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  1. DeathSammich

    Compression Test Results

    Just performed a dry and wet comp test. Wet test did bairly anything. The car has 256xxxks on it. Results are Left bank 75 100 125 Right bank 125 95 125 Doing a leak down in a couple days. Let me know what you guys think!
  2. DeathSammich

    Lost Cylinder Compression

    Have a recent rebuilt l67 and lost compression in 2 cylinders. Both around 60psi. I have new heads to put on it but was just wondering, if 2 cylinders are down on compression would that cause a major increase in fuel consumption? Like 16-18l per 100 average? Thanks
  3. DeathSammich

    [Ecotec] L67 Rebuild

    I recently for an L67 that has been fully rebuilt but if course I'm going to strip it myself to make sure it's been done properly. He said it had JE forged pistons that has 20 thou over. Won't this make too higher compression? How can I add compression back to run more boost? Thanks
  4. S

    Ls1 compression

    Heyy all, I am looking to boost my compression right up to make a very tuff NA car, something like a sprint car engine. I have done the cam already with a custom grind cam shaft (unsure of specs) heads have been machined and all head work done! Car made 398hp atw Has anyone ever gone over...
  5. V

    I will do the first compression restore treatment test for you guys!

    WATCH Restore Engine Treatment - YouTube i truly believe this product will work! i have purchased 1L of it and a engine compression tester gauge and will document my results! Is anyone keen to see the results when im done?