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  1. LetterioCaruso

    VZ v6 to 6 litre conversion

    Hi all just wanting some help in regards to fitting a 6 litre into my VZ V6 Sedan. Before I start getting just sell it and buy a v8 I completely agree with you that it’s heaps easier but due to sentimental family reasons results in why I want to do the conversion. I have a 6 litre engine out of...
  2. Aeltaen

    VX to VZ conversion

    Hi guys and Gals, I'm trying to convert the front of my VX to a VZ since I have some headlights from Spectrum eyes on their way. I have the front guards and buying the front bumper in a few days. I was wondering if I need anything else to do the conversion? I.E Bonnet, reo bar?
  3. H

    l67 back to L36

    hey guys hope everyone's well, as for my inquiry, this ones slightly of a different nature. I'm currently in the process of reversing a standard l67 swap in a VX, Long story short iv'e bought a short l36 engine and used the trans and torque converter off the super 6, retaining the l36 flywheel...
  4. S

    VE Kayhan Series 2 unit with Dual zone into a series 1

    Hey guys, So I've recently picked up a 08 VE Commodore with 130ks on the clock for a fairly good price. I downgraded from my VF2 Wagon so we could get one of the new Acadias which are on run out! I miss the Tech and Dual Zone Climate Control from my VF so have been exploring options to add...
  5. zeropalooba

    Modifying idle control when converting to manual

    Hi guys, I hate starting new threads but I've had a quick search but no luck finding an answer. I have converted an L67 to Getrag manual. Everything is hunky dory but idle control. Issues - On start up the car idles at 2000 rpm for 2 seconds or so and then settles to 900 rpm where it idles...
  6. B

    HELP! no spark

    Hey guys just woundering if anyone can help me out. I have a Buick out of a vr that's been put into a 83 triton, i have power to the coils but don't seem to have any spark, changed the crake angle senser, harmonic balancer and coils any ideas? Thank you in advance
  7. V

    VX HSV dash cluster into VU SS

    Hey guys, I am thinking of putting a VX clubsport dash into my VU SS and I can't seem to find any information on whether the 3 window VX dash will fit my SS any information would be appreciated. Cheers
  8. J

    wn caprice v to vf gts front end

    Hey all Ok, so, just picked up a wn cappy v and its basically gone straight on the hoist for a host of upgrades, but, i don't (and i don't think anyone does) like the front ends. So that brings me to my question, vf front end swap? To my knowledge the front frame is identical back to 2006...
  9. 5

    Motor swap and conversion

    To put an 05 VZ alloytec and 6sp manual box into an Auto 06 VE Omega, would that be a stuff about or what? How would I go about doing that with the possibility the ecu and computer won’t plug in. Worked on about every other car bar a Holden.
  10. N

    L67 identification

    Hi everyone, had a search but couldn’t find anything. Does anyone know if there’s a way to identify a l67 block, I’ve just bought a supercharged vs and was told it had a full l67 in it (not just top end) but it’s mated to a getrag box and has dowls in crank. I’m sceptical it’s actually an l67 I...
  11. L

    Vy manuel with vx Auto mototr

    Hi I've recently replaced my vy motor from a series One vr Manual motor., To a vx auto motor with a t5 manual box.. it now will not start with out start ya carnt but wont run.... however when it does kick 3rd cylinder has some sort of popping sound..... Can anybody help?
  12. G

    VY V6 to V8 conversion

    Has anyone ever or know of anyone who has ever put an L76 6.0L into their VY? And I know it'd probably be easier to buy a VZ SS and chuck a VY bodykit on it. But just wondering if it's at all possible? And if so, what would be required to do it? Me and a mate were discussing and curiosity got...
  13. C

    TH400 into 2006 VE senator

    I’m trying to fit a th400 gearbox into my 2006 VE Holden senator signature but because of the park/neutral safety switch the car won’t run. I’ve been told I have to bypass the switch to get the car going. Does anyone know how to do this? Or would anyone have a PCM Wiring diagram? Thanks
  14. B

    Rb30 VS conversion wiring help..

    Hi guys im almost at the end of my RB30 conversion into vs caprice. Im having a bit of trouble with the wiring side of things. I have seen a few posts about this but cant seem to find any answers. If someone has worked this out and have a wiring diagram i could follow i would greatly appreciate...
  15. N

    SIDI Conversion

    I have been trying to find any information regarding an sidi conversion into a vz manual ute. yes i have searched the fourms and all i can find is people saying just v8 swap its easier, v6 is a waste of time, ect, so if thats what your thinking please keep it too yourself. Im looking for any...
  16. jprior2912

    Manual Conversion - VZ Alloytec

    Hi all, I have the opporutnity to purchase a written off VY commodore (t-boned) that has had a manual conversion. I have a VZ executive and was wondering if I bought it, could I swap the gearbox in it to the manual form the VY, or, because it's an Ecotec motor, are they different...
  17. C

    Vs buick conversion need help

    Hey everyone just put a buick with a t5 behind it into my auto vs berlina everythings working fine turns over but doesnt run i used the ecu and harness from the buick motor ive ordered a new memcal with vats delete should my car work after this? Is there Anything i missed?
  18. C

    [Alloytec] Real SIDI conversion

    Ok. So before any of you jump in with silly responses like not worth it or just do LS I'm not interested. I personally don't like V8 so it's off the table. Now to real reason I'm posting. I'm going to be buying a commodore soon as a project car for cheap. Now it'll either be a vs or a vz as I...
  19. J

    VS 3.8 Strange Idle

    hey guys, I recently bought a ‘97 VS Ute and noticed a few things wrong (one of them being it died on the way home, but restarted). So after changing the plugs, leads, battery terminals, thermostat and radiator cap it’s running great Apart from a strange idle. I believe it has been converted...
  20. W

    VX SS T56 into VY Berlina wagon

    H Guys, So i’m wanting to convert my vy ls1 auto berlina to a manual, I have a vx ss sitting around with all the parts in good knick - just wondering what the easiest option would be to do the conversion if I just take the transmission and loom from the VX or if I take the whole lot? Not sure...
  21. Andrew Young

    L67 conversion VS ute

    Hey, Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations with setting up a higher flow fuel pump for l67 conversion plus also if anyone has done braided fuel lines if they can recommend a "kit" or sizes and adaptors/ guide. Cheers
  22. I

    T5 conversion

    Hey guys I have a 1997 vt clubsport 5ltr 195i auto and was wonding if you can put a t5 manual gearbox in ? I can get a getrag conversion kit for the clubby but I've been told the t5 is better and stronger, if i was going to go a t5 ehat do i need todo in order to out a t5 in ?
  23. I


    Hey guys I recently brought a vt clubsport 5ltr 97 model and its auto, I'm wanting to convert in to manual but have no idea what sort of gearbox i should be putting in it, if i could have some suggstions, pros and cons that would be great thanks
  24. Nickjankz

    Electric passenger seat conversion

    Has anyone out an electric passanger seat in a car that didnt have one standard? I'm trying to find a power source to get a clubby r8 seat working in a maloo. Put the drivers one in and it powers up no worries. Passanger side doesnt seem to. From what Ive found out no maloo had a electric...
  25. A

    IAT Sensor wiring colours/diagram

    I'm doing a LS1 conversion into a VL and am almost done. I've just realised I've cut the MAF/IAT wiring out without realising I need it. It's overfuelling, fouling plugs and running progressively worse the longer it runs/hotter it gets. After realising it's absolutely necessary to have a IAT...
  26. RedVrclubby

    Vr Manual gearbox sitting crooked

    hey guys I done a manual geaebox conversion on my vr clubby and my gearbox is sitting really far over to the drivers side i have measured up my Chassis and k frame etc to see if its bent and it all seems ok the entire box appears to Be on a angle and dosent seem like a engine mount issue ...
  27. DeathSammich

    L67 conversion VT

    Is Putting an l67 into a VT a straight swap if you get the looms and ecu? Thanks
  28. C

    Manual conversion help......

    Hi all. I realise this question has been brought up several times but I haven't found a proper answer so here it goes. I am converting my auto v6 to manual car basically cost me nothing and engine had to come out anyway so why not. The conversion I got came with the box, pedals, ECU and a...
  29. K

    [VT-VX] Electric Window Conversion/Door Swap with BCM Bypass

    After countless hours of searching through the forums and getting a better idea/gathering information on how to convert my commodore over to electric windows from manual winders. I found a couple of things that were helpful but kept finding the same annoyance, old threads that didn't make make...
  30. S

    auto to maual / v6 to v8

    Hey guys Just bought a vt hsv 5.0L a week ago to put into my vs, came with the ecu, bcm extractors and everything. Also came wth the getrag 5 speed gearbox, which is unreal cause im also changing the vs to a manual. I feel like i've gotten my head mostly wrapped around the v6-v8 conversion...
  31. S

    Vx ls1 and T56 into VE

    Hi guys I've got a VE Omega (3.6 4 speed auto) and have access to a VX LS1 with 6 speed T56 (complete car). What to know if I can and what's needed to do the LS1 drive train conversion into the VE? Cheers
  32. T

    VE Series 2 Rear End Conversion

    HI Guys, So i have decided it is time to change the appearance of my car (i own it out right now so yay for me :)) and the original SV6 body kit is not that appealing to me. I wanted to change the body kit style on my SV6 to that of a GTS E2/E3. Now i have already found a place in Melbourne...
  33. W

    VH SLE Power Steering Hard Lines Trouble

    Hey all, I've recently purchased a VH SLE (factory 6cyl) that has had a 308 swap done at some stage and I'm having a bit of trouble with getting the power steering hard lines installed. The previous owner left the 6cyl hard lines in there before doing the engine swap and sold as unfinished...
  34. A

    Lacklustre bass after IQ Upgrade

    I've just completed a head unit upgrade on my '07 Omega, using the head unit from a series II SS ute (not sure exact model/year). I have installed Alpine SPR-60C splits in the front left and front right speakers, and before the head unit upgrade everything sounded great. However, since the...
  35. S

    VU ute supercharged conversion on P's

    Hey there, i'm new to this forum and i don't even know if i'm posting this in the correct area, but here it is... My parents and I are buying a VU s pack ute in metallic yellow v6 3.8L 2002 model, and my father has a spare l67 (v6 supercharged engine) out of a Holden caprice 3.8L, we are...
  36. J

    5 to 6 speed conversion

    Hey guys just wondering what work is required to convert from t5-t56 and 5 speed getrag-t56, my brothers is a 95vs ute which has a t5 trans in it mine is a 99 S3 vs ute getrag trans going. We both want to go to a 6 speed t56 trans so I'm wondering what work is required for each and how much. I...
  37. V

    VY V6 Auto to Manual Conversion!!!

    So i have a vy s pac that is auto and want to convert it to a manual just wondering if someone that has done it could post on this tread a how to?? Just so if i get stuck along the way i have something to go by since i cant find much on the internet, any little bit of info will help cheers What...
  38. V

    how to bypass bcm? engine conversion

    i have recently dropped a ecotec into my feroza, I have the vx/vy wiring loom and only need the starter motor to work when key is turned, no interior accessories or dash or radiator or sensors am I better of manualy using the starter through a switch? also I will need the pcm to work for the...
  39. Vk vf build

    Vk vf build

    This is my vk build inspired by the vf commodore.
  40. moocow

    WH LS1 Manual Conversion

    Hi all, So I'm looking at converting my LS1 WH Statesman to a manual. I have the opportunity to use a VY SS ute as the donor car, the ute would get my auto in return. As far as I understand, I'll need the clutch and brake pedals, the clutch lines, cylinder and reservoir, the flywheel, clutch...