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commdore vt

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    Need help. Gearbox related

    Gday guys. Ive got a vt l67 with decent cam and some go fast bits on it. Its Got a shift kitted 4l60e and a standard v6 torque converter. Was giving it abit of curry one night and it just made a terrible sort high pitched sound from the gearbox area and just came to a stop. Wouldnt move you...
  2. L

    Car Won't Start - Commodore VT 1999

    I've got a problem with my car - Commodore VT 1999 Executive Series II (automatic transmission). This is what happened... I tried using my car key remote to open the car door, but it didn't open. So I then had to put the key in the door keyhole to open the door. I then put the key in the...