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  1. H

    VL Loosing Injection Pulse

    1986 VL SL Factory 5sp My VL seems to be loosing injection pulse when ever it goes over a certain RPM / SPEED (3-4K RPM) the car will cut out and not start for a few minutes then it will do the exact same thing again. The car idles fine, and Will rev as high as you want in neutral. I have...
  2. Cxe_VE2008

    Removing lower grille

    Hi everyone I’m looking at installing a lightbar behind the mesh in the lower grille (under the number plate) of my Ute and I’m wondering if there’s any tips or tricks for getting to that mesh other than pulling off the whole front bumper? Also has anyone had experience mounting a 21” lightbar...
  3. S

    Lifting an Omega Wagon?

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for advice when it comes to putting a small lift into an omega wagon, I just bought myself my new travelling car and ideally I'd like to have it just a touch taller so it doesn't risk bottoming out if I'm not on pristine roads. It's currently stock standard, I just...
  4. Pep998

    Ve omega - Engine light flashing car splattering!

    Hi just recently got my engine light scanned ended up being the speed sensor for transmission mechanic cleared it and now its back but this time the engine light is flashing and beeping ,my car is splattering , it struggles to start, even when accelerating it sounds and feels off. Could the...
  5. R

    304 checking for spark

    Hey all checked for spark today, so far cylinder 1 and 2 no signs of spark may try the other cylinders but does anyone know how to check it at the coil? Does distributor need to be removed and stick a plug in and ground it? Thanks Car is a 98 ss 5L
  6. YeahNahJack

    VT Passenger side door won't fully unlock

    As per title my front passenger side door isn't fully unlocking. All other doors unlock/lock fine with the remote however this door lock gets about halfway up and stays there. I've taken off the pin and tried to pull the metal piece manually however still having no luck. Has anyone had any...
  7. LetterioCaruso

    VZ v6 to 6 litre conversion

    Hi all just wanting some help in regards to fitting a 6 litre into my VZ V6 Sedan. Before I start getting just sell it and buy a v8 I completely agree with you that it’s heaps easier but due to sentimental family reasons results in why I want to do the conversion. I have a 6 litre engine out of...
  8. E

    Exhaust Systems?

    Any good choices for exhaust options, was looking at X-Force with rear muffler but have heard bad things about so thought i'd come get some advice on good ones. I know it wont sound like a V8 but that's fine with me, just want something with some noise.
  9. Trissos96

    Draining the fuel

    Hey guys, I’ve got a 1999 VS commodore Ute. And have recently learnt from the auto sparky that my fuel gauge sender is buggered. So at the moment I have no way to tell how much fuels in the old girl. And I know I have to have little fuel so I can remove the sender. My question is. Is there an...
  10. W

    Vx commodore diff

    Fellas i got a m80 live on the vx and will be pulling diff out to spool it and been told that you have to align the diff in straight when you put it back and apparently it’s hard is this true or not ?
  11. Adrian's Vr

    Unexplained whine

    hey so this morning as I turned into work my car started whining like a kettle, since then it will start doing it as soon as i got into 2nd or 3rd (T5) does not do it idling, still makes sound with clutch in and rolling in neutral, shifts ok, noticed it happens when its given load, when i slow...
  12. J

    ve 6litre heads

    hey guys just wondering, i got ve 6litre i did a whole engine rebuild, the cars running not so great though, i was just wondering with when replacing the heads is there a certain side they go on or are they ambidextrous? any help is great, thanks in advance..
  13. ThatWhiteVS

    LWT 17x7.5 Alloy Wheels

    Hi all, I have one alloy wheel off a car I wrecked a while back. It is a LWT brand wheel in the size of 17x7.5. Just looking for more info or if someone wants it. cheers
  14. F

    Weird engine knock

    Hey guys, i have a strange light knocking noise that i can hear when i'm just idling (when the engine is hot / cold). Ive attached a link where i did my best to capture the sound (its easier to hear on full volume). First thing that popped into my head was engine knock but i don't hear it at all...
  15. V

    Vy ute regency defect in Adelaide is it worth getting the defect off?

    The other day my brother was driving my vy ute that I've only had for a few months and got pulled over and had the book thrown at him for everything they could find which was rear tyres being on the wear lines, too low which was only because I had my tools in the back, too loud which was fair...
  16. V

    Vy ute regency defect in Adelaide is it worth getting the defect off?

    The other day my brother was driving my vy ute that I've only had for a few months and got pulled over and had the book thrown at him for everything they could find which was rear tyres being on the wear lines, too low which was only because I had my tools in the back, too loud which was fair...
  17. C

    [VIC] Vx taillights

    Hi there I’ve got a 2001 vx commodore and just bought some aftermarket tail lights off a 2001 vx ss and got home and didn’t realise that the tabs on the globe socket don’t match up to the tail lights. What can I do?
  18. V

    My door and boot lock do not work but the lock/unlock button on my key does

    So I cant unlock/lock my 96 VS executive manually by turning the key in the lock. It just does not turn (same for the boot). Yet I can control the locking from the key. Any help would be well appreciated.
  19. T

    VT commodore loose of power

    Hi all. Recently my vt has lost a significant amount of power, you put your foot to the floor and it just revs our and dosnt go anywhere you can almost feel the car pulling back on you. I have recently changed plugs, leads (from a donor car), fuel filter. Also recently changed power steering...
  20. V

    My VS Commodore 3.8 ecotec v6 engine ticks

    My Vs commodore with 198,000kms is ticking (watch the video) Does anyone know how to fix it?
  21. Green machine VE SS Tuned

    Green machine VE SS Tuned

    X-Force 1 7/8 Headers into Full X-Force 3" 'w Stainless Mufflers Powertorque Cam Package
  22. B

    Buying a VS Commodore Ute

    Curious what anyone's opinion is on this vehicle. It seems relatively cheap and I love the look of these old Utes. If its only the spark plugs and leads that need to be done I think it might be a bargain. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1998-holden-commodore-vs-ii-auto/SSE-AD-6417377/?Cr=0
  23. H

    2014 vf1 to ls3 swap

    Hey guys need some help anyone ever swap an ls3 into a series 1? I've marked out everything I need just need to know if the mounts from 2014 to 2016 engines changed
  24. M

    4l60e better shifting

    Hi all, I was talking to a transmission specialist today and we were talking about shift kits for the 4l60e and he mentioned that you can adjust your force motor screw around 1/4 of a turn and it will raise line pressure and improve shifting. Well anyway I've got another transmission sitting...
  25. B


    Have a 1997 vs ute. 7hdd gearbox Have a 6hdd gearbox out of a 96 vs wagon Dropped the 7hdd gearbox out today and put the 6hdd in before the 6hdd gearbox went in it wouldnt rev over 2000rpm Would barely go forward, neutral was forward too and wouldn't go backwards at all So I swapped them...
  26. rtmpgt

    Death of the Electric Car - FriendlyJordies

    Hey guys and gals, there's a YouTube comedian/commentator who's probably pretty famous to some of us here in Oz. Jordan Shanks, AKA. FriendlyJordies. Love him or hate him, He's just released a video about the death of Holden and indeed the entire auto industry in Australia. Y'all should take a...
  27. I

    2004 vy new headunit not working? (Jvc media player double din)

    Replaced the stock ones witha brand new one and it doesnt seem to turn on.. i tried everything in my knowledge to make it work.. it wouldnt be the head unit because its brand new. All the wirings are connected to where theyre suppose to be. Only thing i havent done is check the fuse.. but i want...
  28. K

    safety mode vz commodore v6

    so sometimes my car will chuck itself into safety mode reduced performance whether i’m already driving or does it on start up, what can i do about this? thank you
  29. B

    VZ, VT II Commodore Opinions

    Was curious what anyones opinions are on these two cars, from what I've read the mileage isn't too bad and apparently ecotec's go forever. VZ - https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2006-holden-commodore-executive-vz-auto-my06/OAG-AD-18440911/ VT II -...
  30. Brayden3223

    Wagon Weathershields

    Hey guys just a quick question, one of my mates own a wagon and he’s looking to buy weathershields for it. He’s wanting to do front and rear doors but can’t find anywhere that will do it on the vz. Does anybody know who or where to get them? Cheers
  31. H

    Good Buy or Nah? Buying a first car, second hand

    Hello, So I am looking at getting a first car, preferably a wagon, and found a 2001 VX Commodore, with 260,000Ks a little of sun damage on the paint, but other wise seems alright. After a bit of negotiation they said they’ll let it go for $1000 with 3 months rego, is this an alright buy? Of...
  32. Adrian's Vr

    A/c wiring

    Went to get my ac regassed and got it given back because if wiring, i fixed the compressor wiring but now it still wont turn on, relay/fuse is ok, im aware that it may not turn on because it has no gas, but the little green wire connected to the compressor isn't getting power on the volt meter...
  33. L

    VZ Acclaim 500RPM Idle

    Hi Guys, New to forum. Glad to be here. I am looking at selling my VZ Acclaim but wanted to check a few things before sale. When I bought the car a couple of months ago I noticed it idled really low and shook the car. I find myself rocking in my seat gently at idle or when parked at a light...
  34. M

    Welded diff, honest opinions, answers and installation instructions

    Hey guys, So I've recently put a welded diff into my vt calais and I will be answering a few questions that I see go around honestly, dont forget this is my opinion so it may be different to yours so go easy on me :) also, I bought the diff instead of welding mine because mine was buggered from...
  35. D

    vr V8 Commodore wont start

    i have a holden commodore VR V8 Auto... it cranks but wont start i have replace the spark plugs, the leads, its got a whole new dizzy and is in line with no1 TDC, the ignigtion coil, the ignition module, new battery, new fuel injectors, and the fule tank has been emptyied and cleaned, new fuel...
  36. T

    Vs commodore cosmetic ideas

    I’m looking for cosmetic ideas for my vs commodore that I recently bought. Any ideas?
  37. M

    Want a stock full l67 system from headers back

    Hi all again, just posting an add wanting some help on the gold coast region, I'm just wondering if anyone has a stock l67 twin system exhaust from the headers back? You know like where the y piece is on the ecotec on the l67 it's a twin cat and stays twin the whole way down. If anyone has...
  38. M

    Vt calais engine swap questions

    Hey guys, I understand this has probably been asked before but I've just joined "just Commodores" and have a quick question. So I'm replacing the motor on my calais as it has finally let go after 360.000ks and a full day of hooning on the track. I'm just wondering when you separate the motor...
  39. J

    2005 VZ Commodore Parking brake shoe

    When pulling the handbrake of my vz commodore the drivers side sinks right down when in drive, and when in reverse the opposite occurs. Is this to do with the rear suspension - normal braking works perfectly fine. Or does the parking brake shoe need to be adjusted ?? This area isn't my expertise...
  40. S

    Hunting : vb commodore sl/e (gold) sold at auction @ bris

    Ahoy. Photo is a stock photo of a similar commy - NOT actual car in question. Sorry for posting on a new account. I’m an old member who hasn’t been back in a few years, now can’t recover the password (Last time I lost it was when JC dropped the sql and everybody’s accounts back around 2006(ish...