Starter Motor Is out of Auto but Looks Same As Manual, Please Help. i have pics.

    Yer in process of converting my VP v6 to a manual, i just took out the starter motor and found it to look the same, i have attached some pictures. I know manual starters work on Auto but not the other way, so maybe mine is a manual one. Please tell me. Thanks. ;)
  17. jones-84

    Vs caprice manual conversion issues‏

    hey just wondering if anyone could possibly help me with some issues regarding the speedo not functioning after a manual conversion i own a 1996 vs caprice series 1 v8. i recently converted to manual using everything from a vr ss donor car everything has been changed correctly.... the vr ss...
  18. xtreme_sony

    Manual Conversion VP V6,Question About the Clutch Fork Cover (need quick replies)

    Yer hi guys i'm doing the conversion on my V6 VP, i dont have a clutch fork cover and i was just wondering if it's ok to drive with out it. Im in the process of ordering it. I found an aftermarket one for $30 + Post. So it will have one but not straight away, Is this OK ?. Thanks. :bow:
  19. DavidPartay

    Looking for more info on flywheels and clutch plates

    Hey guys, I've been trying to do as much research as I can by searching and not asking too much questions, but as I'm planning on doing my manual conversion around New Years and trying to avoid spending as much money as possible in order to get the bulk of the work done when the car won't be...
  20. JA2Z

    Pre-Ecotec with Ecotec Performance Upgrades

    Hi Guys, Firstly you'll have to excuse my lack of forum etiquette, i will not lie, i am a newbie to forums! My questions to those of you out there with the experience and know-how is... I have a 1995 Manual VR Series II - (running - Performance Memcal, CAI, 2.5" High flow Cat, 2.5"...
  21. (CODEZ)

    How much for T5 conversion kit?

    hey guys i've been looking around pricing T5 conversion kits with everything needed included i want to convert my VP V6 Auto, i dont have the money or the know how yet, but i would just like to know for the future. how much much should i be paying for a FULL kit in good working order with...
  22. owen18

    VL LPG conversion

    hey looking to convert my VL (see signature) to lpg. using the governments rebate. Just wondering if there is different types of conversions (benefits, costs etc if there is) and where bouts i could get in (northern adelaide)? Thanks
  23. P

    [LS1] WH LS1 manual conversion

    theres heaps of posts on manual conversions into VQ/VS statesmans but I can't find any information about putting a T56 6 speed into a WH statesman... what is required, how much will it cost and can it be done at home? and also will the extra length of the statesman make it different to a VT/VX...
  24. vlmitch

    [WA] VL RB30 5speed conversion

    ITEM: I have a VL Rb30 5speed conversion. is still in car at this point. every thing is there exept the manual computer, think it has h/d clutch (not certain)... LOCATION: Perth WA CONDITION: Used PRICE: $600 in car, $700 if you want me to take it out. PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD...
  25. V

    5L Conversion NEED HELP!!

    Hey Im Doin A V6 to V8 Conversion On A VS Wagon, I Was Just Wondering If I Need A Different Dash And Auto Loom To Put In The VS To Fit The VN 5L Powertrain Or Can I Modify The VN 5L Dash Loom Or The VS V6 Auto One? Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated Thanks Alot
  26. P

    RB30 into a VH - Need wiring diagrams

    Hey all, I've just finished the mechanical part of converting my old VH to RB30E power. I dropped out the old blue 5 cylinder beasty (one gave up the ghost) which kinda forced my hand on the conversion. Used the VL K-frame and now the VH is basically a VL underneath - gearbox, diff, front...
  27. dylanfh

    suicide boot conversion on vs.

    Just like to know if anyone has had any problems with the boot leaking after the suicide style boot conversion (the one where the boot flips up then down),i see its very simple to do,but before i do it im just curious if they leak when they`re closed,and if they move when driving due to the air...
  28. B

    VT to VZ electric seat wiring

    Hi Guys and Gals, I put a set of VZ Berlina front seats in my VT berlina a few weeks back. All fits well, the only hiccup is the connector for the electric seat height controls is different. I still put the seats in, Just haven't been able to adjust the driver seat height. It's about time I got...
  29. Haydz

    The complete Vn-Vr Manual Conversion Guide.

    myself and a mate (mischa) we have both been doing manual conversions in the past few weeks and i have also noticed a lot of interest on the subject here so for all that are not sure here is the list of parts you need for a VN-VR V6 Manual Conversion. Manual Gearbox Manual Tail shaft (can be...
  30. kniever

    91 5ltr vn calais

    91 5ltr vn calais (now manual) Name: Ben Model: 91' S2 VN Calais Colour: alpine white over silver Bodykit: none Engine Type: 5.0ltr V8 Engine Mods: cai with high flow top,lukey hi-flo air filter,70mm throttle body, 10mm leads, msd coil, twin au thermo's, and a couple other bits and pieces...